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Shy Wife

PostPosted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 7:04 pm
      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Minnow paced in-front of Willow Bark's den with the ferocity of an angry cat. Her paws were almost sore with how she ground her heels into the dirt back and forth. She didn't know what words would tumble from her mouth, but she knew with what intention they would have. She had just returned from being checked and discovered something so foreign to her it almost blinded her; she was pregnant. Her, the wolf who had spent the majority of her current life away from males.

      Except, she had very much been in the presence of a male recently, and it showed. Willow Bark had been her friend since she joined the pack -- he was kind, welcoming, and strong. She had spent many mornings and a few evenings with him, but their singular intimate experience seemed to be the culprit. She wasn't dumb, she knew where babies came from. But really, right now? The first time she snuggled close to someone?

      She didn't regret it. It had been a stormy night, like it had been a few times prior, and Minnow had for quite some time felt a heat in her chest. He was... what was he? Striking? Something about him made her chest flutter. The rain had caught the light of the moon just right and... well, things happened.

      They didn't really talk about it after, either. How could they when Minnow had kept fleeing whenever he came near? She knew it was her fault. She was just... nervous. She didn't know how to speak to him after, and she didn't know where it left them at. A part of her had wanted it to mean they were something more, but could someone so strong and wonderful be all hers? No, that was naive -- so she had hid.

      Until now. Her stomach had been causing her issues and she had went to be looked at, only to be told "congratulations!" She knew immediately who it was who was the father, although when asked her tongue didn't move. Instead, she ran, however this time it was towards Willow Bark. He was out for the moment, but she'd pace until he came back.

      She had nothing else to do, after all.

      Ruler of Everything
PostPosted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 7:39 am
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Willow Bark padded back to his den slowly, a large yawn escaping his maw. While the pack searched for a territory to call their own (and, relatedly, solidly form the actual pack), there was much to be done, and being second in command meant being at the forefront of it all. He felt bad, really - he hadn't had much time with Minnow since their one night together, and he thought it partially rested on his shoulders, as he'd been busier than ever. But that didn't mean that her avoidance of him wasn't noted. He just wanted to talk about things and this flurry of emotions that spread through his body like wildfire after spending the night with her. With Sable, it had been different. He hadn't felt anything. But this time? Something was there. He just knew it.

Therefore, Willow was pleasantly surprised to see Minnow across the way, pacing hard in front of his dead. Uh oh. She looked... stressed. Angry? Maybe angry. But he'd been busy, it wasn't all his fault that they hadn't seen one another. Eager to talk to her and explain himself, he started trotting towards her, a half smile planted on his face. That was, until he saw the marks in the ground. Minnow's paws ran back and forth so often and so quickly that she'd created a path for herself. Which looked bad. His smile faded and he gulped a bit as he neared her, slowing to a stop when he was only a few feet away.

"Hey, Minnow," he said sheepishly. "It's great to see you." His instinct was to word vomit an apology - he didn't fault her, after all, for not being around - he was sure she was busy too and with her inexperience with other wolves this had to be downright awkward for her - but he kept his jaw shut. She clearly had something to say to him and he decided to be polite and not overshadow that, no matter what he yearned to do. He just hoped he wasn't in trouble.


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Shy Wife

PostPosted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 12:53 pm
      While she had been waiting for him, the sound of his voice had somehow startled her. She snapped around, her pacing stopping with a brief jerk of her body. Her ears flicked backwards now that she was faced with Willow Bark himself, cheeks heating rapidly as memories of that night rushed back. Her stomach flickered, reminding her both of the reason why she came and the fact that it wasn't just full of food. Instantly, a look of panic fluttered on her face as she sat back on her haunches in mute distress.

      What did babies do to wolves? Her mother never was pregnant during her time in the swamp, and Minnow hadn't seen any of the others pregnant while there. What was the societal protocol? What were the rules? Her mind reeled as she fought herself to say the words, but her jaw stayed uncharacteristically still. She liked Willow Bark; would this ruin everything? Would he hate her? Hate... hate the kids? Her heart skipped as the word 'kids' came to mind. She was a mom. Her -- the clumsy fool who didn't know their way around the pack yet.

