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Vice Captain

PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:19 pm
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All about Cartomacy Reading For Dummies Class!

Yes, even a dummies like you can do it! This is another form of divination reading. Now instead of using tarot cards, you can use regular poker/playing cards to do reading. That's right, you heard me correctly, Regular Playing Card! Now Aren't you excited? Let's begin to explain how this work and what is Cartomacy all about.

Feel Free to Ask Question Any Time. You can practice Cartomacy Reading here with me if you like or with others as well lol

What is Cartomacy?

It is the act of divining using cards. Divining means to find out by inspiration, intuition or magic; to foresee. Divination is most often practiced as a means of foretelling the future, however, many people who practice divinaton using cards or other tools find it a helpful tool for exploring the present and the past as well.

History origins of Cartomancy?

Cartomancy is shrouded in mystery. We do know that playing cards have been around at least 600 years and it is believed that paper cards originate in China since they developed the first known paper currency which resembled playing cards. It is believed that the tradition of playing cards traveled from Western Asia to Egypt, then to North Africa. From there, they finally surfaced in Europe. One theory of the history states that the Arabs and Moors introduced the cards to the Spaniards in 1379. In Spain, people called the cards naibi, which means "to foretell." Whether they originated as tools for playing games or for divination purposes cannot be sure, however, cards were definitely being used for predictive purposes by the sixteenth century. By the eighteenth century, cartomancers - as fortune tellers were frequently called - were all the rage. The Emperor Napoleon is said to have consulted the cards on a regular basis.

Playing cards and tarot cards

Most people are not aware that the 52-card playing deck that can be found in almost every home is almost identical to the tarot deck, although research has not yet proven which came first. The traditional tarot deck contains a total of 78 cards. Twenty-two cards form the Major Arcana and 56 cards form the Minor Arcana, from which the regular playing deck is derived. Instead of three face cards, the tarot deck has four face cards, called court cards. They are Page, Knight, Queen and King. The Minor Arcana consists of four suits: Wands (Clubs); Cups (Hearts); Swords (Spades); and Pentacles (Diamonds).

Enough with the boring history, origin, and blah bah blah right? Now let's start to the real lesson!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:20 pm
Let's talk about the Face Card !

Jacks, Queens and Kings usually represent people surrounding or influencing your question. In most playing card decks, the face cards actually face to the right or to the left. This directional clue can help you to determine the personality or concerns of the person represented by the card.

Here's an example where the King of Hearts is facing the 2 of Spades: This may signify that a man surrounding the questioner (perhaps the questioner's husband, father or someone having an emotional connection to the questioner) is feeling indecisive and doubtful. Or, as a significator, it may reflect a male questioner with concerns about love who is not seeing things clearly or is indecisive in a relationship.

Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:22 pm
The Face Card Jack

Represents youth and youthful attitudes. They can represent people of either sex that are younger or less experienced than the questioner. Jacks also relate to issues of movement and change. Like children, they are restless and have a need to travel and explore. They are gaining experience and maturity and cannot be counted on to commit to anything or anyone but themselves. They tend to browse through life, stay neutral and seem unable to make decisions. Yet there is a stubbornness and tenacity about them. Jacks can also represent thoughts when they are in readings with Queens and Kings of the same suit.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Time Period:11th week of springAs a person, this card represents a close friend or someone with whom you can exchange conversation and ideas. A supportive person and someone who is linked to your goals and ambitions. This card describes a heroic person with a fiery disposition who is enterprising, adventurous, spontaneous and enthusiastic. As a situation, this card signifies news, travel, and a departure, moving residence or changing jobs.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Time Period: 11th week of summer
As a person, this card represents a dear friend or a lover; it is always someone close to your heart and connected to your wishes and dreams. This card can also suggest someone who uses your emotions to manipulate you. (Check the facing card or surrounding cards to be sure). This card represents a sensitive, warm, tender person who is charismatic. As a situation, this card relates to romance and following your heart wherever it leads you. You may be head over heels in love with someone, or you may have just been asked out on a date. This card also signifies social engagements of every kind.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Time Period: 11th week of Winter
As a person, this card suggests someone who is deceitful or spiteful or in some manner operating against your best interest. This person may be connected to a bad habit you are trying to quit. This card also represents a person with a clear, sharp mind who is argumentative and ready to engage others in conflict. As a situation, this card relates to your worries and concerns and suggests you may be deceiving yourself or you may be deceived by someone else. This card advises you to take great care when dealing with others and it asks you to look carefully at your own motivations.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Time Period: 11th week of Fall
As a person, this card reflects someone who is money-oriented and has a strong desire for acquisition of possessions or status, however, they may be lacking the perseverance needed to succeed. This card may also reflect a negotiator or someone who tends to negotiate everything they do. This card suggests a personality that is strong, reliable, and hardworking, but stubborn. This card reflects someone who is beginning a new career or stage of employment. As a situation, it shows a concern for security and being in a state of financial fluctuation. It may also show a fluctuation in emotional security as well.

