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PostPosted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 2:23 pm
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 2:46 pm
Breath of the Wild was still new to the pack, and thus felt eager to prove himself. Although he had passed by his trial with flying colors, The Crows were not easily impressed, nor were they easily accepting. That was why, when a deep, mud-colored wolf approached him for a spar, he leapt at the chance.

That was where he was now, crouched opposite the challenging wolf. His bright orange eyes flickered as the wolf jumped towards him, claws and fangs bared, apparently aimed for his right side. Breath bolted to the left, but not without his opponent managing a scrape down his side. It burned a bit, but his fur was thick enough that it really didn't do much damage.

Thinking quick, he spun around and, before the other wolf was able to recover from his near-miss, Breath was on him, teeth sinking into his neck. The dark wolf yelped, either out of surprise or actual pain, but managed to slip out from beneath Breath's maw before he caused too much damage.

Breath of the Wild stood on his paws, muscles tense as he waited for his opponent to act. Realizing he was taking too long, Breath sprung towards him just as the other wolf did the same, and the two came to a clash in the air. The brown wolf managed to scrape his claws across Breath's face, and Breath immediately felt blood rise to his skin. Luckily, a half-second later, he slammed into the deep-colored wolf, knocking him to the ground. The wolf gasped and coughed, evidently thrown and without wind in his lunch. Standing over him, Breath ran his claws down the other wolf's sides, enjoying the feeling of the minor skin tears that he was creating. Within moments, however, the other wolf snapped to, finally having air to breathe again, and used his strong back legs to kick Breath off of him.

Breath was quite nimble, and managed to scramble in the air to land directly on his paws. While the other wolf was still recuperating, Breath lunged one final time and sank his teeth into his opponent's neck - hard. When he felt the taste of blood enter his mouth (surprisingly, not from the minor injury above his eye), he started to ease up on the pressure, but not before the other wolf yelped loud enough to attract the attention of other wolves in the area. Breath let go, realizing that the spar was over and he had, evidently, won. Not by much - he certainly didn't get off scot-free - but a win was a win.

He stepped back, respectfully giving his opponent some space. When the other wolf glanced over at him, his eyes had become hardened. Although the spar had started out friendly enough, this other wolf did not appreciate losing to a newer pack member. Breath shrugged it off, stepped forward, and respectfully thanked the other wolf for the fight. Then he turned tail and walked away, a small bounce in his step knowing that he was one day closer to fully feeling like a real Crow.

Ruler of Everything

Devoted Cultist

[PACK] The Crows (Redwoods)

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