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PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 4:30 pm
Ghost Whisper yawned, wresting herself from sleep to greet the rest of the pack at this golden hour of twilight. Many of the wolves had been up for an hour or three - pack wakings tended to start in the mid-afternoon, but she didn't have a shift protecting the border until much later, so she could afford to sleep in.

Padding out of her den, she dipped long and low, stretching out her legs and her back, a bit cramped from being curled up in a ball for many hours. She blinked, taking in the light, before walking forward, immediately catching sight of Willow Bark. He was her father, but it was just downright bizarre to refer to him as such. She certainly wouldn't call him dad. But he seemed friendly enough, and he was the Beta of this pack, which certainly earned him her respect.

As she drew closer to him, she called out - "Hey, Willow!" - before realizing that close behind him stood a rather striking, but small and definitely unfamiliar female. A wide smile spread itself over her lips - could this be someone new for her to liaise with? She was a friendly and outspoken wolf and had inherited her father's wily ways when it came to females and males - she never missed an opportunity to attempt to slide her way into another's den. Excited, she trotted forward to meet up with them.

Willow Bark hadn't been expecting to see Ghost so soon, but he was glad she sought him out so quickly. It made introducing her to his new friend (was she a friend? He liked to think so.) that much easier. He saw a sly smile cross her face from afar, and wondered what that was about. Still not sure about who she was as a wolf, as far as he knew, she was a friendly sort, but could get quite sassy when she deemed it necessary. She was also one hell of a fighter, which made her a great asset for the pack.

As she neared, he returned her friendly smile and pointed his nose in the direction of Minnow, his tail wagging a bit. "Hey, Ghost. I'd like you to meet Minnow." He didn't mention why she was here, and he hoped Ghost wouldn't ask. She was new to the pack anyway, it was unlikely she was very familiar with the rules. But he was sure she would recognize Minnow's scent as one of an outsider. Still smiling, he turned back to Minnow, awaiting her response to the whole situation. After all, she hadn't met very many wolves in her life here in Kells, so Willow was quite curious to see what she thought of Ghost.
PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:03 pm
      Minnow had stayed behind Willow Bark with a pleasant smile, eyes lingering to examine the pack curiously. It was when a feminine voice called out that she startled slightly, jumping just a tad before she snapped her head quickly to spot the speaker. Instantly she was taken by the female and their face marking. Beautiful! Like...

      Her eyes trailed to Willow Bark. Before he even said the name of the other she knew. She was glad her suspicions were confirmed. She couldn't help the smile on her face -- so this was Ghost Whisper! She absolutely resembled her father. Minnow was snapped out of her thoughts when Willow glanced at her, ears perking. Right -- words. She couldn't just sit there and watch!

      "Hello," she greeted, tail wagging gently behind her. She noted Willow hadn't said where she came from. She wouldn't mention it, then. As he had asked. Instead she smiled warmly, her heart giddy at the fact she was meeting another wolf.

      "It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm Minnow, but I guess he already mentioned that." She smiled teasingly at her new friend, tail still wagging softly, showing her good humor.


Shy Wife

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:06 am
Ghost noted the positive demeanor of this new wolf, and immediately appreciated it. As vicious as she was in battle, she was a sweet wolf at heart and enjoyed the company of those who were much the same. She watched as Minnow's tail wagged gently, and noticed that her own was doing the same, happy to meet such a kind and endearing new member of the pack.

"You're quite pretty," she said, as ever not holding back. "Did you bring along a mate, or are you available? I can guess that you'll be quite sought over by all the males... and a few females here," Ghost Whisper ended with a mischievous smile and a matching glint in her eye, padding closing to Minnow. She wondered idly if this new female could be a potential mate for her - The Swiftfell had no particular rules on same-sex relationships - but she knew it was important to the survival of the pack that pups continued to be produced. Oh, well. She'd do what she pleased and use her connection to Willow Bark as an out if she had to - no harm, no foul in the end.

When Ghost started speaking, Willow's eyebrow quirked up. He glanced between the two she-wolves, realizing for the first time that Ghost was interested in other females. Interesting. It didn't bode well for filling the Caretakers' time with puppies to look after, but there was nothing wrong with that - just something of note. Although, he did find himself to be a bit jealous of her bold movement toward Minnow. He was learning a lot about his daughter, and it really wasn't all that surprising.