The Face Card Queen

Represents women and issues of nurturing or cultivating traits and projects. Queens often represent the growth stage of any project or goal and relate to helpful people that can assist the questioner. Queens react to external impulses. They judge them and based on that judgement, either cherish or reject them. They are therefore good arbitrators and mediators. Queens also represent nurturing our inner qualities of introspection and intuition.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Time Period:12th week of springAs a person, this card represents a woman who is connected to your goals or ambitions, or a person who is passionate, self-determined and sometimes bossy. This is a woman with considerable personal power, a woman in charge or in a leadership position. As a situation, this card represents seeking social contacts or recognition and admiration. It also suggests seduction and manipulation.

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Time Period: 12th week of summer
As a person, this card represents a mother, wife, or someone with an emotional connection to the questioner. This woman could be a healer, artist or medium. She is someone who breaks open the feeling hidden in your depths. As a situation, this card represents helping or healing or being drawn to the mystical.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Time Period: 12th week of Winter
As a person, this card represents a woman who is connected to your worries or problems. She is usually independent, has very high standards and a cool, distant and dignified air. As a situation, this card represents putting a painful past behind you, overcoming a difficult situation with rationality and objectivity, and being comfortable alone. This card may also suggest doing things your way even if it means going against the group.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Time Period: 12th week of Fall
As a person, this card represents a caretaker, possibly a mother or assistant. This is a woman connected to your sense of security in some way. This card may represent a person who is well-grounded and more concerned with emotional rather than financial security. As a situation, this card suggests issues concerning the home and family and providing support and nurturing.

The Face Card King

Represents men and issues of authority and control. Kings also stand for the endpoint of a project or goal, and reveal successful endeavors. Kings are often considered aggressive-natured and outgoing, but unlike the Jacks, they have matured and have gained ample experience along the way. Kings tend to display little emotion and view life from a particularly practical standpoint, regardless of thie suit.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Time Period:13th week of springAs a person, this card represents a man in charge or in a position of leadership and responsibility. This may also suggest a man who is connected to your goals and ambitions. This person is usually mature, strong-willed, assertive and has good leadership skills. As a situation, this card relates to examining your leadership or management potential and ability and reflects business or career concerns.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Time Period: 13th week of summer
As a person, this card represents a father, husband or someone with whom the questioner has an emotional connection. This card may also suggest a doctor, therapist or someone in the healing professions. This person is kind and sensitive, but keeps his or her own wounds hidden while helping others. As a situation, this card relates to expression through the arts or the need for mediation in some situation.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Time Period: 13th week of Winter
As a person, this card represents a man connected to your worries or problems, or an authority figure who is responsible for making a judgement or decision on your behalf. This card also reflects a serious person who can provide wise advice but rarely shows any emotions. As a situation, this card represents legal issues or situations where a decision is necessary. The card can simply show a need to make an important decision.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Time Period: 13th week of Fall
As a person, this card represents a patriarch, someone connected to your financial security or in the role of provider. This is a person who is serious and down-to-earth; they are consumed with maintaining what they have financially. As a situation, this card represents wealth and accumulation of financial security. It can also relate to conservative values and family traditions.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:25 pm
Let's talk about the Pips Card and the 4 Suits!