      She felt so small, and she sure she looked it as she shrank into herself. Instinctively, she looked at her stomach, ears firmly against her head. "I'm pregnant," she blurted, her voice weak and scared. She could have said 'Hi', or 'I'm sorry', or really anything, but she needed it off her chest. She needed to know if he was mad.

      Ruler of Everything

PostPosted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 1:05 pm
When Minnow recognized his presence, her body language shifted. She became closed off, her ears pinned, refusing to make eye contact. Was she really that angry? Willow was about to open his mouth to explain when she blurted out a simple two word sentence that, undoubtedly, would change his life forever.

It took a few moments for comprehension to set in. Pregnant? How... Oh. Oh. Of course that's how. It was... it was exactly as it had been with Sable. One night together and, bam, several little gifts from the gods many moons later. But Sable had been different. It had meant nothing, and he never got the news that she was pregnant. Instead, he'd found out when Ghost appeared, seeking out the pack with the sole intent to reunite with her absent father.

His mind was reeling, but before too much time passed, a giant smile pasted itself onto his face, and he padded closer to Minnow, all warmth. "Minnow, I know... I know this is so soon and you must be terrified but... this is incredible. I... wanted to talk to you." He grew sheepish again, feeling awkward. Willow wasn't used to vocalizing his feelings, and never had he had feelings so strong.

"I think this is a sign that what I wanted to talk to you about is... is totally valid." He realized he was pontificating a bit, and shut his jaw before blurting out, "I really like you, Minnow. I really, really like you and I think I might love you? Even though I know that's crazy and we only met a few moons ago but gods, you're phenomenal. You're perfect, really. And this? This seems like it... it's meant to be, as beyond cheesy as that sounds." His face flushed after the formalized word vomit. He'd definitely said too much but now it was out there, hanging in the air between the two of them, the tense nature of their conversation palpable. He only hoped she had a positive reaction. After all, she was to bear his pups. His kids. Gods, how crazy was that? As if he didn't have enough of his own blood running around Kells already.


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Shy Wife

PostPosted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 1:22 pm
      He responded faster than she thought he would. She hadn't looked at his face, however her eyes noted his paws begin to move. Minnow stayed put, muscles tensing as she waited nervously with a baited breath. Almost as soon as her name was spoken her head raised, bright blue eyes locked on his face. Her tail betrayed her, flicking twice as his tone radiated warmth and... what was it?

      'This is incredible.' Was it? He was happy? With her? With the... the kids? Her face shifted when he mentioned he had wished to speak to her, morphing from concern to confusion. He had wanted to talk to her? This entire time she was running from him there were things left unsaid, on both sides. She felt foolish, but that wasn't a new feeling lately.

      And then he rambled, putting her own word vomits to shame. It almost didn't make sense! She was overwhelmed already with the influx of relief trying to cover the previous shame and fear, and now he was sputtering words on words. She opened her mouth, about to ask him to hold on when, as clear as day, he said words she had only dreamed of.

      'I think I might love you?'

      Her jaw snapped shut with an audible click, entire body freezing in place for the second time. He loved her? Might? But she was... she was Minnow! And he was the strong and wonderful Willow Bark! She didn't let herself doubt if for long, though, as instantly she felt a warmth in her chest that almost choked the wind out of her. All the tension and fear melted from her as she, in a whirl of brown and white, threw her side into his, brushing against him with a ferocity unlike the small wolf. It ended with her head under his jaw, pressed firmly into his neck as she settled against him and a long sigh escaped her.

      He liked her too! He liked her! Loved, maybe! Her tail thumped against the ground, nausea sweeping over her at the rush of emotions, although she choose to ignore it.

      "I like cheesy," she answered, pulling back to look up at him. "I like you! A lot! A whole lot! Even if it's fast, but that's how my life has been going lately, anyway." She had been swept into pack life and friendships within days of her finding Willow Bark, after all. Maybe everything was so fast to make up for the slow beginning of her life?

