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The final chapter in the Persona 4, FES, and Golden - RP Guild Trilogy! No prior knowledge necessary! 

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*~::Chell's Christmas Collab Story::~* [Dec. 16 - Day 3]

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Arena Emperor

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:23 pm
* ~ Chell's ********' Teamwork Christmas Story ~ *
(Persona 4:FES - The Golden Presents...The 12 Days of GUILDMAS2017!!!)

User Image

User Image"Listen up, everyone! Because it's my day and I'm about to show you how it's done! Now then, you guys all know that when it comes to Christmas, it's all about..."

"Family!"User Image

User Image"Yeah..."

User Image"And friends?"

User Image"Well, yeah."

User Image"And romance in a world of white..."

User Image"Yes, yes, ******** yes! Okay? But that's not what I was going to say! What I was going to say was..."

"Traditions, right?"User Image

User Image"Or kisses under the mistletoe."

"Or dinner with the people who love you..."User Image

User Image"What about riding sleds through the snow with friends?"

"I'm a little big for sharing a sled... ^ ^;"User Image

"How about you just snowboard, big guy?"User Image

User Image"Snowboarding sounds rad as fu-wait, why am I getting wrapped up in your pace, anyway?! This isn't about sledding, snowboards, or anything like that! It's about a tradition here, in the Guild! And that's..."

User Image"The GUILDMAS2017!!! Collaboration Christmas Story!"

User Image"In which everyone contributes a few lines to craft a single tale..."

"And you build on the ideas of the friends who came before you, no matter how outlandish, ridiculous, or fun they might be!"User Image

User Image"...Really? Is getting interrupted by you guys really going to be my thing for this entire intro?"

"Sorry, I got kind of into it after a bit..."User Image

"Though it is kind of becoming its own tradition..."User Image

User Image"That's not a tradition I want to be a part of!"

User Image"Then, what are your favorite Christmas Traditions?"

User Image"Let's all share! ^ ^"

"I don't have many...but I'm down."User Image

"Sounds fun to me!"User Image

User Image"*sigh* Fine, then. I'll play along with you assholes. Let's get down to it...everyone's favorite..."

"...Christmas Traditions!"User Image

User Image"*stare* ...Eh, whatever."

"^ ^ We love you too, buddy."User Image

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


"I guess for me, it's just walking the city in the snow and looking at all the lights and decorations. I never had much in the way of a home or family...but seeing all the people on the streets and the city all lit up during the holiday made me feel at home."User Image

"That's pretty sweet, big guy. ^ ^ For me, I think it's just having my parents come home for Christmas to celebrate together. They aren't really home much, but even they don't miss the holidays all that often. Having them there, opening presents, going through all the motions of being a family together was all I really needed. *shifts* What about you, Saji?"User Image

User Image"Some when I was little, but my family drifted apart after a while and we lost them. *glances at Tamao and the others* I think I'd like to make some new traditions together with all of you...with Principal Kaede and Miss Mariko and Mado-sensei. *thinks a moment and smiles* Oh! But I do like to sketch the couples on Christmas Eve together near Shibuya Crossing. Though for some reason they don't usually like them..."

User Image"*playfully punches Saji's arm* That's because nobody wants your ugly-cute sketches on Christmas, you dork! They want something romantic and memorable, that captures the magic of the moment. Don't you ever want something like that, too?"

User Image"*cheeks darken faintly, glancing in Tamao's direction* Do I...? Oh, yes. Yes, I would... ^ ^"

User Image"*flinches at his look and smiles, blushing faintly* D-don't answer that so easily! *shifts* Well, for me...for me I think it's seeing different views of the places I know. I've been to the Tower in Asakusa before, but there's really nothing like the view from the Sky Tower on Christmas. Seeing the city all in colorful lights and white snow, the light mist trickling down from the sky and painting the whole city like something out of a movie. Just once, I'd like to see a movie capture the full magic of that view...not that it's the only place I'd love to visit, either. ...Chell?"

User Image"Huh...? What? Me? ******** style="color: hotpink">"Yes, you! It's your day, so you should go last! What do you like to do on Christmas?"User Image

User Image"Me? On Christmas? ********, but..."

User Image"Don't you have something you normally do on the Holiday?"

User Image"Uh...lately, yeah...sort of?"

User Image"Well, what is it?"

User Image"I ******** work, okay? s**t...I mean, at least, since I started at the Big Bang Burger, I always get stuck working on Holidays, right? It's not exactly fun, but the pay is good..."

"But you won't this year...right?"User Image

User Image"Spend time with your friends this year, Chell."

User Image"Come on...a Phantom Thief can't be working in a burger joint on Christmas, right? Where's the romance in that?"

User Image"It ain't about romance! I mean, it could be, it's just..."