It is an numerology integral part of cartomancy, from Ace - 10. Each
number represent a signify meaning and it eleborate as it's combine with the 4 suits of :

Club a.k.a Wand a.k.a Fire a.k.a I want

Heart a.k.a Cup a.k.a Water a.k.a I feel

Spade a.k.a Sword a.k.a Air a.k.a I think

Diamond a.k.a Pentacle a.k.a Earth a.k.a I have

About the 4 Suit

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Clubs reflect the drive, energy and ambition you put forward to reach your goals. They can reflect struggle and weariness or determination and a fighting spirit. Clubs often relate to business endeavors, career or work issues and any area where you may face obstacles and learn to assert yourself. Clubs reflect your desire to get moving, take action, defeat the enemy, and achieve victory. Too much club energy may mean that you are moving too fast, taking on too many responsibilities and expending too much energy.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Hearts reflect your emotional state, the status of your relationships, and your ideals and wishes. They depict your feelings and concerns about others and may show love, happiness, estrangement or boredom. Hearts most often relate to partnership or group concerns. They may reveal opportunities to identify and pursue your secret desire and opportunities to celebrate your thankfulness and success. Hearts reflect your desire to share and cooperate, resolve interpersonal conflicts, and find what truly makes you happy. Too much heart energy may mean that you have your head in the clouds and are living in a fantasy world. It can also suggest that you are too emotionally vulnerable to the desires of others.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Spades reflect areas where you are experiencing blockage, conflict and a need for change and elimination. These cards are often seen in a negative light, but their purpose is to let you know when it's time to move on, give up a bad habit, or release a destructive or unhealthy pattern in your life. Spades often relate to problems and conflicts as well as illness or health-related difficulties. However, these cards hold the power of transformation as well. Spades reflect your inability to let go, to see clearly, to share and cooperate with others, or to act in a direct manner. Too much spade energy suggests that you are in denial about some issue and refusing to make necessary changes in your life.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Diamonds reflect your sense of financial and emotional security and issues concerning structure and stability. They can show how much you have, don't have and how much you want. Diamonds reveal what brings you comfort and satisfaction and they usually relate to concerns about money, possessions, home and family. Diamonds reflect your desire to acquire things, to increase your financial status, and to feel satisfied with your progress and station in life. Too much diamond energy suggests rigidity, hoarding and possessiveness. It can show you are unwilling to change or have a deep-seated fear of losing some form of security.


Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:29 pm
About the Numbers


Represents new beginnings, ambitions, fresh opportunities, and planting new seeds which may have long-range developments. Aces signify the right time to begin a new venture or they can reflect a deeply held desire. They show that it is a time of leadership, independent thought, and progress.


Represents partnership issues, cooperation, receptivity and the need to make a choice or decision. Twos often herald a time of waiting and being passive and a need to cultivate patience. Twos often relate to the characteristics of sensitivity, gentleness, and shyness.


Represents growth, creativity and expansion. Threes signal a time where self-expression and self-promotion are likely and there is a possibility of recognition and expression through the written or spoken word. Three represents groups and shared interests so it also reflects increased social activity.


Represents stability, order and structure. Fours suggest a time to lay foundations for future success. They may also reflect a period of restriction and burdens where you feel you are faced with important decisions. Fours relate to self-discipline, hard work and maintaining the status quo.


Represents a desire for freedom and independence that makes you go against the status quo. Fives can signal a time of nervous energy, challenges and conflicts with others, and adventure and impulsive actions. Fives also suggest travel and expansion as well as fluctuations in many areas of life.


Represents a transition from the past to the future. Sixes also relate to responsibilities to others, and duty to home and family. It is a number that is associated with peace and harmony and its vibration tends to settle any past debts.


