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Red Lastalia

PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 8:51 am
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King of Rieze Maxia
Location: Asgard-Luin House of Salvation | Company: A little girl

Where was he? Gaius remembered being at ammeeting one minute and then in the middle of a path the next. He was positive he hadn't moved from his throne. Thankfully, there was some sort of chapel nearby, though it wasn't a building he was familiar with. Walking up the fenced pathway that led to the stairs of the chapel building, he was stopped by the sound of a little girl sobbing. He could just keep walking and ignore it, but that wasn't who Gaius was. Seeing the girl sitting next to a dog, who appeared to be trying to comfort her, Gaius went over to her and knelt. She let out a surprised gasp when she saw him, though it was natural; he did look like the kind of guy that a kid shouldn't be around. "What's wrong?" "M-My doll. I was pl-playing with it while I waited for Papa, but then some mean boys threw it onto the roof." Gaius gave a mental sigh. What was it with little girls and their dolls? That was probably the one thing that confused him the most as a kid watching Karla play with her own. The violet-eyed king gave a smile before looking up at the roof. There was the doll, just sitting there in the gutter. "I'll get it down for you." The little girl blinked and then smiled as Gaius stood and looked for a way up. There were some crates near the back of the building he could climb up. Once he was on the roof and had the doll, Gaius sighed as he realized he could have had Muzet get it. Then again, it seemed kind of pointless to tether with her over something that requires so little labor. Jumping down, he gave the doll back to her and smiled as she thanked him. He may not understand the appeal of dolls, but seeing kids smile like that was always a nice thing. "Where is your father?" "He forgot Mama's present is Asgard and went back to get it. We're going back home to Iselia when he gets back." Asgard? Iselia? Gaius wasn't familiar with those places. They couldn't be Elympios cities; they were too...traditional.

OOC --

[size=9][i]King of Rieze Maxia[/i][/size]
[size=11][b]Location:[/b] LOCATION | [b]Company:[/b] COMPANY[/size][/color][/align]

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Issun Kulai
Voiceless Slayer
Location: A forest | Company: Daemorai; two individuals are nearby

Issun walked through the forest, his arms crossed and his eyes half-closed in irritation. To someone who didn't know him, which was everyone really, it would seem that he was irritated with being in the forest. That he was just lost and wanted to get back to civilization. But, that was because they would be blind and deaf to the real cause. Walking behind him, cloaked in invisibily to everyone but Issun and the other demon-kin, was a seven foot tall devil. He had been chatting away until recently, but that didn't make things better. Issun knew he was flipping through one of his perverse magazines. "Which model do you like best, Issun? Amanda or Mars?" Issun stopped walking when Daemorai held the magazine in front of him, the two explicit images blocking out the view of the forest. "Amanda's specialty is military, but you strike me more as someone who would enjoy a kink master like Mars~." Issun closed his eyes and swatted Daemorai's magazine away from his face. Neither. He wasn't attracted to either of the models. "Pervert....Make yourself useful and go find a town. Take that trash with you." Daemorai frowned before the magazine disappeared with a burst of black flames. "Just passed these hills there's a village. I can hear the citizens from here. Besides...." Issun glanced back at Daemorai, seeing a familiar gleam in his silver eyes. There was a demon nearby. Looking forward, Issun sighed. Daemorai couldn't leave Issun's side when a demon or devil was near them. Devils and demons were extremely protective of the humans they were bound to, even though Issun could handle a demon on his own. "Just one demon?" "Yes, but be careful. His aura if very powerful....Issun, I can smell human blood." A greater demon, or just a strong lesser demon? It was hard to tell, even with Daemorai's help. Well, it didn't matter. An injured human with a demon around meant Issun had work to do.

OOC daermod and ankoko will be great companions for issun and his devil partner. i'm looking forward to it. XD thanks for asking if they could meet.

[color=black][b]Issun Kulai[/b]
[size=9][i]Voiceless Slayer[/i][/size]
[size=11][b]Location:[/b] LOCATION | [b]Company:[/b] COMPANY[/size][/color][/align]

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 8:58 am
Character Name: Issun Kulai
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: Nineteen
Race: Human
Occupation: Demon Slayer
Main or Minor?: Main
Protagonist or Antagonist?: Protagonist
Alignment: N/A

Canon: Gala | Original World
Canon Point: After slaying a lesser demon lord.
Means of Arrival: A portal formed in a demon's lair. His job landed him here.

