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Name: Poetic Justice
Gender: Female
Type: Unicorn
Body Very light sage green, beauty meark on her cheek, and pale hooves.
Eyes: Medium green
Hair: Wheat-blonde with pink streaks. Her tail is short and blunt cut, and her mane has blunt cut bangs, two pieces that frame her face, and the rest is in a blunt-cut ponytail of sorts.
Cutie Mark 8D: Green and brown yin-yang, but instead of dots inside, there is a sun and a moon. (I have a PSD of it if that I can provide.)
Brief Character Description: PJ has a strong desire for harmony and balance, justice, as well as a hefty desire to see that everyone around her is happy. She hates hearing others complain or say rude things about anyone and is absolutely HORRIFIED at the thought of offending or inconveniencing anyone. That said, she also has a pretty low self esteem. She is a very artistic pony as well. In fact, while it is her 'talent,' her desire for harmony is a much more defining characteristic, thus the cutiemark.
+ Ref pics where possible: Ref 1 :: Ref 2 :: Ref 3

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Fireflight: The current design is approved conditionally, which is to say only for special customs [auction/RLC or where stated], due to leg markings.