Represents a need for introspection, independent self-discovery and inner growth. Sevens reflect taking an original approach to learning, meditation, retreat, and reevaluation. Sevens often signal a time of slow growth and may also suggest an attitude of defiance.


Represents power, leadership, money and career issues. Eights relate to the focus and control necessary to direct your energy toward achieving your goals. They show movement and changing direction. This number signifies advancement in the external world, property issues and material gain.


Represents completion, self-fulfillment, and preparation to let go and move to a new level of experience. Nines suggest a time of attainment and clearing the decks to make way for new opportunities. It also symbolizes compassion, selflessness and charity.


Represents the end of a cycle and starting over on a new level of experience which can mean a new marriage, house or a promotion. Tens also reflect having too much of something and the stress and preoccupation that causes.
PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:31 pm
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Pip's Cards for Club or Rather the Pimp Cards For Club lol User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Ace Time Period: 1st week of spring

This is a time of initiative, courage and leadership. You have an opportunity to take some action that may be risky but it will certainly be adventurous. Having the energy and enthusiasm to achieve your goals. The start of a business venture. A period of restlessness and passion.

2 Time Period: 2st week of spring

You have been vacillating and are considering a matter either indecisively or indifferently. On the one hand, you have a desire to take action but on the other hand you are unsure of the future. A period of waiting and reflecting over past accomplishments. Feeling walled in by past accomplishments but afraid to venture out into unknown territory. A need to make a choice between acting and waiting. The sense that life is passing you by.

3 Time Period: 3rdt week of spring

You are reaching a milestone in your development. You have the sense of expansion in some area of life and may be leaving a secure position for unknown territory. Embarking on a journey. Envisioning your possibilities and future. Exploring and traveling, at least through books if not actual travel. Thanks to your previous efforts, you have attained a supportive foundation and your goal is becoming visible.

4 Time Period: 4th week of spring

You are experiencing the welcome combination of freedom and security, possibly in a job or relationship. However, there may be little support or structure in your environment which may be an obstacle in terms of generating long-range security. A time of celebration, to rest from your hard work and past efforts. Establishing roots: a new home or property; commitment to a project or goal.

5 Time Period: 5tht week of spring

You are asserting yourself and your freedom. A desire for independence and exploration. A comparison of strength. Seeing things differently from others and embarking in a battle of wills or competition. Sports or exercise and the need to release physical energy. Facing new challenges that make you aware of new abilities.

6 Time Period: 6th week of spring

You are experiencing victory and success and hard-won satisfaction in some endeavor. Your efforts will be rewarded and applauded. You are in a leadership role with the responsibility of motivating and inspiring others. You are transitioning from a phase of conflict to one of peace and harmony. Obstacles have been removed from your path. You have the confidence and self-esteem you need to reach your goals.

7 Time Period: 7th week of spring

You are facing obstacles and opponents but you are in a good position to defend yourself. You may be defending your principles or your right to be different. An unfair attack but winning in the end. An encroachment on your private life or threat to what you have accomplished or want to achieve.

8 Time Period: 8th week of spring

You are moving through an active, hectic phase, where events are reaching their natural conclusion. Things are in motion, in the air, and will probably happen more quickly than expected. There is no time to rest on your laurels. Good news can be expected and success may be on its way. A sudden change of direction. Focused and controlled movement.

9 Time Period: 9th week of spring

You are reaching the end of a long struggle. Feeling wary and cautious, fearful that something will come back from the past to haunt you. One last hurdle to overcome, but you have the strength to succeed with ease. Protecting what you have attained. Defensive posturing. Opposing anything new.

10 Time Period: 10th week of spring

You are taking on too many responsibilities and burdens. Perhaps this is out of a desire to help others but it is causing you strain and tension. You may have skipped a few steps in your development and now feel overwhelmed in new surroundings. You may be bothered by worries and misgivings without trying to find a way out of them. Feeling exhausted, oppressed and burned out.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Pip's Card for Heart or Rather the Pimp Card For Heart lol User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Ace Time Period: 1st week of Summer

You are in love or feel very passionately about a subject or person. You are able to consummate a relationship or passion, express your feelings, or be emotionally fulfilled. You feel a sense of joy, thankfulness, comfort and deep happiness. The start of a new romance. Feeling altruistic and helpful.