"Chell...you're not going to skip out on us for an extra few dollars...are you?"User Image

User Image"But...I! ...Ah...s**t. Well when you put it like that..."

"Yes! ^ ^ v"User Image

User Image"I guess it wouldn't be too bad to create some new traditions with you assholes, either."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chell's Christmas ********' Collaboration Story!

1. You may contribute to the story no more than 5 times unless otherwise approved.

2. You may contribute no more than 5-8 sentences in any one contribution.

3. You may make your contributions at any time, but never back-to-back.

4. Your contributions may be anything you wish, but cannot contradict what was written in the previous contributions.

5. Your contributions must include characters/locations/ideas of some sort that pertain to this Guild.

6. As this is a Christmas story, the setting is Christmas-time. While most details will be highly malleable, please maintain this basic premise.

7. Please try to copy the format/style of my original contribution for your own.

8. More details may be added later.
PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 2:26 pm
User Image
Speaker: Usaji Azai, aka The Phantom Thief "Soma"

"T'was the night before Christmas, when all through the palace...
Only shadows were stirring, all full of malice.
When up on the rafters, their arose...almost no clatter.
And five figures passed... no shadows noticing to see what was the matter.

They ran through the hallways, and dashed down the halls.
And pressed their swift bodies against the cold walls.
A heist had begun on this snowy Christmas night!
To steal the heart of a Grinch, and fill him with Christmas Light!"

(The Next Person Picks Up Here!)

Arena Emperor

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 7:11 pm
User Image

Shiori Niko

"But who was this Grinch, the heart of this tale?
Why could these thieves not accept they could fail?
That was the biggest question of all...
And it lay on their minds as they ran down the hall."

PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 6:32 pm
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Hitomi Suzuki

"Though it was a task to remain unnoticed, untraced.
What with all these dang guards all over the dang place!
It was only a matter of time before our thieves became discovered.
Their shoulders shivering when a perhaps familiar voice did stutter."


Arena Emperor

Fashionable Genius

PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:09 pm
User Image
Speaker: Usaji Azai, aka The Phantom Thief "Soma"

"T'was the Grinch...Naniyori! Cruelest of all!
Who ruled over Christmas with Ari, his thrall.
He'd brought a great blizzard to drown Tokyo.
And so Illa Phasmas knew it was time to go!

To the Metaverse, the Palace, of ole' Nani-Y.
To steal the great treasure of this green-hair-ed guy.
Though shadows and guards tried to bar their heist path...
Suddenly, Shiori had an idea that left her aghast!

It was..."
PostPosted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 7:45 pm
User Image

Shiori Niko

"Really, the worst, the most horrible thing!
We must make them drunk with the power of bling!
I know this sounds crazy, but listen a bit,
I'll prove that I'm not just having a fit.

People get drunk off of different things,
From booze, from power, from great golden rings.
And these guards are weak to glitter so bright,
So silver and gold will win us this fight!"



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PostPosted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 9:43 am
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

"Everyone looked at Shiro with gazes dumbfound.
Fight with bling? Did they even have that stuff lying around?
Still, it was seemingly their best shot!
Anything was better than dying there for naught.

However, a voice of reason would whisper gently through the air.
‘Or you could blow their pants off with bombs and watch the flare!’

It was a genius plan, if I do say so myself.
But now they were out of time, and they couldn’t just sit there like an elf on a shelf!"
PostPosted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 4:30 pm
User Image
Speaker: Usaji Azai, aka The Phantom Thief "Soma"

"A bomb or some bling? I don't really get it...
Though I'm trying, I can't, not one little bit!
Soma thought for a moment and moved towards the entrance
Casting his gaze at the throne room, askance.

I don't see the Shadow, that loathesome devil!
So let's steal his treasure before he's on the level.

Soma called out and moved, quick as a flash!
Crossing the room in a stealthy, smooth dash!
But to what should his wondering eyes should appear?
Naniyori's treasure was...booze?! Why it was sugar plum wine of a quite vintage year!

He glanced at the others and considered their move,
in the heart of the heist feeling quite in a groove.
Then with a reach, he grasped at the neck...
Until at all their backs he heard a loud, WHAT THE HECK?!"

Arena Emperor

Fashionable Genius


PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:58 pm
User Image
Speaker: Arimina Wolfgang

With a fist to the ground, and a tail in the air,
Arimina growled from the back of the lair,

'If the drink is up for grabs, I'll take it for a ride
Sorry kids, adults first, children sit and bide'

And with a flourish, a flip, and a swish of her tail
The wolfgirl darted through the crowd and stole the grail

With a giggle and a kiss, blown to the air
Arimina laughed as she ran 'In love and war, all is fair!'
*~::Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 FES - The Golden::~*

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