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I need help with my Team (Y)

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 10:49 am
So I really want to beat the Battle Maison, but I need to fix the moves of my team and reorganize my party. My team is currently Goodra, Chesnaught, Aurorus, Aegislash, Talonflame, and Blastoise. I am looking to replace my Talonflame and my Blastoise.

As for the moves, I need a good set for Goodra, Chesnaught, Aurorus, Aegislash, and whoever replace the other two. I am a pure attack person. I don't really like to use stuff like Moonlight and Protect, so leave stuff like that out if you can.

Thank you for your time.  
PostPosted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 7:18 pm
For Aegislash, and sorry if you don't like one of the moves I choose.
Swords Dance, Sacred Sword, Shadow Sneak, and King's Shield. King's Shield allows you to change back to shield form to take another hit or set up your Swords Dance, as well as lower the attack stat of your opponent sharply if they touch you. If you don't want King's Shield, then use Iron Head instead.

Aurorus can always use it's glaciate to improve damage from normal type attacks with STAB and a 30% boost from Glaciate. Use Freeze Dry, Ancient Power, Echoed Voice, and Thunderbolt/Charge Beam, whichever you decide.

Goodra can always run a special or physical set, depending on your Nature, IV's and preference. I suggest for a special, use Dragon Pulse, Thunderbolt, Muddy Water, and then Sludge Bomb/Flamethrower, whichever you decide once again.

Chestnaught already has low speed, and good defense. Run Seed Bomb/Wood Hammer, Hammer Arm/Brick Break, and then your choice of TM moves. I can suggest Shadow Claw, Dragon Claw, Stone Edge, Earthquake, or Poison Jab. As I did with Aegislash, I would run Spiky Shield for Kicks and Giggles, as it's another form of protect known only by him, and it hurts the attacker.  


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PostPosted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 9:11 pm
You need sinnoh power, i suggest a Vital Spirit Electivire to prevent sleep stats and for its powerful move set to help clear out a good chunk of their pokemon.  
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