2 Time Period: 2nd week of Summer

You are cooperating and sharing with another person. A new romance or instant attraction. An equal partnership. A desire to connect with someone. Compatibility. You are occupied with thoughts of love and harmony. Altruism.

3 Time Period: 3rd week of Summer

You are celebrating the beginning of an important endeavor. You feel a sense of shared joy and camaraderie with others in a small, close-knit group. Shared interests and compatibility with a group of people. An expresion of thankfulness. Taking pleasure in the simple things.

4 Time Period: 4th week of Summer

You feel such a sense of emotional stability and routine that it has become boring to you. Feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled. Something that you once yearned for is suffocating you. Sulking and brooding over an issue. Emotional withdrawal from others leaves you unwilling to accept new opportunities, offers or cries for attention. Rejection and apathy.

5 Time Period: 5tht week of Summer

You feel a deep sense of regret and disappointment usually regarding a relationship. A time of separation from something or someone you really wanted in your life. Grief and sorrow and the need to release the past. Recklessnes may have led to losing this valuable object.

6 Time Period: 6th week of Summer

You are demonstrating affection and generosity. You are taking care of the needs of others. You are thinking about the past or returning to the past in some way. Memories, nostalgia, homesickness. A desire to return to a safer and more predictable environment. Holding on or clinging to the past and its memories. Childhood or early childhood impressions. s.

7 Time Period: 7th week of Summer

You are full of hopes, wishes and dreams and may be faced with many options. It may be difficult to make a choice and you may be living in a world of fantasies, unable to see reality clearly. A period of imagination and creativity. Wishful thinking and wearing rose-colored glasses. Letting yourself be deceived by what you want. Deception and illusion.

8 Time Period: 8th week of Summer

You are outgrowing a situation and finding that something important in missing in your life. You desire to leave, move away or get some distance between yourself and your current environment. You are seeking greater spiritual meaning. Moving on to bigger and better things. Giving up something that is valuable in hopes of finding something of greater value.

9 Time Period: 9th week of Summer

You are getting what you wished for. A time of satiety and happiness, but perhaps also overindulgence. Enjoying the good life and the sensual pleasures that come with it. Living in a carefree way; taking a vacation or relaxing. Being comfortable being by yourself. Becoming addicted to pleasure.

10 Time Period: 10th week of Summer

You are experiencing joy and camaraderie in a family or supportive network. Feeling safe and secure in a community. A friendly mood, good neighborly contacts, and love and joy in dealing with others. Commitment to others. Inner peace and light-heartedness. An expansive love of humanity.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Pip's Card for Heart or Rather the Pimp Card For Spade lol User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Season - Winter

Ace Time Period: 1st week

You are experiencing a new and challenging phase where you must overcome obstacles using great inner strength and determination. This is a time of elimination where things that you no longer need may be leaving your life. A time of clarity and enlightenment if you are willing to open your eyes and see things clearly. Being truthful and honest. Making a necessary but painful decision.

2 Time Period: 2nd week

You are refusing to see a situation clearly or to see the whole picture. There is a decision that needs to be made but you are sitting on the fence. Stubborn, gnawing doubts. An attempt to think purely logically about a situation that requires emotional input. Struggling for clarity but refusing to listen to your inner voice. Feeling paralyzed by indecision.

3 Time Period: 3rd week

You are in a self-destructive pattern and feeling a sense of disappointment and heartbreak. A three-sided conflict. A painful but necessary separation. A decision that is made in opposition to what you feel. Working toward freeing yourself of dependencies and bad habits. Recognizing that your plans bring painful experiences and bitter disappointment.

