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Grand Academy of Eoana [Not Accepting]

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The fantasy world known as Eoana, where each human is born with a unique power. What will your story be? 

Tags: Fantasy, Magic, Roleplay, Literate, Semi-Literate 

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:05 pm
Rules and Regulations

        1. First and Foremost, this guild follows Gaia’s ToS and Rules and Guidelines, thus all members are expected to follow them as well. This guild uses Discord as our community for all of our OOC conversations, additional information, and logs. As such joining the guild's Discord server is a mandatory part of being a member of this guild. Once you are accepted into the guild, The Discord Chat Link will be provided to you by a member of the crew and by PM only.
        **Please Note: All rules/regulations that apply to this guild also apply to the Guild's Discord Chat Server.**

        2. All members are expected to follow all of these rules as well as follow any instructions given to you by the crew. As such, this guild does not allow any member to take any action that would hinder or prevent us from being able to give instructions, give information, settle issues, correct mistakes, and or overall moderate the server. This includes leaving the guild's Discord server for any reason or blocking any crew member from private conversations or DMs in any way.
        If for any reason you have a dispute, please DM the Captain Raiyun. We are open to discussions, however, bare in mind that ultimately, the Captain and Vice-Captains have the final say on any matter in this guild, and all members are expected to respect their decisions.

        3. This guild utilizes a three-strike / three-mark system. Meaning that any member that breaks these rules, or fails to follow the crew's instructions may receive strikes or marks which, if accumulative, can and will result in the guilty party being banned from this guild. These decisions are not taken lightly but will be enforced if the crew deems it necessary.

        4. All members are expected to be respectful, as well as to NOT harass, argue, or threaten any member or crew. Everyone is to be respected equally in this guild, no matter who you’re talking to. Flaming and trolling in this guild are also unacceptable. Any constant and continuous harassment or disrespect will not be tolerated. If you are a victim of this treatment or see it happening to others, please notify the mods immediately. If there is an issue, the crew will mediate to resolve said issue. Again, ultimately the crew has the final word on these matters, and each party is expected to respect this decision.

        5. This guild is third-person semi-literate to literate, so please avoid writing in first-person, chatspeak, giving one sentence replies and the like. In Addition, please ensure that you are taking the time to fully read and understand the content of other people's post. Even if particular scenes or interactions might be revolving around your character, you are NOT the only main character in the guild, and everyone has an equal say in contribution to scenes. Any member that continuously posts items or situations that contradict or even completely ret-cons someone else's posts, may be subject to the system asserted in rule #3. Everyone here is expected to read everything, just as much as they are expected to be literate in their posts. Lastly, please make an effort to quote everyone involved in a scene, this makes it easier for people to be notified that something has been posted that involves them.

        6. This guild is set in a medieval-ish time period so you must not make any modern references in your profiles or posts. Before creating a profile, you must read all of the information threads in the General Information and Story Information Sub-Forums

        7. This guild requires activity and follows a timeline of 10 real-life days for every RP day. If a user is inactive and hasn’t posted anything for a full RP day, or 10 RL days without warning or posting in the absences thread, they will receive a mark and be subject to the system asserted in Rule #3. If they receive three marks concurrently for Inactivity, then they will be removed from the guild and lose any profiles, roles or raiments that they've claimed. We don't count posting once within a full RP day, or 10 RL days consistently, to be active.
        Note: We understand that RL stuff happens, but if the crew determines that a member is overusing/abusing the absence thread, they may be subject to the system asserted in Rule #3. We understand that life happens, but if you are unable to continuously post, and dedicate some time to be apart of the guild, and you are gone more often then you are present, then steps will be taken to fix this inactivity accordingly.

        8. Each member is allowed up to 5 character slots and no more. When you wish to create a new character, your activity with your already existing characters will be considered in the approval process. Any new characters you create will not be accepted if you are not active with your already existing characters, and no more then 5 will be allowed per member unless explicitly given permission by the captain. Please do not let more than a day or two pass in RL before posting a reply and every time you do, you post in the 'post-log' channel on the server quoting the relevant parties.

        9. Profiles are to be posted in the Pending subforum, before finishing your profile, you must claim your raiment and any roles that are available that you’re interested in and have them approved in the Raiment Claim and Role Applications threads, profiles cannot be approved if these steps have not been completed. Please do not forget to do your stat rolls in your profile thread as well, as per the instructions in this thread. In addition, if you have any long-term plans you'd like to incorporate with your character that might affect the academy or guild, please discuss with the captain or crew first.

        10. Please stay in character, no god-modding, no all-knowing characters or Mary-Sues. Even though this is a fantasy guild, we still need to keep things fair and realistic; everyone has their weaknesses, and everyone has their flaws. Nobody is invincible and no one can know everything. Keep this in mind as you create your character(s). [If you've read up to here, please include 'hello' as the last word in your profile's bio.]

        11. Character pictures! In this guild, we use anime, manga, or drawn pictures for characters, preferably not pictures from very well-known anime/manga. No real life pictures, please avoid any pictures that are too explicit or inappropriate as they will not be accepted.

        12. When creating your posting format, please include your character’s picture, name and a link to their profile. Please ensure that the image isn’t too large; if it is, please edit it using a software like photoshop or gimp, or online editors like imgur or ipiccy. If any quotes are made, please hide them under a ‘spoiler’ tag. Additionally, please do NOT utilize the " Document " post style in this guild, this post style is reserved for NPC's played by the captain or crew members to further the plot. An example of this post style can be seen down below at the end of this thread.

        13. Romance is more than welcome here in this RP. In fact, we encourage it, but it is not actually necessary. Don't force ships unless someone agrees with the plot, but keep the story flowing naturally. Also, keep things appropriate; this RP is rated PG-17. If you are going to do something sexual, or post something that might be inappropriate, then leave it out of Gaia, and try to keep problematic and inappropriate content out of Discord please.

        14. If you wish to leave the guild, you must notify the crew before you do so they can remove any raiments and roles you've claimed from the list and open up space for other members. [If you've read up to here, please include the word 'double' in your profile's title.]

        Disclaimer! The crew have the ability to change the rules as they see fit.
PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:10 pm
Meet the Crew:

Raiyun - Captain
In Charge Of:
World Setting Information and Guides
Story Progression and Events
Class Progression System
Inactivity Enforcement
NPC Interactions
Raiment Claim Negotiations/Approvals
Rule Enforcement
Dispute Management

The_Littlest_Dragonfly - Vice Captain
In Charge Of:
Guild Recruit Application Requests/Approvals
Role Application Approvals
Character Profile Approvals
Day Schedule/Changes
Guild Announcements
Rule Enforcement

Chelly Usagi - Crew
In Charge Of:
Guild Advertising and Recruitment
Guild Invites and Searches
Rule Enforcement

TalaMaxwell - Crew
In Charge Of:
Dorm Registration Assignments/Approvals
Knit / Elective Assignment Threads
Rule Enforcement

Voice of Aegis - Crew
In Charge Of:
Aiding with Guild Advertising and Recruitment
Aiding with Guild Invites and Searches
Rule Enforcement

NDG Void - Crew
In Charge Of:
Guild Activity Tracker
Inactivity Enforcement
Rule Enforcement




PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:13 pm
𝓣𝓲𝓽𝓵𝓮 𝓸𝓻 𝓝𝓪𝓶𝓮 𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓮


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