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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 9:31 am
This is what I could think of in terms of creating a FAQ. If you think of anything that needs to be answered, please add onto this thread.


So, who’s in Interpol and what instruments do they bang on?

Paul Banks- Vocals, Guitar
Daniel Kessler- Guitar, Backing Vocals
Carlos D.- Bass, Keyboards
Samuel Fogarino- Drums and Percussion

Wait, when I saw them on tour, some other dude was on keyboards. Who was he?

Depending on when you saw the band, it was Eric Altesleben, Blasco or Farmer Dave. Eric played keyboards live from 2001 to 2003 and Blasco from 2004 to 2005. On this tour it's been Farmer Dave (2007-present).

I heard about some other person who used to play drums?

When the band first formed, they used to have Greg Drudy on drums and percussion (1996 to 2000). After some internal disagreement, he was replaced by Sam Fogarino in 2000. Greg now plays in a screamo band called Hot Cross.

How did the band form?

Daniel Kessler started the band in 1996 at New York University. Greg Drudy lived in his building and they used to jam. Then he met Carlos D. in a history class (some articles say philosophy, but the official band page claimed history), commented on his limited edition Doc Marten boots and recruited him as a bassist. Later, Daniel ran into Paul Banks on the street, whom he knew from a study abroad program in France a few years back, and got him on guitar (and later vocals after Paul sang some of his newly penned lyrics in rehearsal). This continued until 2000, when Greg left the band. Daniel had met Samuel Fogarino while Sam worked in an used clothing/record store and Daniel was doing some work at Jet Set Records. Daniel asked Sam to join and he did.

Why the name Interpol, anyway?

Two major theories/reasons exist. One was while Paul was in school in Spain, people would call “Paul, Paul, Interpol” (Paul in Spanish sounds a lot like “Pol”). Another theory is that the band works in an orderly manner like the real life Interpol.

Did they go by any other names?

They considered Las Armas and The French Letters before settling on Interpol and played a secret show under the pseudonym Cuddleworthy.
N.B. Las Armas translates out to The Weapons in Spanish and the term “French letters” is an old-fashioned slang term for condoms. Cuddleworthy refers to a joke within the band about Eric the keyboardist hugging Paul in his sleep.

Speaking of names, what is up with Carlos D’s? He doesn’t have a last name?!

Of course he does, you silly person. His last name is Dengler, but he prefers the initial because he feels his full name is ethnically confusing.

Um...Carlos has this really weird look now. Explanation?
According to SPIN's 2007 article, he felt the need to experiment with a new look and go "undercover" so to speak. He's now out from hiding, but...well it worked for a month.

When and where were band members born?

Paul: May 3, 1978, Clacton-on-Sea, England
Carlos: April 23, 1974, Queens, NY
Daniel: September 25, 1974, London, England
Sam: August 9, 1968, Philadelphia, PA

Ethnic backgrounds?

Paul is thought to be of English descent. Carlos is half German and half Colombian. Daniel is supposedly of Ashkenazi Jewish descent (that’s Wikipedia’s claim in any case). Sam is Italian-American.

They came from NYU? What degrees did they graduate with?

Paul has his B.A. in English and comparative Literature, most likely specializing in French literature. Carlos has a philosophy degree (some say history as well). Both were from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). Daniel went to the Gallatin School of Individualized Studies and has a liberal arts degree with a concentration on French, music, literature and cinema. Sam did not go to NYU or any other college, but as he puts it, he, “didn’t stop reading” (Spin, April 2005).

Do they speak other languages?

All of them obviously can speak English, but Paul and Daniel are both fluent in other languages. Paul is trilingual with both French and Spanish under his belt and Daniel is bilingual, capable of French.

So, do I have a chance with any of them dating-wise?

Not with many of them. As of last interviews on the topic, Paul and Daniel are in long term relationships. Sam is married to photographer Christy Bush. Carlos is supposedly a free agent still…

Albums and EPs. What exists?

