In this thread, we've collected some useful resources and links that could help with RPing! Help yourselves to them, and if you have any links that you think belongs in this and that you'd like to share, please PM it to the crew and we'll add it.

Mega Cool Text Generator
Cool Fancy Text Generator
Cool Text Graphic Generator
Tell.Wtf - Text Font Generator
Fontspace - Font Source

Ultimate Text Color Code Guide
Colour List
Color Hex Codes
Paletton - Palette Generator
Coolors - Color Scheme Generator
Color Palettes
RGB-to-Hex Conversion
HEX 2 RGBA Calculator

Copy Paste Character
Unicode Enclosed Numbers and Letters
Reference Thread (Colours+Symbols)
Reference Thread 2 (Colours+Symbols)

Zerochan HQ Anime Image Board
iPiccy - Online Photo Editor
TinEye Reverse Image Search
Imgur - Image Hosting
PostImage - Image Hosting

RP Post Layout Guide & Tutorial + Resources + Codes + Tips
Coding Guide

Behind the Name - Random Name Generator
Fantasy Name Generator
Random Date Generator
Radius Circles on Maps Tool