I just thought it weird. I betcha when all of you get tired your vision gets just blurry. What happens when I get tired? I get double vision. I see 2 of the same thing when I get tired or exhausted. Vision doesn't blur, I get double vision. I blame having 2 eyes. Darn 2 eyes, making me see 2 faces instead of 1. I just can't focus when I'm tired so it just goes to double. It's weird. How many fingers am I holding up? Lolz. Doesn't hurt, just weird seeing 2 faces but it's only 1 person.

I feel like an alien. Like I have to focus so I only see 1 thing. If I don't concentrate I see double. So my default vision, double. Have to concentrate to see only 1. I'm just weird I guess. Don't worry, if I am awake I see 1 of you