Realizing he should probably react to Ghost's ridiculously forward ways, he rolled his eyes playfully and looked to Minnow for any kind of reaction. It was probably strange for her to be put in such an odd situation, but he figured she would handle it well. At least, he hoped.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:23 am
      Minnow blinked at Ghost, dumbfounded. While Willow had been far more passive about his compliments (to the point she wondered if there was truth in them or was just a nicety), Ghost was the opposite. Her cheeks heated and she instinctively sat down, although her tail kept wagging. She wasn't uncomfortable, which she hoped showed. She was surprised!

      "I am?" She asked, head tilting. "I don't know, I think you're much prettier!" She fired back, although it was friendly in tone. And honest. Her tail paused as she had to consider what the other said. "No, no mate. I've only met...." she trailed off, wondering if she admitted she only had met three wolves in her entire life, including Ghost, that it might open up the conversation as to where she had even come from. She glanced over at Willow, remembering his request. Right. She wasn't supposed to be here, after all!

      "I guess I'm available? I never thought about it... but I think I'd like a mate, yeah. Someone to snuggle against at night and have kids with," she answered truthfully, almost rambling as she realized that now she was around other wolves she could find a mate. That hadn't occurred to her. It was an entirely new world! For some reason her eyes drifted to Willow Bark, immediately flicking away when she realized her glance. Instead, she smiled brightly at Ghost.

      "I think you'll be the one more sought after." As Ghost approached her tail flicked, welcoming the friendly female. While she noted the glint in their eyes, oblivious Minnow assumed it was friendliness. Or jest. Either way, she liked the wolf. Another friend, maybe? If she stayed there she could not only see Willow, but also this friendly lady.

      Suddenly, she realized both of them had asked about a mate, but she never returned the favor. Was it polite to ask, too? Was that part of socialization? Did they think she was rude not to ask?

      "Do you have a mate?" She chanced towards Ghost. She didn't dare ask Willow currently. Would it seem obvious? Wait -- what was obvious? Did she already have a crush? No.... nooo, really? Oh no. She instantly felt self conscious, focusing intently on Ghost to avoid Willow's gaze. Her mother would be amused, she was sure. Meeting a wolf in a day and already crushing on them? Ridiculous.


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PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:34 am
Willow Bark sighed lightly, seeing a bit of a demeanor change in Minnow. She didn't seem offended by Ghost's forwardness, however, which made him relieved. He didn't want Minnow scared off by this wolf he barely knew, even if she shared his blood.

Wait... was that a pointed glance? She mentioned wanting a mate and pups and immediately her eyes darted to Willow's and then back away again. Was that purposeful? He smiled, unable to keep his amusement from his face. This was good.

"Neither of us have mates, actually," he said, butting into the conversation to make sure it was damn clear that he was single, too. He wouldn't have Ghost coming into the pack only to poach his romantic prospects - something about that just seemed weird.

Ghost smiled kindly at Minnow's response, noting that she wanted kids. That probably counted her out, but she didn't mind. There were always other wolves around the corner, and more seemed to be joining The Swiftfell every moon. Plus, she was still young enough that she really had so much life to live before she needed to settle down.

"Correct, neither of us have mates. So if you're interested, just let us know," she finished with a wink. She wasn't positive this new wolf interpreted social cues all that well - something about her just seemed a little bit off (not in a bad way), but she hoped the wink was effective, either for herself or for Willow. It was obvious by his glowing demeanor that he had a bit of a crush on Minnow, so either way, this could end happily for one of them.

"So, what brings you to The Swiftfell? With so many other packs out there, why us?" Ghost Whisper cocked her head to the side, genuinely curious as to what attracted others to their land.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:55 am
      Her head turned to acknowledge Willow Bark. He didn't? Why? That seemed almost judgmental, but really; why? He was handsome, strong, and the Beta. Clearly he would be competed over, right? No, wait, he clearly had the option. He had made Ghost, after all. It wasn't like wolves hadn't shown an interest in him before. Then it had to be he hadn't found someone he liked.

      She wondered what a wolf had to be to fit that criteria.

      Thankfully, Ghost asked her a question and her attention was once again absorbed. She didn't want to say "it's the first pack I've met, honestly", so she didn't. She also didn't want to imply her interest was only due to them snagging her first. She wasn't someone who would just join anyone. If they were of crueler nature she would have turned her back on them. When she thought back on what made her feel welcomed, though, she had a view ideas.

      "I like the birds," she admitted, eyes flicking to the tree tops. She had noticed their soft chattering from the beginning, although they had gone quiet at first when she entered the forest.

      "And the the moment I came here I was welcomed immediately. I felt like I already belonged, almost? Even though I was a stranger." She paused, thoughtfully humming to hold the conversation. She had been starved and tired and their own Beta had rushed to her aide. Really, if she wanted to be part of a pack it was those values she would seek out.