4 Time Period: 4th week

You are experiencing stagnation in some area of life. Retreat and withdrawal as a way of protecting yourself. Running away from problems leads to a only a temporary truce or temporary end to difficulties. A forced retreat or rest such as in the case of illness or incarceration that causes you to reflect on your past actions.

5 Time Period: 5th week

You are in a state of conflict with others or your environment. A sense of humiliation and defeat. Striking out at others out of anger and revenge. Acting solely in your own self-interest. Thinking that you can do things all by yourself. Telling yourself that you don't need anyone to lean on. Unfairness, altercations, arguments.

6 Time Period: 6th week

You are transitioning from a negative period or difficult time in your life to one with greater stability and peace, however, you are leaving regretfully. Departing with a heavy heart. Insecurities, fears and worries about the future and what it holds. Slowly and carefully approaching new ideas and opinions and relinquishing old viewpoints and habits.

7 Time Period: 7th week

You are acting in a cunning, possibly manipulative manner. You are being indirect to get what you want. You are acting in a self-defeating manner where you are putting yourself in positions of failure. Sneaking away or running away from problems. Evading the truth or not wanting to believe something about yourself or others.

8 Time Period: 8th week

You are feeling trapped, restricted and confined by your environment. You may feel like you are unable to leave a situation or that you cannot make the changes you want to make in your life. Your limitations are not really external but internal; you are hampered by fears of taking the first step and not knowing what to expect. Repressing something valuable inside yourself. Relenquishing your power.

9 Time Period: 9th week

You are full of worry and anxiety due to regret, self-pity or guilt. Reaching the end of a long-standing problem but being unable to release it. Possbility of illness, perhaps mental illness or sleep disorders. Deep depression and feelings of helplessness due to inner discouragement and an inability to see the "light at the end of the tunnel."

10 Time Period: 10th week

You are starting to realize you are in an unhealthy situation and there is only a painful way through it. Hitting rock bottom and the realization that it is time to make significant changes. A very difficult time but one where unwelcome situations, bad habits, and harmful phases can finally come to an end. A painful parting or loss. Putting an end to something, abandoning ideas and convictions, and rejecting a previous way of life.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Pip's Card for Heart or Rather the Pimp Card For Diamond lol User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Season - Fall

Ace Time Period: 1st week

Receiving an opportunity for greater security. You are planting a seed that will bring tangible results down the road if you are patient and persevering. A comfortable and satisfyingly simple environment. Concerns regarding your home or family. A small financial increase may be coming your way.

2 Time Period: 2nd week

You are in a phase of change and transition and would do well to adopt the traits of flexibility and adaptability. A playful, carefree attitude toward life and security issues. Fickleness, compromise, and compliance. Experiencing financial fluctations but they are minor. Juggling two situations that relate to your financial or emotional security.

3 Time Period: 3rd week

You have successfully passed a stage of education and are entering new realms of experience. Getting a promotion. Finishing school. Achieving recognition and reward for your efforts and diligence. Teamwork. Expansion of your financial horizons. Receiving a small increase for your work.

4 Time Period: 4th week

You are in a secure financial position, but you may be having trouble letting go of something. Having what you need. Self-control and control over your environment. A fear of change and a desire to maintain the status quo at all costs. Clinging to possessions or people. Possibility of greed and possessiveness.

5 Time Period: 5th week

You are in a state of financial flux and may feel isolated from others. A time of crisis, deprivation, and insecurity. You may feel separated from a group or feel left out in the cold. A period where you feel a deep sense of lack, as if something major is missing in your life. Spiritual poverty and a sense of rootlessness. Standing on shaky ground. A crisis brought on by growth and leaving what is familiar and safe behind.

6 Time Period: 6th week

You are receiving help and assistance and/or expressing qualities of generosity, tolerance and helpfulness. Receiving gifts and unexpected tokens of appreciation. Taking care of the responsibilities of family and home. Increases in money or possessions not because of your efforts but due to good fortune or the generosity of another.

