Just putting this here to making remembering the loots we get easier.

Currency between Pirates are Doubloons. They come in Gold, Silver and Copper.

1 Gold is equal to USD$20, or GBP$14.35 at the time of writing. Wow.

20 Silver make 1 Gold, and 1 silver is equal to $1.

50 Copper make 1 Silver, 1 Copper is therefore equal to 2 cents.


Going by Google, most Dutch Flutes cost around 10k guilders (equivalent to 1USD) meaning most small ships would have a price equivalent of maybe 2-2.5k gold doubloons. The Dutch Flute was made fairly easily in the 17th Century and cheapily too, but designed for transportation of goods. The extra cost can come from fitting in weaponry.

Bigger ships like galleons can cost closer to 4-5k and housing larger crews and bigger weapons whilst smaller ships like sloops can cost closer to 0.5-1.5k but lose that storage and sleeping space.

Weapons like cutlasses currently cost around $150, or 7.5 Gold doubloons (7G10S, we could say). Accounting for inflation and quality of metal and smithing, we could go for as low as maybe 10 silver and as high as 2-3 gold. Adding on aesthetics can incur higher payments of silver and gold.

Cannons are a little more difficult. In pigs, their lowest is 8 and highest is 20. In the current era, feeder pigs are around $100 and people typically buy at most 6. Again, inflation and a change of focus on what is important would lead me to say that cannons would be closer to $500-750. This'd be 250 to 375 gold, but would typically be included in a ship's price unless you wanted to specifically purchase newer or more cannons.

Flintlocks I give up on research let's say about $100 for the sake of a more dangerous and compact weapon than a cutlass and cannon respectively ok good so 5 gold.


Feel free to conduct research and add onto this so we can get a better idea of what the economy should look like.