Scream loved the water. It was one of the few things she shared completely with her sister - both of them had spent many a happy day splashing about together, playing chase or daring each other (or, well, mostly Scream daring herself and Swan watching nervously nearby)User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. to swim out as far out as they can. As she approached the small, thankfully unfamiliar, pond Scream’s throat was tight with unwelcome happy memories.

She didn’t want to remember right now. She wanted to forget, to take her mind off of things. Things like the fact that mother had been gone for moons. That she and Swan hadn’t had a conversation that didn't end with an argument in about as long. That very soon she would be completely alone.

No, Scream didn’t want to think about that. She put on speed, eager to get in the water.