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(ACHIEVED) Once a Theif...Always a.... ~Sableye Quest~

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2007 7:36 pm
TriohElana's Quest for a Sableye girl!

User Image

Name: Arianna Growsen
Age: 15 (Teen)
Gender: Female
Starting Stage- Human
Pokemon- Sableye

Physical Description of human: Small and skinny for 15 at 5' 1", She stands at least a head shorter then most her age. Lavender dyed hair kept tied back into a braid. She has pale blue eyes that normaly are watching out for trouble. Normaly in a lavender top and khaki cargo shorts and flip flops, she is one to blend into a crowd. She wears a sliver locket around her neck, the only thing she has to remember her parents by.

Personality: Has a very good Theif additude and will often try to stanch items in plain sight, just to hone her skills. Very Shy and quiet although once she comes out of her shell, she seems to be a happy, go lucky girl if not a spaz

Likes: Stealing, danceing, Pranks, reading
Dislikes: Getting caught, being alone, small, enclosed places (Due to being sealed in a box as a child), SPIDERS

History: Arianna lived with her parents in Lavender Town, being a normal kid for 8 wonderful years. She thought nothing could go wrong as she played pranks on her friends and even her parents.

One day, Her parents were packing up boxes, getting ready to move to another Region, hopeing that it would settle their daughter some. Arianna hid in a box, trying to be silly, hopeing to pop out and scare one of her parents. Unfortinatly for her, they didn't notice she had gone missing and accendenly taped the box shut while Arianna was napping inside and without thinking, took it to a donation center.

The next day, Arianna awoke, frightened and started screaming and crying, alerting some teens near by who let her out of her cardboard prison. They took her to the local Officer but they coulden't find her family. One teen offered to care for her and took her in. Little did she know what she was getting into, as the Teen was the head of a band of theives aged anywhere from 6 to 19. They quickly taught her their ways and sent her off to work from then until she was 15. She did well, snaching wallets and begging just to get them close enough to steal more, pulling more then her weight to keep her place in the little gang.

One day, while in Fuchsia City she over heard some Adults talking about CRONUS right in front of the docks, pointing at ships that they claimed was going there. She got the bright idea to stow away and see what she could steal from there and return, haveing a feeling they could probably pawn whatever she could swipe for some cash. So she snuck on board and hid amongst the cargo and sailed away with the ship, hopeing no one would find her admist the boxes until it was too late...

Possesions on Hand- ragged leather messanger bag, knick nacks from around the Kanto region (Mostly small stuffed animals..and mostly stolen)

((Teigra: Quest achieved! 'Welcome' to the island, Arianna! ^__^ ))  
PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2007 7:37 pm
Borrowed from Wikipedia- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sableye

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Japanese name Yamirami
Evolves from None
Evolves into None
Generation Third
Species Darkness Pokémon
Type Dark / Ghost
Height 1 ft 8 in (0.5 m)
Weight 24.0 lb (11.0 kg)
Ability Keen Eye/After Strike(the latter from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl onwards)

Biological characteristics-

Sableye are somewhat humanoid bipedal figures with purple coloration. They may be inspired by the folkloristic figure of the Babau, dark-skinned humanoid demons that lives in darkness and have long sharped fingers or shadow ninjas. Their eyes look like gems or crystals. They also have a red gem-like structure on their torso, and three more (red, blue, and green) embedded on their back. The red, blue, and green gems may be a reference to Pokemon Ruby, Saphirre, and Emerald. Their teeth, rarely shown, are bright white and have an appearance of an eerie and evil grin.

A Sableye's natural habitat is in deep underground caves, where it leads a quiet and blameless life. It is a lithovore, meaning that its diet consists of rocks and minerals, which it uncovers from the ground using its sharp claws. When its body becomes saturated with substances derived from the rocks it eats, those substances crystallize and rise to the surface of its body, giving it a gem-studded appearance.

Despite its hermetic lifestyle, Sableye is a cause of fear for many thanks to its eyes, which glitter eerily in the darkness of the caves it inhabits. In the Pokémon world, it is thought that a Sableye can steal a person's spirit when its eyes shine that way. Its movements are smooth and at times it seems to flow through the air. It is thought that it can manipulate its shape like Gastly, Haunter or Gengar and squeeze through thin cracks. This makes it an ideal pokemon for rescuers on mountains or in mines, as it can fit through impossibly minute openings, and can then become solid to help the trapped people out of the area.

Possable Attacks-
Shadow Ball


Dangerous Hunter

4,950 Points
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  • Dressed Up 200
  • Treasure Hunter 100


Dangerous Hunter

4,950 Points
  • Citizen 200
  • Dressed Up 200
  • Treasure Hunter 100
PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2007 7:41 pm
Current Gold/Bribe Money- User Image

Total Bribe- 30k pure

Mule for Roleplay- http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/?u=8237458  
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