Three full length studio albums exist. Turn on the Bright Lights came out in 2002. Antics was released in 2004. Both were on the Matador label. The third album, Our Love to Admire came out on Capitol Records in 2007. A few different EPs exist. A self-released tape demo surfaced in 1998 and you’d have to cough up a lot of money on eBay to get a copy. The Fukd I.D. #3 compilation released by Chemikal Underground came out in 2000 and was re-released recently. The Precipitate EP came out self-released in 2001, with either pink or white titles, depending on the order of the pressing. The Interpol EP came out under Matador in 2002. The Black EP came out on EMI in 2003 (that would be the Black Sessions). Finally, a remix EP came out in 2005 on Matador.

What’s their label now?

They originally were signed to Matador records for two albums, and Labels in Continental Europe. They recently switched to Capitol Records (and are on Parlophone Records in England).

Wait. You said remixes before?

Yep. “Obstacle 1 (Arthur Baker Returns to New York Remix),” “Slow Hands (Dan the Automator Remix),” “Slow Hands (Britt Daniel Remix)," "The Heinrich Manuever (Phones)," and "Mammoth (Erol Alkan Rework)" have been done by outside parties. As for the band itself, each remixed a song off Antics. Those songs include “Narc (Paul Banks Remix),” “Not Even Jail (Daniel Kessler Remix),” “Public Pervert (Carlos D. Remix),”,and “Fog vs. Mould For the Length of Love,” which Sam did with Bob Mould. Other songs that have been remixed, although never officially released include “Untitled,” “Hands Away,” “Evil” and “Take You on a Cruise.”

Besides their own material, have they remixed anything else?

Yes. Carlos D. remixed VHS or Beta’s “Night on Fire.” The band together remixed Ladytron’s “Blue Jeans.” And Carlos and Sam collaborated on a remix of Nine Inch Nails “Everyday Remains Exactly the Same.”

I heard of songs that aren’t on any albums.

Interpol has recorded several songs that have been performed live, but are not on albums. These include “5,” “Precipitate” “Specialist,” “Direction,” “Song Seven,” “Interlude,” “Cubed,” “Mascara,” and “Cut the Rope/Cutthroat.” All of these except the last three do appear on different EPs, compilations or special editions of albums. “5” is on the Fukd I.D. #3 compilation. “Precipitate” is on the Fukd I.D. #3 compilation and the Precipitate EP. “Specialist” is on the soundtrack for the TV show “The O.C.”, import versions of Turn on the Bright Lights, and the Matador at 15 compilation (which can be bought off iTunes). “Direction” is on the second volume of the soundtrack for the TV show “Six Feet Under.” “Song Seven” appears on the Precipitate EP, some “Evil” singles and the special edition of Antics. “Interlude” appears on some import versions of Turn on the Bright Lights and as its own single on iTunes. The final three exist only as bootlegs. And yes, there are bootlegs of three new songs floating around, including "Pioneer," "The Heinrich Manuever" and "Mammoth."
N.B. “Cubed” and “Mascara” are essentially the same song, but “Cubed” is a longer version. “Cut the Rope/Cutthroat” has never been given an actual name by the band. Fans chose to call that song by its title due to the chorus lyrics.

But wait! I found this album on (fill in major file sharing site) that is by Interpol called Mammoth! Is this their leaked third album?!

Calm yourself. The purported leak is really an album by a Swedish band called Cut City, called Exit Decades. And stop downloading music illegally, you bad, bad person!

Um…not to cause trouble, but I found this Interpol song called “Strangers in the Night” and it sounds almost exactly like “C’Mere.”

Some songs by the band were known by different names. “C’Mere” is an excellent example, having been known to fans when first played as “Strangers in the Night” and listed on setlists as “The New One,” “That New One,” and “New One.” Others include “5” (“Get the Girls”); “PDA” (“Song Three” or “3”); “Untitled” (“Intro”); “Next Exit” (“Intro #2”); “Specialist” (“New New,” “Neu Neu” or “New x 2”); “Precipitate” (“8”); and “Say Hello to the Angels” (“New One”). To confuse you further, multiple versions with slightly different lyrics exist as well, depending on where it was in the editing process or how much Paul imbibed before the show. “Song Seven” is probably the best known, seeing it used to have a rap performed by Daniel and other backing vocals in the song until the release on Antics: Special Edition. If you want to hear it (but you can’t keep it) go here: http://www.interpolarchives.com/player.html
Other songs include “C’Mere/Strangers in the Night,” “Obstacle 1” and “Precipitate.”