Class: Swordman
Fighting Style: Close-range combat mostly.
Weapon(s): The sword Akatosh, which houses the devil Issun formed a pact with.
Being from an Earth-like world, Issun has no magic real magic of his own. The majority of his skills are physical. Punches, kicks, sword strikes. That sort of thing. His physical attacks don't have names.

Due to his pact with Daemorai, Issun is able to use the devil's magic. However, he rarely uses the devil's magic. Except for the Possession ability, since it is not a magic limited to devils and demons alone.
Dark Shield Forms a shield of thick, mist-like black material in front of Issun. It negates physical and most most magic attacks, but is useless against holy magic.
Possession Allows Issun to possess animals, insects, or weak-willed people. Uses mostly as a form of gathering information.
Shadow Run A move that's performed in many different ways, but allows the user to move far quicker than normal. Issun is particularly fond of the "slip-and-slide" method.
Soul Strike Attacks the target's soul directly, paralyzing them. The time spent in paralysis varies between targets.

None yet

None yet

Daermorai's Wrath Activated only when Issun is near death. This attack heals Issun, yet when Daemorai attacks, everyone is injured. It doesn't matter if they're friend or foe. However, allies receive less damage the closer they are to Issun emotionally.

Personality: Issun is a silent individual. This is very clearly caused by the fact that he was born mute. Due to this, he has a hard time getting to know people, but he prefers not to get too close to others in fear of endangering them. He is mostly a serious person, taking comfort and finding meaning in keeping busy. Issun is easy to anger or infuriate when demons or devils are mentioned, and hates any human that allies themself with one. This, of course, means he hates himself as well.
Favorite Food Type: Anything. He doesn't get to sit and eat often due to his profession.
Biography: Issun was born in the capital city of Trigel. Being the main headquaters of the Demon Eradication Militia, or the D.E.M, Issun was subjected to the profession of demon hunting at a very young age. Issun learned about it in school, and demon hunting was a topic that dominated nearly every conversation. Due to this fact, it'a no surprise Trigel produces the most talented and efficient slayers, or that he dreamt of becoming one, much like nearly all children raised in Trigel. So, as expected, he studied demons and the arte of slaying them. However, his true desire to slay them didn't come until much later.

When he was thirteen, Trigel was attacked by a massive horde of demons. Though the main targets were the training faculities and the academy, all of Trigel suffered. Of all the victims claimed, they were mostly children who were related to or aspiring to be demon slayers. Their plan was crude, yet simple to understand: Eliminating the newer generations of slayers meant it would be years before the next group could be trained. This would give the demons room to continue their attacks with less interruptions from slayers.

However, Issun was the one to survive. Though he was attacked and mutilated viciously and mercilessly by a demon, and should have died that very day, he survived. There was only one way to survive, in order to avenge Trigel and his friends. Issun performed the most unthinkable and traitorous of attacks. Before he was able to pass on, Issun summoned a devil and formed a pact with it. This was how he met Daemorai, the Devil Lord. Shortly after, he was found by the city guards. Though many witnesses saw a demon attacking him, and he himself remembered it, Issun had no scares on him. It was almost immediately his pact with a devil was discovered, and he escaped Trigel with Daemorai's aide.

As the years pressed on, Issun became a demon slayer on his own. Using his own strength and relying little on Daemorai's power, he became a very reputable slayer. He mostly takes on jobs from poorer citizens, who the military began ignoring after the attack on Trigel, while searching for the demon or devil in charge of the massive assault on the capital city.
Other Notes: The reason Issun doesn't rely on Daemorai may be obvious due to his hatred for demons and devils, but it is a far greater reason than that. [ This will be revealed later on through the story. ]

Daemorai enjoys victory lines. He'll appear during victories and give whatever line he wants to give.

Name: Daemorai, the Devil Lord
Race: Higher Devil
Personality: Daemorai, despite being a very serious and dangerous lord, has a very carefree and often child-like personality. He enjoys interactions with others, though mostly tries to win the affections of Issun--in a completely innocent way. He has grown rather fond of the human, after all. Daemorai is also a pervert, often flirting with attractive people, both men and women, or appearing with a lusty magazine.
Biography: Daemorai has no actual birth story. Like all devils, he was just thrust into life one day and that was how he came to be. In the realm of demons and devils, where it's always a "kill or be killed" atmosphere, Daemorai made it pretty well. Starting off as the lowliest of devils, he slowly built up his power while staying under the radar. Not even slayers pay attention to "dirt devils". However, as the centuries passed by, he become more and more noticeable. Demons and devils tried to slaughter him for his soul, but all failed. It was nearly a thousand years before he challenged the former Devil Lord. In one fierce battle, Daemorai slew his opponent and took the throne and crown. He has ruled since that day, for over a thousand years.