      She didn't care -- she was beyond happy. Her tail wagged at a ridiculous speed, even when she grimaced and laid on her stomach. Oof, okay, that was all a bit much, her overworked body couldn't handle all the emotions rushing around. "Does that mean you'll be there when they're born? That we, uh," she paused, nervously swallowing.

      "That I can be your mate?" All the things she had told Misty Elk she had wanted as a puppy was happening. A pack, children, a mate. She had always dreamed of a family and a loving mate, and here Willow Bark was. It was almost a dream, but she had pinched herself enough times throughout the weeks to know it wasn't.

      Still, she almost wanted to pinch herself again to double check.

      Ruler of Everything
PostPosted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 11:10 am
Willow Bark didn’t take his eyes off Minnow for one second – really, he hadn’t since she’d been welcomed into the pack. He had eyes only for her. He watched as her brain cycled through emotions, processing everything as it tumbled out of his (rather careless) mouth. Much to his surprise (and please), Minnow took in what he said and immediately threw herself against him, pressing her body against his and nuzzling up beneath his chin. Audibly, he sighed, his bones melting into her, enjoying every moment of touch he got from her.

Eventually, she pulled away a tad to address him and everything he had just put forth into the world. Willow was going to respond, his mouth open and poised, when she kept on plowing through – not quite in the way he had, but she still seemed to be processing things as words flowed from her maw.

Oh, Minnow, of course I’ll be there for you – for us, really – when they’re born. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” At her last inquisition, he held his tongue a few moments, drumming up a bit of drama that was all too unnecessary in this already heated moment.

I would be honored if you would take me as your mate,” Willow spoke softly, dipping his cheek to nuzzle against the top of her head. They were already molded together, so it was tough to show even more affection, but he was trying. His heart, in this moment, was so incredibly full, he couldn’t even begin to think of anything else but his pups and his beautiful, wonderful mate.

I’m really lucky you found the pack, Minnow. I count my blessings for it every day, whether you know it or not. Well, I guess now you do…” He chuckled, not sure what else to say. He was simply overwhelmed with positive, meaningful emotion, and didn’t know what else to do but wrap his tail around her back end and pull her ever closer.

Gods, he couldn’t wait to tell Thrush. And, well, literally... anyone else who would listen.


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Shy Wife

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 7:43 pm
      Her tail thumped as he returned the affection she offered, breath painfully catching in her throat. It was all so much! In a good way, of course, but it was a lot for the wolf to process. Really, all of her time here had been processing. She had started her life alone and was grateful to be taken in by her mother, but life had been singular for awhile. The only wolf in her life had been her swamp mother, and now... this?

      Not only a pack and friends, but also a mate and kids. She exhaled heavily, leaning into him. Her mate. Minnow savored the moment, absorbing everything it'd offer her. She had been so scared just a few moments ago! Now here they were. Would they share a den? That's what mates do, right? And meals? And days? And nights?

      And and --

      She had to stop her own thought process before it became too much, snapping her head to look up at Willow Bark. He knew about the pups, but it was time to tell the others, right? What would Ghost think? And Thrush? She was eager to begin exclaiming about the good news, almost vibrating where she sat.

      "Who should we tell first?"

      Ruler of Everything
PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 7:41 am
Mate. That word buzzed in Willow Bark's ear like an annoying fly, but this time it wasn't annoying. Just astounding. All the old guard in the pack knew Willow to be a bit of a flirt - that's where Ghost Whisper was thought to have gotten that very strong personality trait. But Minnow had managed to change that with her soft eyes and eager heart. And he couldn't be more thrilled. He couldn't imagine the range of emotions Minnow was experiencing, considering she had barely any interactions with other wolves aside from her adopted parent, this must be extraordinarily overwhelming for her. But she was taking it in stride, and that was just one of the things that Willow admired about her.

"Who should we tell? Oh, huh, I mean... I think Ghost will be really excited, but honestly I think Thrush would be overjoyed. I've known him since we were pups and he's my dearest friend, plus I think he'll be over the moon at the news of incoming Swiftfell pups." Willow was beaming, his heart beating fast and making him feel jittery. "Let's go find him? If that's alright with you, my... my love?"

