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PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 9:21 pm
Table of Contents

Post 1 - Table of Contents & Basic Info
Post 2 - A-H
Post 3 - I-P
Post 4 - Q-Z

NPC: Non-player character. These are controlled by the shop, and do not have an owner. NPCs will be used for Luminary Quests or official announcements.
IPC: Important plot character. These are plot device characters played by the players. They are created for their role, not promoted regular pae'il.

All IPC characters played by players will be required to keep an updated journal and participate in any plot arc relevant to their character. We reserve the right to assign any IPC a new player if the previous one disappears from the shop or Gaia, for any length of time over 1 year.  
PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 9:22 pm
NPCs: Shop Characters

Guardian Iris: One of the most honored of the Avalon Fae, Iris is the Messanger of the Guardians' themselves. She moves between their plane of existance and that of the Pae'il, delivering messages and assigning quests.

Kaladandra - Potion Crafter of Avalon: Kaladandra was born a mage. She was born under the star of magic, and that is her lot in life. She is of Avalon, and due to her birthright she holds a special place in the community of Fae. She is their main Potion Crafter. She brews everything from healing salves to love potions, and does not bat an eye at even the toughest of mixtures. She can often come off as stolid, a bit cold, and usually caught up in her work. The truth of the matter, however, is she's actually very friendly, Kalandandra just has a hard time expressing herself outside of the lab. She also has a thing for botany, and she loves nothing more than to explore the isle looking for new plants to bring back to her lab in Falassion to study.  



PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 9:23 pm
PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 9:24 pm

Revenant, The: The Revenant is an old master of summoning, long since departed from this world. He remains as a semi-coporial being (depending entirely how he is summoned), living his unlife in the catacombs beneith To'ul.

Spectre, The: A wandering spirit that inhabits the twisted inner workings of To'ul mountain, this Spectre guards the path to the Guardian of Truth. It does not suffer fools, and will quickly try to spook any who enter the depths of To'ul that are not supposed to be there.

Thrug: Thrug is a Troll and the new Guardian of Truth, as the older and much wiser one retired some time ago. Thrug does the best he can, and is in fact one of the more innocent of the Isle's many registered Guardians.

Tzipora: She is the harpy guarding the Spring of Possible Outcomes. Strange and antisocial, she has a sharp wit and sharper talons. Be prepared to risk you life if you tangle with her.  



PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 8:51 pm
Anteros: One of the Erotes, part of Venus' retinue. He is the only one that can reverse his brothers' arrows' magic.

Earthmother: Oldest living Pae'il on the island. She used her powers to seal up the remaining eggs into Laisidhiel and cast the Tree off of the island in order to protect the remaining Faun and the Earth element. She has a direct psychic link to Laisidhiel and knows everything that has happened on the island since the first war. She is the mother of Arda, first Faun Chief, as well as Rais, second Faun Chief who his the reincarnation of Arda.

Guardian Iris: One of the most honored of the Avalon Fae, Iris is the Messanger of the Guardians' themselves. She moves between their plane of existance and that of the Pae'il, delivering messages and assigning quests.

Guardian Lillis: Once the Watcher for Iris, now she is the Foreman on the Ancient City Refurbishing Project. She is currently working to get the Ancient City up to livable standards so the Pae'il can move in.

Guardian Strafe: Also known as The Rogue Guardian, he split from the other Guardians for unknown reasons, but has now made it his goal to see the rest of the Guardians fall from grace.

Medaesos - Guardian of Supra: Medaesos is one of the Ancient Guardians of old, who watches over the isle and all of its inhabitants. He is a higher being, and is omnipotent as all the Guardians are. His temple has just been rebuilt, and he is now once more able to physically manifest within it, allowing him to speak to his children directly for a short time.

Changling, The: A being of shadow that could take on any form it pleased. It has a vile disposition and is known to taunt it's victims, before seeking the ultimate price from them. Little is known about where it came from.

Eternal Smith, The: The origin of The Eternal Smith is unknown. Some suspect that he is the last remnant of an ancient race that once inhabited the surface of Telrunya, and has since died out to make place for the Fae. Little is known about him save that he lives by the philosphy that looks can be deceiving.

Fae King, The: Once the proud ruler of the Avalons, the Fae King left the Falassion Healing House in search for enlightenment. However, he did not find what he sought, and has now since returned to Falassion to once more take his place on the throne and rule the Fae alongside his wife, the High Matriarch.

Fae Queen of Earth, The: Cousin to the Fae King of the Avalons, the Fae Queen of Earth stays mainly in the forest of Loki Nei. She rules over all of the Terran Fae, and rules rather fairly. She also helps Pae'il aligned with the earth realize their full potential if she is so needed.

Fae Narcissa: An extremely narcissistic Fae from the Terran stock, last seen holding the Mirror of Lies. She can be an extremely vile and volatile person, and it is best to keep some distance between yourself and this very tempermental Fae.

Falassion Healing House Workers: The workers of the Falassion Healing House are strong and dependant Fae, ranging from the most Petite Faeling to the most buff stockmaster. All the Falassion Healing House workers are well trained in their duty, and all fear the High Matriach completely.

Healing House Foreman, The: The Healing House Foreman is a slick individual who loves nothing more than to be sly and practice his slight of hand. Beware of gifts from this man, for they can be both beneficial and malign.

High Matriarch, The: The High Matriarch holds sway over the daily workings of the Falassion Healing House and the day to day life of the Avalon Fae. She rules the Circle of Matriarchs, and presides over all of their meetings. She has a short temper, and dislikes it when things get out of order around her home. She is currently resettling in after the return of her husband, the Fae King.  
PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 8:54 pm



PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 9:11 pm
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