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Cedric the Seraphim

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2014 6:06 am
Tales of Zeal
Zelos Wilder - Tales of Symphonia I & II Canon - Minor (will be switched to main later on)
Repede - Tales of Vesperia Canon - Main
Likaka - Tales of Symphonia I & II OC - Main  
PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2014 6:12 am
Character Name: Likaia
Character Gender: Female
Character Age: 6 human years, 42 dog years
Race: Wolf-Dog Mix
Occupation: Wanderer
Protagonist or Antagonist?: Neutral
Alignment: N/A
Main or Minor?: Main
User Image

Canon: Tales of Symphonia
Canon Point: She was already here.
Means of Arrival: Likaia is native to Aselia.

Class: Dagger-weilder, Magic-user
Fighting Style: Likaia uses both techniques and magic in battle, but is also able to form tag artes with others. In battle, Likaia's main goal is to take care of the magic-users.
Weapon(s): Long-bladed daggers
Techniques and Artes
Demon Fang
Double Demon Fang
Sonic Thrust
Super Sonic Thrust
Sword Rain
Sword Rain: Alpha
Tiger Blade
Heavy Tiger Blade
Psi Tempest
Hunting Beast
First Aid
Stone Blast
Wind Blade
Air Thrust
Aqua Edge
Thunder Blade
Ice Tornado
Dark Sphere
Bloody Lance
Steel :: Increases her battle strength and speed

Arcane Artes - Usable during Overlimit
Flare Wheel :: A tempest-like arte that creates fire around her body before she slams into the target
Earth Bite :: Likaia digs beneath the ground and then erupts from under the target
Air Strike :: Creates spiraling wind around Likaia as she charges an enemy, allowing her to run on air to increase speed
Sea Spin :: A water-affiliated form of Flame Wheel, but has a healing effect on her as well
Bolt Rain :: Jumps above an enemy and sends several lightning strikes down on them
Frostbitten Spear :: A mirage of ice spears are sent at the target as Likaia runs among them and ends the arte with a frozen bite to the leg
Holy Charge :: Charges at an enemy as light mana surrounds her blade, striking the target before the mana bursts from the blade
Dark Storm :: Darkness mana surrounds her body and she tackles a target, the mana transferring to them before exploding

Tag Artes
None yet

Mystic Arte
Elemental Knight :: Likaia will howl and temporarily morph into an elemental beast depending on the Arcane Arte used to activate the mystic arte. Once morphed, she will attack with fierce fury with the current element before ending the arte with a powerful strike from her blade.

Personality: Being a dog, Likaia is playful and affectionate. However, she was trained as a soldier, so she knows how to judge a person by their aura. She's calculative and doesn't trust easy unless it's a half-elf. She loves half-elves. This is why she remains neutral, since she will always side with half-elves over humans and elves.
Favorite Food Type: Anything with meat so long as it's not mixed with vegetables. She really loves dried meat sticks.
Biography: Likaia was born to a common house dog, though her owners noticed her and her siblings had wolf-like qualities. Fearful that they would grow to be savage, they were taken by the soldiers. Likaia and her siblings were separated into different families, but they saw each other often during their training. Each dog was given an exsphere that amped their natural abilities, allowing them to use techniques once taught. However, the army requested the help of a dwarf named Altessa and asked special Key Crests be made to allow them to use magic; the ability to speak and understand the human language was an effect only a few of the dogs recieved. When they weren't training, all the dogs were at home with their soldiers and their families. Likaia was the best friend of the half-elven daughter of her soldier. A few years ago, though, the house they lived in was raided by thieves. While the parents weren't home, the thieves managed to lock Likaia in the back room. The girl, Mary, was kidnapped. Likaia got out, but by then, the trail was gone. She left the house to search for Mary, vowing to not return home until she had saved her. During her journey, she saw for the first time how cruel the world of Tethe'alla was to half-elves. She witness countless forms of discrimination towards them. It made her angry, and she knew for the first time how fortunate her Mary was to have parents that loved her. However, Likaia was unable to stand by when she saw the hatred, and always attacked those who she caught discriminating. Some didn't live through the attacks, but she never once regretted it.

A year passed, and by this point, she came across the remains of Mary in the Gaorrachia Forest. She knew it was her girl because of the matching bracelet and necklace set that Likaia wore. However, it didn't end there. When she returned home and reported her failure, she found a contract between her soldier and the ones who kidnapped Mary; a contract sealing her death. It turned out Likaia's soldier couldn't stand having a half-elf for a child. In a moment of blind rage, Likaia killed the man in a savage slaughter before she ran from the city of Meltokio. Since then, she became a wanderer who does her best to protect half-elves.
Other Notes: Likaia won't go as far as to say she hates humans and elves, since she knows there are those who accept half-elves, but she doesn't like them much either. If it came down to it, she would save a group of half-elves over a pure-blood infant. And, she feels no shame over it.

Victory :: Let's keep moving.
Low Health :: You're tougher than I thought....
Repeat Battle :: Looks like reinforcements.
Downed :: Mary....
Revived :: ...
Strong Enemy :: Careful! It's powerful!
Weak Enemy :: Let's get this over with quickly.
Killing an Enemy :: Pathetic.
Fleeing :: We have to retreat for now.

Cedric the Seraphim

Timid Genius

4,400 Points
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