Feel free to cue the time skip whenever~

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Shy Wife

PostPosted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:22 am
      Her ear flicked at the mention of Thrush, nodding softly as she glanced at her stomach. Would Thrush be delighted? Would her pups get along with the pack? Of course they would! She loved her home, so surely her pups would love it too. Her tail thumped against the ground, pausing when a new nickname left Willow's lips. Her cheeks flushed as she stood up and masked it with a gentle brush against his side. One day she was sure she'd become accustomed to sweet names, but right now, in the newness of everything, it was as exciting as a long chase! Her heart hammered against her chest as she pulled away, tail wagging in a steady rhythm.

      "Lets tell Thrush, then," she agreed, nuzzling under Willow Bark's chin. They had a lot to do and it was time to get a head start.

      - - -

      The pregnancy had been a moderately easy one for the new mother-to-be, but one thing had shocked everyone; how large the petite Minnow's belly had grown. There had been assumptions the litter would be large, but Minnow hadn't really believed them. She doubted she'd be blessed with so many during her first pregnancy, although there really wasn't any evidence otherwise. She was just small, she had answered, and small wolves looked rather swollen when with puppies.

      Except, the whispers had been right, and it was evident as five newborn bundles squirmed against her stomach. Tired, worn, and frankly overwhelmed with many different emotions and hormones, Minnow laid beside her pups with half-open eyes. Willow Bark had been called for, although she doubted he was further than the mouth of the den. He wasn't able to fit within the den alongside the wolf helping ensure her delivery went smoothly, and thus had been asked to sit outside.

      "Willow Bark?" She called, impatient. These were their pups, and while she had delighted in the coos of the wolf assisting her she desperately wanted to see Willow's eyes light up. Her tail thumped once against the ground as she shifted to make more room for the squirming mass of small puppies.

      Ruler of Everything
PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 11:39 am
All throughout the pregnancy, Willow had managed to be there for his mate. As her stomach grew larger - it almost seemed distended hanging off her tiny frame - she had more needs that he and those overseeing her health and wellness needed to tend to. Fetching her water, fulfilling her strong cravings for various meats and berries, and all the like. It was exhausting, being on call like this, but he couldn't even begin to imagine how difficult it was on Minnow.

Unfortunately, Willow Bark was unable to be there for the delivery of the pups, but instead awaited outside, guarding the entrance with his life. A few times other wolves stopped by - one actually needing him in his capacity as Beta - so it wasn't boring, but man did the seconds tick slowly by as he awaited Minnow's call.

It came quickly, as the other wolf actually helping her through the birthing process slowly exited, smiling brightly at the new father. Taking no time at all, he squeezed past the other wolf and flew into the den, careening a bit when he had to come to a halt, as there were five - yes, five - puppies taking up a decent amount of space, curled up right next to their mother.

For a moment, Willow could not speak. He could barely take in their newly huddled mass, as his eyes kept turning back to Minnow, equal parts concern and amazement. She had managed to deliver the most beautiful puppies that would kick start their family, and bring great fortune to the entire pride. One of the pups was much lighter than the pups - a pretty gray color - but really, they were all so incredible it brought a tear to the male's eyes.

"Oh, Minnow," he exhaled softly, padding around the pups to lean down and rub his cheek on hers affectionately. "They couldn't be more perfect. You couldn't be more perfect." Willow wrapped his tail around him and sat down next to his mate, too astonished for words. His last litter, he hadn't even known of. It was like he had missed the greatest joy had to give. But really, it was different. These little bundles of fur were his and Minnow's. That made all the difference. The pups would know nothing but unending love from two parents who couldn't keep their paws off one another. It was an incredible thing.

Realizing that Minnow had just been through hell and back to bring these small bodies to light, he glanced over at her again, his face still close. "Are you alright? Are you hurt? Do I need to run to the healers to find something to quell any pain?" The words tumbled out quickly, turning him from a wolf in wonderment to a very doting mate, the one he had been throughout her pregnancy. He just wanted to know that everything was as okay (or wonderful) as it seemed.

Sprained my wrist so typing is tough but gosh darn it I am determined to respond to this RP! Sorry it's an entire book, Willow has lots of feels

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