7 Time Period: 7th week

You are going through a period of reevaluation. You are examining your progress and development to determine how much you have gained. You are wondering how far you have come and how much more progress is necessary to reach your desired goal. A period of slow but steady growth. A positive result is certain if you are patient and learn to persevere.

8 Time Period: 8th week

You are learning new skills or changing direction in the financial or work arena. You may be an apprentice of some sort or going back to school. A period of starting over on a new level, building upon past experience. Perfecting and crafting something to make it better. Achieving a better position, status, or a raise.

9 Time Period: 9th week

You are experiencing a state of self-reliance and self-actualization. Your efforts have paid off and you have grown something marvelous. A large purchase or money coming in due to your past hard work. A sense of inner richness. Contentment and satisfaction with your life and position in it. Attaining a significant milestone; a pinnacle in your career or ambitions

10 Time Period: 10th week

You are experiencing a phase of abundance, security and wealth on many levels. Feeling secure in a community or family. Family values or tradition. Taking a conservative approach. Group concerns regarding money and possessions. A business enterprise or the work environment itself.


Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:32 pm

Card Combination

People often wonder how a reader sees major life changes such as pregnancy or divorce in a spread. No single card signifies an event of this magnitude. It takes several cards combined in a spread to trigger the possible interpretation of such events.

The following list shows certain combinations that may be seen in readings. These combinations do not typically signify predictive events but usually indicate issues surrounding or influencing the question. For example, if you see a combination for death, this may signify that someone related to the questioner has recently passed. You should see at least three of the cards shown in the combination before interpreting them as listed.

Addictions - 7 of Hearts, 9 of Hearts, Jack of Hearts

Arguments/Fights - 3 of Spades, 5 of Spades, Jack of Spades, 5 of Clubs, 7 of Clubs

Birth/Pregnancy - Ace of Hearts, 3 of Hearts, 6 of Hearts, 10 of Hearts

Death - Ace of Spades, 9 of Spades, 10 of Spades

Deceit - 7 of Spades, Jack of Spades, 7 of Hearts, Jack of Hearts

Divorce - Ace of Spades, 3 of Spades, 5 of Spades, 10 of Spades, 5 of Hearts

Health problems - 4 of Spades, 8 of Spades, 9 of Spades, 10 of Spades, 10 of Clubs

House or property issues - 4 of Clubs, 9 of Diamonds, 10 of Diamonds

Job Layoff or Quitting Job - 4 of Spades, 5 of Spades, 6 of Spades, 7 of Spades

Job Raise or Promotion - Ace of Diamonds, 3 of Diamonds, 8 of Diamonds, 6 of Clubs

Marriage - Ace of Hearts, 2 of Hearts, 3 of Hearts, 10 of Hearts

Monetary increase - Ace of Diamonds, 4 of Diamonds, 6 of Diamonds, 9 of Diamonds

Travel - 6 of Spades, 8 of Hearts, Jack of Clubs, 8 of Clubs

The Numerical Theme

Finding the reading's numerical theme is one way to broaden your understanding of the questioner's concerns. The numerical theme of a reading tends to reveal the questioner's current state of mind or where their energies are directed with regard to their question. It sometimes sheds light on readings where there is internal conflict between the questioner's energy and his or her external influences. For example, the questioner may be presented with a new job opportunity but they may be in waiting mode, unable or unwilling to act upon the opportunity.

Usually, the numerical theme helps to explain why the questioner is asking the question. For example, when a questioner is in a mode of reflection or contemplation, their numerical theme is often a seven (introspection and wondering about direction and progress). When they are concerned about security and may be afraid to take on a new adventure their numerical theme is often a four (holding onto what you have, maintaining the status quo). When the questioner is ready to take action, they may receive a numerical theme of five (adventure, freedom and travel) or ten (starting over on a new level of experience).

