Greetings, student bodies:

Welcome to a new year at Monster High! You should have received your locker assignment and your class schedule via e-maul already. If this is your first year, please ensure that you familiarize yourself with the school map. Students who get lost in the catacombs run the risk of not being found for a while....quite a while. Please note that the swimming pool has just been refurbished with brand new pirahnas, and they may be a bit over-eager for the first few weeks.

And now, it's important to review the rules of conduct here at Monster High.

The Rules

1. This roleplay is intended to be a lighthearted romp through the Monster High universe. It follows the same rules and level of intensity as the Monster High specials and webisodes. It is a rated PG roleplay. That means no murder, no explicit sex, no hardcore violence and no swearing.

2. You cannot join the roleplay as a pre-existing, canon character. Canon characters are NPCs in this roleplay. NPC stands for "Non-player character." Although you can mention Frankie Stein or Draculaura and even interact with them in your writing, remember that those characters are their own clique and are off doing their own adventures. You should concentrate your efforts on interacting with OCs, which stands for Original Characters.

(also note: If you misuse one of the NPCs, they may very well start replying to set the record straight!)

3. Please keep out of character chat in the OOC thread, to keep from burying the roleplaying.

4. If you have a disagreement with another roleplayer, please try to settle it via private message or in the OOC thread. If needed, you can contact the guild owners to help mediate any large disagreements. We want everyone to have fun and avoid hurt feelings if at all possible.

5. Please do not pick on people for spelling errors, grammar mistakes, etc. This roleplay is a way to practice writing while having fun. Grammar Nazis are not welcome here.

6. New characters are vetted by the guild owners before being admitted. Please watch your PMs to see if you get a message from us.

7. The account you join the guild with must be under the username of the student you created with a matching avatar.

I trust that every monster will have a fangtastic year making new friends and creating memories to last an unlifetime here at Monster High!

~Headless Headmistress Bloodgood