Unlike other devils and demons, Daemorai never relied on the pact with humans to strengthen himself. He preferred using his own power. However, when the Demon King roped millions into attacking Trigel in order to slaughter the children who would become slayers, a powerful voice called out to him. Unable to ignore it because it interested him so much, Daemorai answered the call. Finding something endearing about the shear strength of resolve within a mutilated child, he formed the pact with Issun. Sealing the pact, Daemorai saved the boy. When the militia tried to kill him, the Devil Lord slew them and gave Issun the opening for escape. Since then, he has remained mostly dormant. To him, it is not at all bothersome. He would rather watch Issun use his own strength then lend him his power anyway.
Appearance: Devil's actually have no set physical form. They are solid souls that have a liquid-like quality. However, Daemorai's favorite form is that of a handsome winged man.

Red Lastalia

Red Lastalia

PostPosted: Wed Dec 03, 2014 11:08 pm
Character Name: Mikhail
Character Gender: Genderless, but identifies as Male
Character Age: Just passed 20 years
Race: White Dragon
Occupation: Traveler
Protagonist or Antagonist?: Protagonist
Alignment: Undetermined
Main or Minor?: Main

Canon: Drakengard series Drakengard 3
Canon Point: Nineteen years after the end of Branch D.
Means of Arrival: Mikhail was sucked into a void while frantically trying not to be.

Class: Undetermined
Fighting Style: Varies between long-ranged fire breath attacks and physical contact strikes.
Weapon(s): His entire body is a weapon.
Fire Breath - Used in various forms. Fire ball blasts, flame streams, etc.
Physical Strikes - Used in various forms. His most common are an air-to-ground body slam attack, and a grounded spin strike.

None yet.

Personality: Mikhail is an idealist who believes conflicts can be resolved with words alone, but he is still a very fierce fighter. He has matured since sealing Zero away, knowing that sometimes battles can't be avoided and he isn't as hesitant to kill as he was nineteen years ago. However, he still maintains his child-like behavior, including his obliviousness when it comes to adult humor and his affectionate, eager-to-please nature.
Fave Food Type: Mikhail, unlike most other dragons, is omnivorous. He'll eat both meat and vegetation.
Biography: Mikhail is the reincarnation of the world's strongest dragon, Michael. When Michael perished protecting the Intoner Zero, he was reincarnated due to his wish to help her finish her quest, and from him Mikhail was born. The young dragon was sought out by Zero, and he promised to help her kill her sisters, her fellow Intoners, though he often disagreed with killing them. He spent a year hidden away with Zero in the Land of Seas while she recovered from losing her arm, and then their journery began.

Following Branch D, Mikhail discovered Michael's, and now his, purpose in Zero's quest. He was to kill Zero when her sisters were dead. During their journey, Mikhail learned that the Zero he loves so much was already dead, kept alive by the flower that sprouted from her right eye, and that her "sisters" were simply fragments of her power personified by the flower when she attsmpted suicide. Despite his desire to not kill Zero, he continued ro aide her in her quest, locating and killing her sisters. When they reached the Intoner One, Mikhail fought and struck down the dragon Gabriel that guarded One in order to allow Zero to kill One. She succeeded, and Mikhail's ordeal began.

Zero allowed the flower to consume her, and asked Mikhail to finish her. Though heartbroken, the dragon complied with her wish and struck the consumed Zero down. Mikhail ended up sealing her in another dimension, and has lived his life since. He travels the world rather than settling, though he sometimes returns to Zero's home in the Land of Seas when he is weary.
Other Notes: Mikhail has the habit to repeat himself, though it's not as constant as it was in the past. He is also very protective of humans, and has killed many dragons who have attacked their grounded counterparts. Mikhail also hates wyverns, believing they are a bunch of lowlife dragon wannabes, just as other dragons believe, and he often becomes violent when faced against them.

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