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[Hopelessly Pretty] Questing Time! [Event QC DONE!]

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Hopelessly Pretty

Feral Lover

PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 5:43 pm
Here's a place for me to put all my quests. <3

I do have plenty of them, but priority is: Grey Matter  
PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 9:47 am
Name: Firefly
Gender: Female
Type: Earth
Body: Light brown
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Wavy cream with black streaks
Cutie Mark: Maybe a jar with fireflies in it?
Brief Character Description: Firefly is a friendly and spunky girl who loves to stay active in the great outdoors. She's all about nature, and thinks there's no better way to get in touch with the wild spirit in everybody's hearts than by going out into the woods for an adventure. She can be a little bit of a know-it-all, but she always means well with all the advice she tries to give others. She firmly believes that Mother Nature can solve all your problems, and will drag anyone she sees in poor spirits on a hike with her.

Purpose: Camp/Scout Leader! She wants to take foals on camping adventures to get them in touch with their 'wild side'.

Ref pics where possible:
Created using the MLP: FIM Pony Creator by General Zoi
User Image

Hopelessly Pretty

Feral Lover

Hopelessly Pretty

Feral Lover

PostPosted: Fri Sep 25, 2015 10:55 pm

Edited: (10/13/15), quest finished.

Name: Grey Matter
Gender: Male
Type: Earth
Body: Black
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Pale Green
Cutie Mark: A flying saucer with some twinkles around it (please simplify this, I was just trying to make it clear what the picture was)

Brief Character Description: Grey Matter is a practical and serious guy exploring the possibility of alien life. He is a self-confident phony who spends his time researching the topic of his passion. He keeps his life private but is willing to share his knowledge with those who show similar interest. He dislikes debating with others who disagree that non-native entities inhabit Gaia. When he encounters a subject that he is not well-versed in he will seek an expert opinion to remain factual. He is loyal to his cause and values the truth above all else.

Purpose: His passion builds from the limited knowledge of space and planets outside of Gaia. He believes aliens might cause problems like unexplained disappearances that create tension between species. Owning a detective agency allows him to investigate these unresolved cases as they arise. Grey wants to interpret and communicate with aliens to prove their existence. His ultimate goal is to form an interplanetary alliance between Gaian and non-Gaian lifeforms.

Ref pics where possible:
User Image- Drawn by me

Fireflight: As mentioned in-thread, we'd like all quests to be on the same footing, especially since the final winner is to be voted on by the patrons of Phonyland. As such, we are not accepting semi-customs for this event. Please fill in the details and I'll be happy to QC it when it's all done.

Somehow I missed that memo about CC designs not being allowed this round. I am so sorry! I fixed up his profile, please let me know if it needs any more corrections. I know his cutie mark won't be that detailed on the real thing, so please simplify it as needed. I only went for more detail in my picture because I was using a 1px brush to illustrate, lol.

He's normative so QC will be easy, but if he's dark enough for a lighter outline though, like in the ref, then he's black - if he's dark grey, the grey will be lighter than the outline. Please update the description to specify and ask for QC again so we can confirm everything! Also to note that honestly, we don't do CC in quest threads because I need to QC the quests as a whole, and the only time Jun does CC is in special RLC situations where he is specifically compensated for both Phony and design concept because he's very indecisive!

Okay, updated that last part! I meant for him to be black, thank you for clarifying that for me! And okay, I will keep that in mind for future consideration about a CC phony.

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