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PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 4:15 pm
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Ghost Whisper awoke with a start, an odd night terror (night? It was only late afternoon, but those were the ways of th Swiftfell) running through her mind. Her mother, ever the survivalist, was never shy about teaching her pups about the horrors of roguehood. And sometimes, impressionable as she had been as a little one, those tales imprinted on her. Every once in a while, she had the same, horrible dream. It was silly, really - she'd grown to be a fierce warrior, adept with her teeth and claws - a true force to be reckoned with, just like her father. But that didn't stop her from breaking out into a cold sweat and yelping in her sleep when she saw the giant wolf leaping towards her small body, teeth bared for her neck.

Shaking sleep from her mind, Ghost decided she needed to do something productive to otherwise occupy her thoughts. She rose to her paws, inching her front two forward to allow her body into a deep, satisfying stretch. Her maw stretched open as she yawned before padding out into the world, eyes blinking at the bright sun. Even as it started to head down towards the horizon, it seemed to burn brighter than even in midday. Bright blue eyes scanning the pack lands, the flirtatious little wolf sought something pretty in which to bury her thoughts.

Ars Naberius
PostPosted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:11 pm
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Bluebell Wood padded into the pack's makeshift camp, tail held high and mouth filled with the scruff of freshly killed rabbits. Her just-before-dusk hunting trip had gone better than she had expected - the warren she had raided must have only sprung up within the last couple of days. A good sign, should the pack choose to remain here. She paused a ways into the camp, quickly checking who all was around - not that she necessarily knew who everyone was, as she herself was new to the pack. But she had... An idea. She could name the alpha and beta, of course. The red one - Red Oak? - was the other hunter. The black and white ones were the guards. And there were... Other wolves. Yep.

Everyone else seemed to be asleep, though. Bluebell heaved a sigh, resigned to eating alone, until she heard a yawn. Ears pricked and tail high once again, she bounded over to the black-and-white wolf. "Hey!" She yelled, completely forgetting that her mouth was full of rabbit.

Ars Naberius

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Ruler of Everything

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 11:36 am
She didn't have to search for long. In fact, she didn't have to search for long. A pretty thing, indeed.

Ghost's eyes widened as the, well, rather gorgeous wolf sprung her way, shouting a hello with a kill still fresh in her mouth. She didn't recognize this wolf - although she'd seen her around, she couldn't bring her name to mind for anything. As the she-wolf drew nearer, her eyes softened and she pulled her lips into a smile. Friendly, yes, but absolutely she planned on at least attempt to flirt with this cute new wolf. She would never forgive herself if she didn't leap at the chance.

"That looks good," Ghost Whisper said by way of greeting, her nose lifting to point to the rabbit still hanging from the other's mouth. "If you need someone to help take care of it, I'm your gal." Still smiling, she shared her name, "I'm Ghost Whisper. And who might you be?" Her eyes were bright and sparkling in the slowly dying sun, and she absolutely couldn't hide her enthusiasm. Her tail wagged involuntarily and her ears perked forward, eager to hear what this new wolf's name was.

Ars Naberius
Omg I'm so sorry I totally didn't see that you tagged this ;; feel free to kick me next time I take this long!
[IC] The River Run

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