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Reply [IC] Tokakinji Lands [IC]
[IC] Meeting The King [ORP/JRP]

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Snuggly Knight

PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2013 4:58 pm
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:16 pm
(( This RP is open to anyone wishing to join the pride! This is an easy method of joining the pride if you cannot find/do not want to find a JRP with another player! You may join by posting a solo of at least 500 words in length, per character you have joining!

Do not play Uther in your post. You may assume he will acknowledge you as you approach, nod his head at you if you greet him, but he won't say anything. Your goal is to just present yourself to him, and pledge your allegiance to the Tokakinji pride. After that, you are in! ))

The Tokakinji lands are large and confusing, but finding the Castle Mountain is hardly a challenge from any location. It is tall and looms over the pridal lands as a proud beacon of power, a symbol of the strength of the ruling class, and of the Tokakinji blood that flowed so strongly through the creatures of the realm.

Well, most of them.

Most came with the idea of being equal, of being accepted. The strong hatred of the Druid blood, however, often left those that joined with hopes and dreams in their heads to be relegated to a life they had not imagined. The King did little to temper this problem, this way his people had of branding each other, as he did not particularly care for the trouble makers of his pride. And they were the Druids.

New members were brought to the King, or at least told to go to the castle during their visit if they wanted to stay. Guards line the paths around the dens, the twisting walkways stretching higher and higher until the largest of the dens appears. The Royal home, the Castle itself, where the royals resided and where the business of the pride was conducted. Here, lions were given their jobs, they delivered their stories, they found their home, or they were punished for their transgressions. Knights stand guard all around it, and inside the entryway is a vast open space that acts as the Grand Hall.

This is where the King held his court, and where he invited his people to come and speak with him.

The King and Queen of the Tokakinji were sitting in the middle of the vast area, each with starkly different expression. Ygraine was casual, leaning against her husband and smiling welcoming at those that approached, greeting them warmly and asking for names and stories before they pledged themselves to the pride.

Uther was quiet and stoic, watching them and nodding his head as they each spoke, one by one as they were led up, sometimes at immediate intervals, sometimes with long waits between them. He never looked like he was enjoying himself, but he was serious and he was dedicated. He respected anyone who came to him to join his home, and he welcomed them with that respect, and let his Queen handle the warmth.

Together, they were a very good team.

Uther was a simple lion, and he only asked a very few things of those that wanted to join his lands, and live in this realm under his care. He expected them to carry their weight, to find their jobs within the pride or out in the rogue lands, and make themselves useful. And he asked that they respect the laws of his kingdom and keep themselves out of the Prison Ravine, and not give him any cause to punish them. To him, these were simple requests, and he asked each lion who came to join if they were capable of these things.

It was that easy. He took mental note, and he let them pass, to bolster his numbers and to keep his pride running smoothly. Every lion had their place, and he knew that they all needed to be working in harmony to keep things from falling apart. The Druids were the only kinks in that plan, and if he thought he saw one as they approached, they got their label right off. Others, had to test the waters, see where they fit, and still others were always destined for the Ravine.

It was all about taking chances, letting lions join and seeing what they were capable of. But such was being a King, and running a pride. It was not an audition process: they came here for a home, and that is what they would have. It was up to them to make the most of it.


Snuggly Knight

[IC] Tokakinji Lands [IC]

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