To find the numerical theme for a reading, I add all the numbers in the spread using the following coding system:

Ace through 10 = 1 through 10
Jack = 11
Queen = 12
King = 13

Next, I add all the numbers and arrive at a number which is reduced to a single digit by adding the individual components of the number. If you are familiar with numerology, this process should be familiar. Here's an example. Let's say the numbers for your reading add up to 56. I add 5 + 6 = 11. Then I add 1 + 1 = 2. Two is your numerical theme. This may suggest that you are concerned about partnership issues, cooperation and compatibility. It can also mean you are vacillating and indecisive about some issue.

Timing Technique

People often want to know when an event will occur and I believe that this is not something that cartomancy can reveal accurately like astrology. However there are a few techniques that others have come up with that can give timing estimates if you would like to include them in your readings. Here are some of these techniques:


Since there are 52 cards and 52 weeks in a year, each card suit can be broken down into the 13 weeks of each season. Clubs correspond to spring; Hearts to summer; Diamonds to fall; and Spades to winter. On the Pips and Face Cards pages, I have given the time periods for each card.


You can assign time periods to each face card according to their zodiac cycles:

King of Clubs - Leo
Queen of Clubs - Aries
Jack of Clubs - Sagittarius

King of Hearts - Scorpio
Queen of Hearts - Cancer
Jack of Hearts - Pisces

King of Spades - Aquarius
Queen of Spades - Libra
Jack of Spades - Gemini

King of Diamonds - Capricorn
Queen of Diamonds - Taurus
Jack of Diamonds - Virgo


If you assign each ace to its appropriate season, you can go through the shuffled deck until you come to an Ace. The Ace that appears reflects the season during which the event will happen.

There are many timing techniques out there. What is important is that you find a system or create one that works for you!
PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:41 pm

You could use any tarot spread with this Cartomancy Readings. Here are 3 simples one.

[1] [2] [3]

Card 1. Past.
Card 2. Present.
Card 3. Future

[1] [2] [3]
[4] [5] [6]
[7] [8] [9]

User Image

The Significator
This is the card chosen to represent the querent. It is almost always a face card, and should be chosen with the querent's personality and attributes in mind. (Usually the querent themselves will choose one, or you can pick one for them based on what "feels" like them.) An alternative to this card position is a card layed down when doing the spread, and the card would detail the situation itself.

1. The Crossing Card
An integral part of the situation that the querent may not be seeing, or something that may be an obstacle (likely if the card is reversed). This is something the querent needs the be aware of to resolve the situation.

2. The Foundation

What the question is based on; this is a little hard to define, but you will get a feeling for what this card signifies.

3. The Near Future
Coming events that the querent will want to watch for; this isn't necessarily the outcome of the situation, the rest of the cards will determine if it is.

4. The Crown
This card gives you a sense of what is permeating the question; this may be something that the querent aspires to, or what the querent hopes the situation will become.

5. Recent Events

Recent events that will have a bearing on the current situation.

6. The Querent
While the Significator already represents the querent, this will tell how the querent feels about the question and other details; it is a picture of the querent as relates to the situation.

7. The Querent's Surroundings
This is the people around the querent who have an influence on the situation; he/she will want to note whether the cards say they are supportive or not, and how they are related to the question. Sometimes the card will point directly to a specific person that is influencing the outcome heavily.

8. Hopes and Fears

What the querent hopes for for this question, or what they fear most will happen. Helps the querent to realise how they feel about this question.

9. The Final Outcome
What will ultimately happen (if the querent does nothing to change the situation, or if they cannot do anything to change it).

Vice Captain


PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:57 pm
Awesome idea and hopefully all these efforts will help bring the guild back to life again.  
PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:59 pm
Maybe sweatdrop ninja question or just kick them out rofl  

Vice Captain


PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 7:15 pm
This was a brilliant idea. I just tried it for the first time, and it is so accurate. Spooky, really.  
PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 7:19 pm

As always, your posts are detailed, easy to read, and full of information. I have to go to bed now, but I think you can guess what the first thing I do when I wake up is!  


Vice Captain

PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 7:19 pm
Is that so XD, well I am glad you like it ^_^.  
PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2006 12:12 pm
This is excellent! I'll definitely try it out when I have time.  

Leah Colorado

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