Please send me this form by private message to ensure faster delivery. I don't check comments here or on my profile as frequently as I do my inbox.


I rarely do profiles anymore. However, if you still want one, bribe me with a good offer and I might accept :'D (hint: at least 4k lol)

This is the form you need to fill out: (Please be specific as possible so I can make you happy!)

General theme:
Colors: (up to 3)
Text I want to appear:

***Apparently I cannot use images without permission from the artist. My previous shop was shut down due to this (although I don't consider making a profile with an image violating rules stare ). So you can only send me pictures that either you have created yourself or you have permission to use. I know its a stupid rule. Contact me for more information or click here.

I will start making your profile as soon as you send the trade. To make it easier on me, please label your private message and trade Profile Order. Thanks!

This is a correctly filled out profile form, for those who still don't understand. It corresponds with my current profile:

Username: Kat Kisses
General theme: inkblots
Colors: black, white, pink
Text I want to appear: My username in big letters at the top, could you please include quotes from the song "Monster" by Meg and Dia?
Image url:
and also different inkblots
Other: I'd like the background to be black and white stripes

Notice that I may have to crop the image a little if you give me a big image. I have good taste though, so please trust me ;]

Further questions? Please contact me via private message.

Thanks for reading all the way through!