      "I feel at home here," she added softly. It wasn't the swamp, no, but she liked that. She enjoyed the warmth she felt. If the other members welcomed her like them then... did she even have to consider her choice?

      "What about you? Why did you pick Swiftfell?" She knew part of the story, she assumed. Her dad was here. But that couldn't have been the only reason Ghost came, right?


Shy Wife

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:55 pm
Willow watched the gears turning in Minnow's head, and wondered just what was running through it. She was a sweet wolf, that much was evident, but there was so much about her he didn't know - and he really hoped he got the chance to figure her out. He thought to open his mouth to interject, but realized this has become a conversation between the two she-wolves, and decided to remain silent, instead glancing at Ghost for her answer.

At Minnow's answer Ghost smiled, nodding her head. "The birds are neat, aren't they? Have you met Willow's Storm Bringer? He's usually around the edge of the pack, doesn't hang around the dens much, but he's really cool. All of the birds have a significant purpose here, it's... pretty encapsulating, really." When the other mentioned feeling welcomed and belonging, it was evident that this was all due to Willow. No wonder the two seemed quietly, softly smitten with one another. She could only hope Willow would be bold enough to do something about it. Ghost had heard - from both her own mother and some others in the pack - that Willow was a notorious flirt, but had never really taken an interest in anyone. He liked to play the game, he just didn't like to see it come to any sort of... significant fruition. Maybe Minnow could change that for him.

"I'm glad you've chosen to make your home here, then. It really is a great place." When Minnow asked about Ghost's own choice, she did sort of a shrug and flicked her tail absentmindedly. "My mother spoke so highly of Willow here, and when I found out he was Beta, I was intrigued. Really, I discovered a love of using my claws to fight and defend myself - and others - and I wanted to make good use of that somewhere. My mom is all about survival, and she instilled that in me, and something told me that the best chance of survival was surrounded by others. Plus, y'know, the birds." At the last part she smirked, heralding back to Minnow's own answer.

At that moment, a rather large bird with brilliant purple dye covering his head burst through the forest, not bothering to announce himself. "Speak and he shall arrive," Ghost said, noting Storm Bringer's sudden appearance. The bird didn't stop to chat, even with Willow, but instead flew onward, silently flapping his wings. "If he's appearing near the dens, that means there's likely a storm brewing... How do you feel about rain, Minnow? Good thing we have so many dens, huh?"

PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:18 pm
      Her eyes drifted to Willow at the mention of Storm Bringer. She hadn't seen them, no, but she wanted to. Her head turned back to listen to Ghost, head tilting. Was this home? It felt like it could be. She smiled gently, about to respond when, instead, a bird arrived. There really was no other way to describe it. Quick as a bird itself, Minnow snapped her head to look at the creature, ears flipping up. This must be him! He fit the description!

      At the comment of rain she opened her mouth, about to once more interject when it snapped shut. Wait. She said storm. Storms were different -- storms came with thunder. Rain itself was fine, but storms? She felt a shiver run down her spine, throat constricting.

      Play it cool. Don't be weird in front of your new friends.
      Don't panic.

      "I like rain," she honestly admitted, although her voice audibly cracked. "A storm, you said? Do you, err, know how bad it'll be?" Her head snapped to look at Willow Bark, as if he might know the answer because he was bonded with the bird. Could... could they chase that bird down and ask? Her brain was reeling.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 4:39 pm
Willow Bark, unable to take his eyes off Minnow for long, barely noticed Storm Bringer, but he certainly heard him. The flap of a bird's wings that large was something you really couldn't miss. So of course, staring at the lovely wolf before him, he noticed when she looked... minorly speechless at the mention of rain. He cocked his head a bit, quizzically, before she quickly closed her jaw. When her voice cracked, he realized that she wasn't quite all there. And then it hit - she was afraid.

His eyes, deep blue, softened visibly. "Oh, Minnow," he said softly, compassionately, before his face started burning. Had he really said that out loud? That... certainly wasn't what he attended. What was it about her that made him so silly and foolish?

"I, uh," he stuttered with a nervous cough, totally out of his element. "If you, uh... the dens are big enough for multiple wolves?" Willow's voice jumped an octave, and his face felt even hotter. What the hell? He was a fierce fighter, an experienced flirt, and the beta of a pack. Why was some female he'd only met earlier sending him into a fumbling mess?

