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Invisible Dabbler

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:10 am
"Let me ask you a question.

Are you happy here? Here. The Swamp. Whether you were born into its embrace or travelled from far away, you are here now and it is where you will live out the rest of your days.

But this place that is supposed to cradle us, care for us, love us, has been corrupted. Death, disease, anger, madness, disaster. It plagues the land, turns us into monsters without a purpose, it is what we have made it.

The MotherFather feels the spread contamination and it angers her. Yet she hasn’t abandoned you. She wants to offer you hope. That hope is me. With your help we will cleanse the Swamp. We will set it free. Together we will make her proud.

So are you happy here? No? That’s okay.

You will be."

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Welcome to the tribe thread of ‘The Pure': a cult tribe whose followers follow the will and word of Chosen One.

While this tribe will not be RP heavy, it will be plot-based and RP-required. If you want to join, please be prepared for that.
PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:11 am
Laws and Beliefs of The Pure

The Swamp has been corrupted.

Chosen One is the emissary of the MotherFather destined to cleanse the Swamp in her name.

The Chosen One's word is absolute.

The sins of the many will be wiped away in blood.

Violence can only be ended with violence.


Invisible Dabbler


Invisible Dabbler

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:12 am
News and Important Events

Our time has come.

(Or not really, Ruri is setting up and laughing at herself because I haven't done jackshit with the other tribes for a while BUT THIS NEEDED TO HAPPEN)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:14 am
The Pure Children

Tribe Leader - Our Saviour
. Chosen One .

The Heir
. Conqueror* .

Lead Guardian

. No Mercy . Collision* . Reaper* .

Favoured Companion

. Breakdown . Thrall* .

Head Follower

. Badlands . Advocate* . Second Nature .

*denotes Chosen One's offspring



Invisible Dabbler


Invisible Dabbler

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:15 am
Learn from the Past

[SOLO] The Chosen One [Basic Instinct/No Mercy/Chosen One]
... birth and abandonment.
[SOLO] He Learns [Chosen One]
... slowly he learns his place.
[PRP] Sowing Seeds [Chosen One/Badlands]
... and then there were three.
[PRP] The Blood That Binds Us [Chosen One/Second Nature]*
... you don't have to be alone.
[SOLO] The Harvest [The Pure]
... you reap what you sow.
[SOLO] The Healer [Chosen One/Spellbound]
... she can't escape this.
[Bless] Our Own Demons [Spellbound/The Killing Moon]
... and she doesn't want to.

*indicates an unfinished RP.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:16 am
Our Roles

You have been chosen for your strength and loyalty. You have proven yourself capable of standing alongside Chosen One, to be the powerful hoof that crushes those who refuse to see the truth. You cleanse the Swamp and are honoured. If necessary, you will die for your leader without a second thought.

- Lead Guardian: Your loyalty stands above all others. You are unwavering in your task. All other Guardians heed your call and your hooves are stained with cleansing blood.

You have been chosen for your beauty; both inside and out. Chosen One has seen something in you that must be protected. You are the smile he returns home for, the warm body he lies next to at night and the carer of his children. You are a confidant that is blessed above all others.

- Favoured Companion: His heart beats in time with yours. Your purity is such that every breath you take helps cleanse the Swamp of its ills. You watch over and guide the other Companions.

You have seen the truth and have joined The Pure. Chosen One has welcomed you and expects you to prove your devotion to him. Your word must spread throughout the Swamp. Let every kin know the truth and should they refuse to accept it, they will be dead to you. The Pure is your family now.

- Head Follower: The Chosen One looks to you to know the mind of his Followers. You are his voice when he is absent. You are his friend and ally.


Invisible Dabbler


Invisible Dabbler

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:17 am
Ask Chosen One
(actually just a FAQ section)

Q. Where does The Pure live?
A. There is no set tribeland for The Pure. They move as Chosen One wishes, often in order to support a cause and cleanse a particular area.

