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Ghost, to put it simply, was over the moon.

While it was hard to put her in such a great mood (even as a relatively happy wolf, she wasn’t overtly expressive), at this moment she felt as if she was walking on air.

She was going to have siblings. Yes, she had littermates, but she’d left them early on in adulthood. And as great as they were, there was something distinctly different about experiencing pups as an adult. When you’re a kid and everyone else is a kid, you’re all growing up and learning together. But this time, she’d get to be an influence on her younger siblings, watch them grow and play and become their own beings. And Ghost? Ghost was stoked.

Padding around the pack’s makeshift territory (they still hadn’t quite settled on a formal territory, but she knew her father and Thrush were working on it), Ghost Whisper was all in her own head, musing on the wonders that would happen when Minnow gave birth to her and Willow’s pups, so it wasn’t a surprise that she hadn’t noticed another member of the pack nearby. She was that distracted by the good news.