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PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2019 2:05 pm
Ghost, quite small compared to the rest of her litter, yawned widely and glanced back over her shoulder, seeing that her mother was still looking the other way. As quiet as a phantom, she padded along the forest floor, wandering further and further away but maintaining a distance that was still within earshot of her family - she wasn't stupid, after all. She just wanted to explore.

A bit away, she thought she saw another small, wriggly shape - another young pup, perhaps? She squinted her sapphire eyes and attempted to make out the image, but nothing seemed to be working - she had to get closer. The tiny, deep brown pup decided to continue walking, sinking low to the ground in case the other being was dangerous, or somehow larger than she seemed to sense. Sure, she wasn't stupid, but venturing closer to an unknown wolf was certainly foolish on some level. But she had to satiate her curiosity. She was a relatively social wolf, and if this was another pup her age, why shouldn't she make friends?
PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2019 3:01 pm
Ruler of Everything

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Marsh Mallow had gotten in a fight with his brother that morning. Well, it wasn't much of a fight seeing at it just involved Mallow accidentally annoying Glasswort to the point that his brother just yelled at him to, "Go away Mallow!". Most pups would just huff and go curl up with their mother... alas, Mallow wasn't the sharpest claw in the paw. He turned around and walked away, and then kept walking, and then did some swimming, and then kept walking... and walking... he'd gone almost an entire morning without stopping before a small voice in the back of his head chirped, 'Hey... don't you think you've gone away enough?'

At this point, the pup paused and sat right where he stopped, looking around in confusion. He wasn't in the swamp anymore. Hunkering down a little, his ears swiveled back and he sniffed, wondering to himself a little dejectedly, where am I? Why are the plants so big here... oh... I should have stopped walking.... He sat in place and just sighed, not sure what to do. Maybe if he turned exactly half way around, and started walking again, he would end up right where he started?

So lost was he in his thoughts, he didn't noticed the little black pup peering at him through the trees.

Alanna the Pirate Queen

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Ruler of Everything

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PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2019 4:02 pm
As she drew nearer, Ghost realized that yes, this was, in fact, another pup! A smile spread its way across her maul as she sped up slightly, eager to finally meet someone else outside of her family. When she got closer, she slowed back down, slightly cautious. "Hey!" She yelled, unsure if it was too loud or not. She was still of an age where she wasn't quite sure how well sound traveled, and just exactly what the etiquette was when meeting a stranger. "Who are you?" Ghost said, her eyes narrowing a bit and her pace slowing even further. Eventually, she came to a halt, still quite a bit away from the other pup, a brown male who seemed to have curious face markings. Standing her ground, she decided to plop her butt down in the leaves of the forest floor and c**k her head, awaiting a response from the male.

Alanna the Pirate Queen
[IC] The Forest

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