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Reply [IC] Tokakinji Lands [IC]
[GAME] Tensions Mount

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Snuggly Knight

PostPosted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 2:57 pm
The standing tensions between the Toka blood and the Druid blood have come to a head. Violence is beginning to spread through out the pride, lions coming to blows over their beliefs and their allegiances. The Toka Blood stand with their King to defend their home and their way of life, while those of Druid Blood rally behind their new leaders, to seize power and force their way into better standing in the pride.

Due to the anger and resentment that has been stirring while the King tries to handle the threat of war diplomatically, under the guidance of the God of Chivalry as well as the Queen Ygraine, the pride has been suffering under the direct initiatives of the Druids. Finally, they are showing their muscle, and they have begun to lash out at Toka's. using violence and scare tactics to make their presence known.

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Two lions, one Druid, one Toka, have been lashing out against their enemies. Each one is a danger to anyone on the other side, and they, respectively, need to be stopped!

Your job is to defeat these lions for your side. Druids, you are fighting the Red maned Toka, and if you defeat him, you win him! Toka, your purple foe is also your prize.

How do you compete?

Pick a lion to enter the fight with. You may enter one Druid and one Toka, but you may only win one lion from this game!

Fill out the form below with your choice!

Your entry can be as in depth or basic as you'd like. Bullet notes to legitimate RP post. Feel free to do whatever is most comfortable for you!

You can give this lion away if you win, but it must go to a newbie to the pride!

These lions cannot leave the pride to become rogues or join other prides.

This game will end in four days! If there are too few entries, I will come up with a different way to give them homes!

If You Are Playing a Toka:
[b]You're Mine, Druid Wretch![/b]
[b]Username:[/b] (That's you.)
[b]Lion Name:[/b] (The name of the lion you are entering. Must be a member of the pride!)
[b]Blood:[/b] Toka
[b]Prompt:[/b] (You are met with this adversary at random. How does the encounter play out? How do you defeat them? Remember, the lion you are fighting is the one you are going to win, so you might not want to kill it, eh? But you can certainly teach it a lesson.)

If You Are Playing a Druid:
[b]You're Mine, Toka Scum![/b]
[b]Username:[/b] (That's you.)
[b]Lion Name:[/b] (The name of the lion you are entering. Must be a member of the pride!)
[b]Blood:[/b] Druid
[b]Prompt:[/b] (You are met with this adversary at random. How does the encounter play out? How do you defeat them? Remember, the lion you are fighting is the one you are going to win, so you might not want to kill it, eh? But you can certainly teach it a lesson.)
PostPosted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 3:46 pm
You're Mine, Druid Wretch!
Username: SilverLutz
Lion Name: Kiva
Blood: Toka
Prompt: There was talk of a purple demon taking down Tokas like none other. There had been lots of accusatory stares from his fellow Knights, as well as the general population, wherever he went. It wasn't his fault he was purple! His mother's coat had been given to him, and he rather liked his appearance, but now it was starting to become a source of scorn. Not many knew that his father was a Druid, and while he wasn't ashamed of it, it just brought a lot of unwanted attention. Those that did know, though, were sure he was the one behind the attacks. It made sense, right? Someone that could sneak in like the night and cut down those of Toka blood without suspicion?

Kiva had those thoughts on his mind as he made his patrol. The night patrol was always scary to him. He might be a protector, but he still would shake in his fur when he heard hyenas cackling in the distance. Now with this rouge Druid out and about he was even more on edge than before. A sudden noise made him freeze and he turned to see two pale eyes staring at him in the darkness. Oh...oh dear...

The attack came quickly and Kiva barely had time to react. He ducked and the other lion went sailing right over him, landing behind the terrified Knight. A quiet snarl left the attacker's muzzle as Kiva turned to face his opponent, two purple lions barely visible in the night. Kiva swung and struck where he could, but blows rained down just as heavily on him as they made contact.

He didn't want to die. He had just met a really pretty female and things were starting to look up for him and this was not how he was going to end, dang it! Even if it would stop the rumors about him being a traitor. Those thoughts spurred him on, and quite suddenly he found himself over the other male, the attacker knocked out. Kiva couldn't believe his luck, nor could he remember how it had happened. It must have been a strong blow to the head, as there was just a bit of blood on his claws and the other male was still breathing.

"Oh...okay," he panted weakly, feeling a bit lightheaded. "That...that just...help! I've apprehended the suspect!" he called out, trying to draw attention to himself from his fellow guards on patrol. Good...now this threat was out of the way - by some small miracle - and he was off the hook. Phew...  


Offensive Hero


Allied Recalibrator

PostPosted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 4:43 pm
You're Mine, Toka Scum!
Lion Name: Samar
Blood: Druid
Prompt: Growling low under his breath he rolled one shoulder, trying to ease the itch of the healing bite there. Attacks from the Toka blood had been growing lately, more the past few suns than was usual and Samar, while not particularly bothered about it, was disturbed by what seemed to be the reason...

Mistaken Identity.

He had heard reports of a druid attacking the Toku guards, a male, purple in hue, a skilled fighter. That would all be fine but for one reason. It wasn't him. There were two things about the situation that bugged him. Firstly, he was getting the blame for some other lion's actions, but mostly... this stranger was apparently more frightening than him, or at least more note-worthy. That stuck in his craw.

Growling again he stepped round the corner and nearly barged right into a Toka. Lifting his lips he shot the male a dark-eyes glare of warning. Yet the reaction he received was both pleasing and irksome. For the Toka male startled, recovered then leaped at him. Which was good, apart form the fact the idiot clearly mistook him for the purple copycat, judging by his screech.

With an enraged roar Samar waded in, claws and fangs ripping and tearing as he let his previously slow-burning anger out in sheer bloody violence. The fight was not fast, but wore on, the air filled with grunts, roars and snarls, the wet sound of flesh ripping, the thud of heavily muscled bodies colliding.

Pain slashed through his body, fiery trails across his face and chest. Sweat and blood half-blinded him and as the fight wore on, exhaustion slowly settled in him like rock, slowing him down. But the Toka male was no better off. Their harsh pants filled the narrow canyon, blood streaked purple fur and brown. Finally pulling back the pair stood, breaths rasping in bruised and raw throats. Blood and fur mattered between fangs and claws.

Blinking the gore from his eyes he snarled at the other male but could only manage a stumbling lunge that the stranger barely sidestepped. Standing once more, both swaying, blood pooling on the dusty ground below them, they glared balefully. Low growls and snarls filtering out with every broken rasp of breath.

Samar had to grudgingly allow that this Toka was, at the very least, a worthy opponent. The stranger took a step back, making Samar's constant growl deepen in warning, but the red-maned male ignored him, turning slowly and limping away. Samar hissed, too deeply exhausted to do more than stare, lips wrinkled back over blood-stained fangs, the only sound left in the canyon his constant, impotent growl.

Next time.....  
[IC] Tokakinji Lands [IC]

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