When Ghost Whisper realized that Minnow was afraid, she had a similar reaction to Willow, except not so... audibly. Her heart went out to the she-wolf, understanding that rogue life was quite tough and could do awful things to a wolf. It could certainly breed uncertainty and fear in even the strangest of things. And absolutely, a storm wasn't something to bat your eyes at. They could be dastardly, especially when you didn't have a solid place to sleep at night.

Willow's reaction, however, was just absurd. He turned into an adolescent, unsure how to act around a pretty lady, and Ghost let out a barking laugh. "I think he's asking if you'd like him to keep you company until the storm blows over." She threw a wink at Willow - a quick "don't worry, I've got this - before glancing back at Minnow with an eyebrow raised. "When the rain starts, I'll probably head out on duty, but you should definitely take up his offer."

PostPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 1:17 pm
      She heard Willow's first response, mostly because she was actively looking at him. She might have missed it otherwise, but Willow was caught in his compassionate response. She wasn't sure what it meant, though. Was he scared, too? Did he sympathize because he understood? No, he looked fine, and not that kind of fine. She was the odd one out -- that didn't make sense. Weren't they afraid? Well, of course not, she realized. They had a pack -- a family. Wolves to huddle together with and dens of their own.

      She hadn't had that since she left her swamp.

      Her head cocked to the side as he mentioned the dens, ears flicking. No, no no, she couldn't force herself on him like that. He was a Beta, surely he had other things to do. Now that she thought of it, hadn't she monopolized enough of his time? How long had he been around her? There was the time she slept and he had wandered off, but... how long had she slept for? What plans had he had for the day that she had ruined with her bumbling entrance?

      And yet, the offer did comfort. Huddling alone under a tree while thunder and lightening whipped past you was perhaps one of the most frightening moments of her life. You couldn't predict nature. At least whenever she faced other troubles like a bear or an angry skunk she could theorize where they'd go and what they'd do. No, she didn't want to be alone anymore.

      She turned to Ghost Whisper, not noticing their secret interaction. Her cheeks heated, nodding faintly. She was far quieter now, almost subdued as the edge of fear fluttered in her chest. Still, she didn't want to waste this encounter.

      "Are you sure? I haven't taken too much of your time already?" She looked at Willow, eyes large and searching. Did he put this much effort into every new possible recruit? Surely that was it. He was, after all, the Beta. It was his duty, right? Her tail thumped once, betraying her. Regardless, she couldn't say she would mind being protected by him during the storm. She turned back to Ghost, wagging her tail once despite her tension.

      "You won't be alone, will you? During the storm?" She was sure someone as cool as Ghost Whisper would be fine, but she already felt concern for her newest friend. Two friends -- in one day. Oh, this was almost too much. Almost. She had always dreamed of finding a pack willing to accept her, but she never thought she'd so quickly warm up to them.

      Maybe after the storm she could ask to meet the Alpha? She believed she had decided her decision.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 6:42 am
Ghost Whisper noted Minnow's hesitation in taking Willow up on his offer, but by the look on the poor wolf's face she needed the company. She even made sure to check in with Ghost - would she be okay? Ghost nearly laughed at the thought, but before she could open her maw the rolling sound of thunder started overhead, and a light drizzle - due, soon, to pour much heavier - began.

"I'll be fine, Minnow," Ghost said, moving to playfully flick her with her tail. "And so will you. From what I hear, Willow's stronger than any lightning the sky has to offer." She smiled, feeling a deep warmth in her heart - pride, was it? - at knowing that this strong male was her father. It just made sense. Although, her mother was quite strong, albeit in a much different way.

When the thunder rolled again, Ghost took a second to stretch before rising back up. "That's my cue! You two, have a good night. Minnow, welcome to the pack," she finished with a grin. Without waiting for a response, she quickly trotted away, her mind already on duty.

The whole exchange and turn of weather was so quick, Willow barely had a chance to react. The rain started and the thunder roared, and this small female next to him looked frightened. "C'mon, let's head back into the den," he begged, turning around and walking to the entrance of the den. He then stalled, moving out of the way so she could enter first. "No harm will come to you on this night - I assure it," he said with a small smile. He was a bit nervous - something about her just got to him - and it certainly had nothing to do with the coming storm. He had weathered many storms, and he was determined to be the rock that Minnow needed tonight.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 12:01 pm
      Minnow physically froze when the thunder rolled first, her entire muscles tight and taunt as if ready to flee. Somehow, miraculously, all her face did was flinch as the need to be polite overshadowed her desire to run. She was about to respond and see Ghost off when a second roll of thunder snapped her mouth shut. Instead, all that came out was a goodbye tail wag and a panicked smile. She'd make sure to apologize later.