Q. Can we leave the tribe after joining?
A. Technically yes. Of course it's understandable to suddenly realize you're actually in a crazy violence cult and it's not really what you had in mind. However nobody is just going to wave you off with a fond farewell. In fact, they'll probably try and kill you. So yes, you can leave the tribe, just make sure you run very far and very fast. (OOC'ly, if you decide you need out, that's fine, no questions asked, we'll hand wave the plot stuff.)

Q. Can our kin be part of multiple tribes?
A. What do you think? Chosen One doesn't like sharing. You're all in or all out.

Q. What do The Pure believe exactly?
A. The Pure believe most of the old tales of the MotherFather and the creation of the Swamp, though they see a greater line between the two. The MotherFather is above and beyond and yet still attached to Matope. For The Pure, the ideal world that the MotherFather created for them, the Swamp, has been corrupted by each generation. With each cycle of suffering, each terrible and cruel kin that has walked the earth and split blood, has slowly destroyed the essence of the Swamp. The MotherFather sent Chosen One to the Swamp to save those pure and worthy. The aim is to free the Swamp from contamination by killing the virus. Any kin seen to violate the Swamp is to be eradicated. If your family has tormented you, join The Pure and they will wipe them from the earth. The Pure believe in both loyalty and violence, the tribe is family and above all, everything else is nothing. It is only by Chosen One's mercy that you are given reason to exist.

Q. So violence and Swamp 'cleansing', eh?
A. Yup. However, there will never be anything graphic. While I do enjoy RPing a bit of blood and guts, nobody is going to really die, your character will not have to participate in anything shady and everything will be suitably PG. So you shouldn't have anything to freak out over... unless you're triggered by violence-preaching swampgoat cults, in which case I can't help you.

Q. Companions? *winkwonk*
A. Yes, yes. They are basically Chosen One's own personal harem. We're just a bit more taciturn down this side of the Swamp. Do note that becoming a Companion does not always = hanky-panky. The relationship could be emotional or maybe Chosen One just thinks your kin is super duper pretty or special. NOTE: This role is open to both male and female applicants.
PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:28 pm
Joining The Pure

So you've heard of Chosen One and his tribe and the truth of his words resonates with you. You want to join him. Of course you do but don't think it's that easy.

As mentioned earlier, joining The Pure is RP required. There is no automatic joining. One RP of your kin meeting Chosen One and requesting to join must be completed. He may then accept or refuse your request (probably accept, let's be honest.) The default position is Follower unless you really wow him during RP.

After you join the tribe, there is no further rp required, unless you want to advance in rank. Just post the below code in this thread to request a meeting:

[size=18][b]I'm ready to follow![/b][/size]
[b]Your Kin:[/b] [name and link to mato.pe]
[b]Their reason for joining The Pure:[/b]



Invisible Dabbler


Invisible Dabbler

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:29 pm
Advancing in Rank

So you're a Follower, happily soaking up everything to do with the tribe but something is missing. You think you've got more to offer.

In order to have your kin gain a higher rank of either Guardian or Companion you have to a) have the necessary skills and b) prove to Chosen One through RP. If you'd like a chance to win Chosen One over, just pop this below form in the thread:

[size=18][b]I can do more![/b][/size]
[b]Your Kin:[/b]
[b]Rank they desire:[/b] [Guardian or Companion]
PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:31 pm
Suggest A Plot

There is plenty of room for you to play out plots and plans in The Pure. Whether your kin wants to track down someone in particular for a good old fashioned beat 'em till they bleed or just internal jealousies because so-and-so is getting way too much attention from the Chosen One. Whatever it is, I'm ready for it!

Just pop this in the thread:

[size=18][b]Pay attention to me![/b][/size]
[b]Your Kin:[/b]
[b]Potential Plots:[/b] [Please include who, why, how many players you'll need and any other relevant information.]


Invisible Dabbler


Invisible Dabbler

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:32 pm
Contests and Giveaways

Nothing right now!
PostPosted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:51 pm


Invisible Dabbler


Invisible Dabbler

PostPosted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:57 pm
PostPosted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:59 pm


Invisible Dabbler


Invisible Dabbler

PostPosted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:04 pm

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