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PostPosted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 3:44 pm
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This way and that, Lifeblood - a uniquely energetic and lively young pup - darted back and forth, marveling at all that surrounded her. There was so much magic here, she thought. That's how she looked at life: it was a thing of mystery. Even the birth of her and her siblings seemed straight out of a myth. It was mind-boggling, really, how living things came to be, and somehow manage to continue to exist in this great, wide world. Well, for the most part.

Still a young pup, Lifeblood wasn't much of a seer just yet. She had experienced glimmers that signaled - just like her bright, amethyst eyes - of things to come. As of this moment, where the hyper young girl flew around in a tizzy, inspecting flower and moss growth, she had only seen one thing: red. It was a viscous and angry color in her mind's eye, and it disturbed her - although she couldn't say why, something about it felt... off.

Even so, she decided to ignore it. Life wasn't sure what her future visions had in store for her, but she was positive that, with her happy-go-lucky demeanor, she would be spared anything too scary. Really, she wanted to simply see images of nature thriving, but that wasn't exactly how being a seer worked. She really had no idea what the future held for her, and that was for the better.

Starting to slow, Lifeblood picked up the scent of another wolf family, something she hadn't quite smelled in the Dawnstar mountains before. Her ears flicked this way and that, trying to pick up on any sounds they may be making nearby, but came out with nothing. Instead, she decided to follow the scent. She had already managed to go on a little adventure, why not venture a little more?
PostPosted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 5:01 pm
      User Image It wasn't uncommon for Crypt's family to get up and travel for a moment. Often, they'd return to the cave she was born in, but sometimes she wished they wouldn't. She was young and curious; eager to know what was beyond the forest. Her mother had come from somewhere else -- somewhere not the cave her father owned. Crypt had asked several times, of course, but hearing wasn't as good as seeing. Anything new was good enough.

      This time it was the mountains; or the edge of it. They had settled to rest for the moment and Crypt felt that tiny frustration building in her chest. Why rest? They could climb the mountain by now -- they could have seen great heights. For the first time in Crypt's life, she rebelled. As her family slept she snuck off, intent on finding something new.

      Perhaps something spooky.

      Except, she wasn't used to the mountain and the rocky terrain. It hurt her paws, even. Crypt huffed against the strain of her tiny young body pressing forward into the rocks. She was determined, if anything, but a break couldn't hurt... right? Surely not. She flopped down with little sound, folding her paws neatly in-front of her. Her nose wiggled almost instantly, ears perking.

      Something alive was nearby.

      Her head turned sharply to spot whatever it might be. A wolf? Probably -- it smelled like one. But the back of her head prayed for something... unknown. Something to go home and tell her family about.

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Shy Wife

Ruler of Everything

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:09 am
Nose to the ground, Lifeblood continued on pursuing the scent, sensing herself getting closer and closer to the source. As the mountain opened up and visibility became easier, she perked her head up, and sure enough just ahead she spotted a small black wolf - it must be a pup, by its size - lying on the mountain floor.

Social as she was, Life immediately perked up (yes, even more than she had been before). A new friend? The other pup didn't smell like those from her pack, so she must be a... what was that word? A rogue! Someone who lived without a pack - how fascinating. Quickly, Life turned her meandering walk into a quick trot, tongue lolling out of her mouth as she approached the other.

"Hey!" She shouted when she got even closer, in a half-assed attempt to warn the wolf that she was approaching. Always her parents had taught her not to sneak up on others, but rarely did she remember to heed their advice. The little seer practically skidded to a stop once she reached the small area the black pup inhabited. "I'm Lifeblood, are you new here?" Everything about her demeanor was friendly and inquisitive, and she was talking fast, clearly excited at the prospect of meeting someone new, who already seemed so fascinating.

[PACK] Dawnstar (Bluestone)

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