      With Ghost gone she felt smaller. Now there was only two of them. It wasn't like three wolves could fight against thunder, but it had been reassuring. Minnow was frozen in spot; a deer in headlights, if you will. Not that she'd know that reference, but it worked all the same. Her head snapped up on cue when Willow pleaded for them to escape into the dens. He didn't have to ask twice. Immediately, with still a bounce in her step despite the trembles beginning to overtake her, she padded past him, pausing when he ensured her safety.

      Even afraid, she felt her heart flutter and cheeks warm. Maybe it was the fear, or maybe she had been alone for so long and was desperate to be affectionate, but for whatever reason she felt bold and brushed against his side appreciatively. It wasn't seductive, nor was it flirty, it was just as she was; kind and thankful. She slipped into the den in the same fluid movement, curling up against the side to give him room. The frightened wolf peeked out of the den to look at him, large eyes locking with his.

      "I know it's silly," she admitted softly from the safety of the den "But thank you. I appreciate it." She paused, smiling underneath the shade of the den.

      "I appreciate you."

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 3:23 pm
Willow's face burned hot when Minnow slid past him, feeling the warmth of her body with his own. A smile planted itself involuntarily on his maw, pleasantly surprised that this timid but sweet wolf seemed to like him - to some degree, at least. Enough to share a den with him for the remainder of the storm - and, who knew how long that would last.

Before he was even able to take a step into the den, he caught her gazing at him, whence she spoke a few words that warmed not just his cheek, but his heart. In his role as second-in-command, he had simply wanted to ensure everyone within the pack's safety. Minnow may not be in the pack formally (hopefully by tomorrow she'd be in meeting Thrush?), but he felt responsible for her. And it made him happy to hear that it was a job well done. That, and her vibrant eyes were absolutely entrancing.

"I'm glad to have been of service," Willow said, ducking his head in uncharacteristic shyness. As he entered the den and curled up on the opposite end of the small area, his tail draped gingerly over hers, he continued: "I'm really happy I found you out there. I truly hope you stay." His words were punctuated with another roll of thunder and the clap of lighting in the distance, barely visible from inside the den. Noting that she may be even more fearful than before, he scooted closed to her, not really making eye contact, but closer all the same.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 3:40 pm
      His tail touched hers and, delicately, her tail twitched in greeting. She smiled warmly at him, about to settle her muzzle down when thunder erupted again. Her spine tingled and, instantly, she shoved closer. However, he too was moving, so all that accomplished was meeting him in the middle and snuggling into him more than she thought she would. She hadn't expect his movement and now there she was, firmly planted into his side as if they had been friends for years.

      Her face flushed, but she didn't necessarily hate it, either. It was comforting, and warm. She looked up at him to ensure it was okay before slowly resting her head on her paws. She was tired, suddenly, and while sleep was never possible for her during storms maybe it could be beside someone as strong and safe as Willow Bark. In fact, she felt... cozy? As if this was right?

      "I'll stay," she admitted, closing her eyes as if that news wasn't something big in itself. She opened one eye to look at him, tail thumping once.

      "If you don't mind seeing me everyday." She laughed softly under her breath, tensing against him as thunder rolled again. She instinctively closed her eyes once more, but they didn't open after. She had said she was tired.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 5:30 pm
It was unexpected and expected all at once, and entirely welcome - that was, Minnow practically leaping to his side, pressing against him hard. He smiled, noting that she seemed a bit embarrassed, but something else about her came off as... strangely at home. If she could feel at home somewhere outside of her native lands. That was only confirmed when she noted that she would stay, and Willow felt a wide smile break out on his face.

He laughed at her next comment, setting his head down on his paws, directly next to hers. "I would love that - truly." Gently, he leaned against her head with his own, enjoying the feeling of their bodies completely melded together. When he'd been with Sable - and nameless other wolves - it had been different. He hadn't felt any sort of stirring deep in his heart (and his stomach), it had been purely primal. But something about this girl made him so nervous his whole body seemed to shake. "Minnow-" Willow Bark started, intending to confess to her how much he really wanted her around, before he realized that she had fallen fast asleep. Even with the nap earlier she had been so exhausted from her travels and her days in this new land that she passed out, seemingly as soon as her eyes fell closed.

The wolf smiled once more, glancing over at her and admiring just how beautiful she was. He could tell her in the morning, he thought, as he slowly snuggled closer and closed him own eyes. Certainly, he wasn't tired, but he sure could use a lovely dream to cap off such a magnificent day. She was staying, and that was all his mind could think about.

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