The boys who never fail to keep my palms sweaty, my jaw
dropped and my hands shaking Here's the the boys who keep
my heart beating faster with a single chord. Here's to the boys
who are always there for me. Here's to the boy whose voice is
so incredible it leaves me in tears. Here's to the boy whose smile
makes my entire heart melt. Here's to the boy whose hair makes
it cool to say you have a fro. Here's to the boy whose stage
presence leaves me in awe. Here's to the boy we like to call
"Jesus". Here's to the boy who stands by his beliefs and teaches
us to never give up. Here's to the boy who can bang those drums
like there's no tomorrow. But most of all, here's to the boy that showed
me it's ok to be different. Here's to the boy who only gets recognized
for his looks, yet his talent is what stands out the most in our eyes.
Here's to the boy who writes the words that keep me hanging on.
Here's to the boy who changed my life by one single smile. But most
of all, here's to the band that would never let us down. The band that
always gives us 110% in everything they do. Here's to the band I would
do anything for. Here's to the boys. The boys with dreams bigger than
themselves. The ones with that touch, needing no help. The boy who
could scream his feelings out into words. The boy who delivered them
to the spurs. The one who's crazy stage presence owns the crowd.
The crazy kid who banged his heart out, out loud. Music made my true
believers, for true believers. We are the kids who listen to them as our
lullabies. So here's to the band. Click your glasses folks! 'Cause this is
the time. Here's to the band that that delivers music to our ears. The
type of music that can brush away our fears. Here's to the band that
gives out contagious smiles. The ones that make you sit and swoon for
awhile. Here's to the band that needs no introduction, but got one anyway.
The band who warms my heart everyday. The boys who interpret our minds,
one song at a time, when we don't know what to say. Here's to the band
with a following of masses. The band that can move small to big and
keep our headphones still blasting. Here's to the band that are more than
just that. The crazy guitar kid, to the boy in the hat. The band of friends
and followers. We are the kids who keep the band in our hearts all for us.
Here's to the band that Rainy Day Kids idolize. The band that you could
listen to even on the rooftops under overcast skies. Here's to the bands,
whose music would always hit you when the time was just right. Here's
to the kids who feel this way tonight. Let's appreciate this clan. Here's
to the band. Through thick and thin, we are the kids who follow this band.
WHENEVER they need helping hands. Here's to the band, We will never
stop believing in you guys. We're here until the end. we are the diehards.