You know, I've been meaning to do this for a while. Now I just have to... save the actual link. Or remember that I made it on 8/1/08. ...which might be easier.

This is to organize all the random bunnies/fic prompts/snippets that I have in here that I haven't yet worked on and want to check on for future reference. Now split into separate posts for fics and translations, where "translation" is loosely defined as "fan translation", not translation of a dumb skit I wrote for school.


2/21/13: Split into separate fic and translation posts. Post for translation index can be found here.


Platinum Pair deathfic

The Joys of Karma Because APPARENTLY I can never have enough Pokemon AUs.

Lavi cosplays Yu (LaviYuu)




DGP, implied Atobe/Sanada/Tezuka OT3, ears

Female!Yukimura What would happen if it was ever revealed that Yukimura was female. Why did I ever write this. Why.

Fuji/springroll. 'Nuff said.

Horrible DGM AU thing Where Yu is female and Princess Yuki, and Lavi is Julian (AKA his evil inner alter ego) and a hardened criminal. And they fall in love. And it is Yuki/Julian in that order because Yuki tops through sheer goodwill.



Unnamed Harry Potter/PoT AUcrossoverthing -- self-explanatory

Fingers on the Veil gen, G. Filler/world info/background/horror

Independent Study gen, G. Humor, Niou being himself.

Becoming gen, PG. Yagyuu, Niou, and this universe's version of the Switch.


Jenga -- PoT, crime future/AU fic


Tower -- pairingless, gen/drama/angst, PG-13. Complete. READ THIS FIRST. Twelve years since the Nationals they lost, and for most of them, it starts with the murder of Niou Masaharu. [1] [2] [3] [4]

The Players:

Side Yagyuu -- pairingless, gen/drama/angst/action, PG-13. Ongoing. DEFINITELY READ THIS SECOND. For some people, it's about letting go; for others, it's about taking revenge. That's what Niou would have done, in his shoes. [1] [2] [3]


True End -- AU!PoT, as to the final match of the first series. Really only two parts. PG, maybe. [1] [2]





Life (Black Order Twenty Lines) gen, G

[Untitled] Komui, Kanda, crack, G.

[Untitled] DGM high school AU: Sokaro as a bio teacher, sex ed, Lavi and Allen in the same class. Rating... whatever sex ed is rated. PG? PG-13? THERE'S LIKE NOTHING IN HERE, ACTUALLY. Possible title: The More You Know. I'm totally coming up with these off the top of my head.

[Untitled] DGM, crack, Millennium Earl, random kid. Possible title: Unfounded Sorrows. G


You Never Wanted To Know PG-13


Accidental Date G

>Lavi/Kanda or Kanda/Lavi, whatever

All That Matters G

Distraction PG

Dress Code PG-13

The Neko Maid Cafe G-PG, kind of drabbleish but not really since a good deal of it is incoherent. I can fix it up later.

Ulterior Motive genderswitch!AU, PG-13


Hatred PG-13


Hetalia: Axis Powers


Wilt G

>Romano/Spain (or Spain/Romano, whatever)

Taller R (for Romano's mouth)


Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


Con Artistry PG-13


Kingdom Hearts


A Cat By Any Name PG-13...ish?

Sea-Salt PG-13


Prince of Tennis


Breaking Sanada G

Twenty Things Yukimura Seiichi Would Never Admit G

>Platinum Pair (Niou/Yagyuu)

Broken Fairytale one-sided, G

one plus one G

Rain PG

>Silver Pair (Shishido/Ootori)

Music Lessons G

[Untitled] PG

>Sweet Pair (Marui/Jirou)

Flavors PG

Platonic Jirou's POV, G, also sucks

[Untitled] PG

What the Heart Knows G

Whipped Topping PG... maybe?

>OT8 (Miscellaneous Rikkai pairings)

Walk Through Fire Sanada/Akaya, PG. DrabbleDay Prompt One: Fire.

circles and spheres Niou/Marui, PG-13, DrabbleDay Prompt Two: Balloon

crash Yukimura/Akaya, G, DrabbleDay Prompt Three: End

Thirty Feet Niou/Jackal, PG, DrabbleDay Prompt Four: Free-fall

Moving Mountains Sanada/Yagyuu, G, DrabbleDay Prompt Five: Immovable

on why marui shouldn't go shopping Marui/Yanagi, G, DrabbleDay Prompt Six: Mannequin

cutoff Yukimura/Yagyuu, PG, DrabbleDay Prompt Seven: Until


Platinum + Golden = ??? (OT4) ...this doesn't have a name, maybe I should call it Precious Metals or something equally cracky. PG-13, I guess?

PoT meme answer -- it asked what dream novel I would like to read. I answered and Mao told me to write it, so I drabbled crack. 8D



Another Game, An Epilogue? Poem done in ninth grade. l-lol.

On Constructive Criticism Informal essay-type thing

Political Carol Thing Technically titled Cheney the Sportsman or some such thing, done for Government in senior year.

THE STORY OF THE RAT An exercise for English. Oops. PG-13 for the shooting of rats?

Under the Constitution satire/gen, G except for the fact that the whole world is kinda screwed


Completely Unclassifiable

[Untitled] Thank you, CFUD random pairing generator. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Angel Sanctuary crossover; Haruhi/Katou. Yes, in that order. G.

[Untitled] Random slightly-but-not-really shounen-ai-implied crossover crack!drabble, as part of the Ten Random Facts About Me thing I did.



The epic OT3 of Axel/Nicole/me or Axel/Roxas/Riku, whichever you prefer complete with translation

Random excuse one? Now with translation.

LOL THE CLAUSTROPHOBIA ONE and the translation



What did you dream about last night? For our oral midterm. So epic the teacher asked for a copy afterward. BABELFISH'D ACTUAL TRANSLATION

I'm bored, what should I do? For our oral midterm third term. The teacher asked for a copy afterward again. =D Romaji and translation.

...I write a whole lot of LaviYuu. But I think I got everything...

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