What equipment do they use?

Paul: Black Gibson Custom Les Paul, Black Fender Jag, Black Gibson Flying V, 2x Fender Pro Reverb Amp, various pedals
Carlos: Black Fender Jazz Bass, Ampeg SVT-Classic amp, Ampeg Classic 8 x 10 cabinet.
Daniel: Brown Sunburst Epiphone Casino, Red Gibson ES-335, 2x Fender Twin Reverb Amps, various pedals
Sam: Paiste Cymbals, Gretsch Drums, Evans drum heads, Vic Firth sticks
(If you’re looking for really specific information, go to the different band member bios on www.interpolarchives.com )

What songs have videos?

“Obstacle 1,” “NYC,” “PDA,” “Evil,” “Slow Hands," “C’Mere,” "The Heinrich Manuever," and "No I in Threesome" all have videos. They can be found on their webpage (www.interpolnyc.com), under the video link. If you are looking for them in a hard format, the very hard to find video single of "Obstacle 1" has that song; Antics: Speical Edition has the videos for "Evil," "Slow Hands," and "C'Mere;" and Our Love to Admire: Special Edition has the video for "The Heinrich Manuever."

Do they do anything else besides the band?

Carlos has lately been experimenting with soundtracks, releasing his work on his personal website (Website here). Sam has been working on a side project called The Setting Suns (Website here). In addition, Carlos widely DJs, with mostly Goth and New Wave music, especially on tour. Paul also DJs to an extent, playing mostly old school Hip-Hop.

I found their message board on their website/MySpace/Facebook page. Do they *actually* go there?

While both places are controlled by band management, no one really knows. In other words, it’s probably pointless to post messages of love directly addressing the band, since they probably do other things than read the IMB, MySpace or Facebook comments.

Who is Norman/the woman in the “Obstacle 1” video/Sam and Annabella?

Norman is the name that a member named “Nia” on the IMB (Interpol Message Board) has given to the puppet in the video for “Evil.” The woman in “Obstacle 1” is the director of the video, Floria Sigismondi. Sam and Annabella are the names of the children in “C’Mere.”

Is Daniel really Amish/Carlos really a virgin vampire/Paul addicted to Ho-Hos/Sam part of the Mafia?

No, no, no, and no. At least we don’t think so. These are silly jokes made on the IMB.

Can I get their addresses?

Erm, no. I don’t have that. Sorry. Besides, do you really want to go to jail for stalking?

This information did not come directly from my orifice. I would like to thank the following sources that I cribbed off/stole blatantly from:

A. Mickle's InterpolArchives
The Interpol Message Board (IMB)
The Interpol Band page and related member pages on Wikipedia

Interpol’s official page is www.interpolnyc.com

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 6:06 pm
Oh, and I will be changing the above FAQ as new information and events come in. So don't be surprised if you look at it and you see stuff that wasn't there previously.  



PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 10:25 am
Sorry that this FAQ wasn't updated for a bit. I lost my internet access for most of the summer, so I couldn't get on Gaia. It's good to be back though!  
PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 1:47 pm
I was wondering where you ran off to, Nocti!
It's good to have you back! I missed you! *hugs*

Dr. Norman


PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2007 2:05 pm
OK, I edited the information on music videos slightly today, if anybody is interested in reading it. Nothing fancy, but there has been changes. I will post to this topic everytime I add or change information.  
PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 7:11 pm
Updated music videos ("No I in Threesome" was just released), and changed some details on the keyboards question and the schooling question.  



PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 6:39 pm
Updated remixes, as there is now one of "The Heinrich Manuever" on the Interpol MySpace page, and "Mammoth". Updated information about contact (they also have a Facebook page)  

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