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Liberal Streaker

PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 7:40 pm
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You could have plucked the Nergui out of horrors and legend.

The earth in their encampment was bare, slick rock. Whatever life had grown had been thoroughly trampled by the hordes of feet. And, this was not all of them. This was only the traveling group of Nergui lead by Xaakav Oma. Rapha, as one might have called her before she became a nameless face of conquest and precision.

Oxotl had translated for the Visionary several times, and did not see hesitation or doubt in the lionesses eyes. The emkurkar herself was skeptical at times, and when she was not following orders, she hesitated.

Today, however, she was under standard orders. With her bilingual tongue and overall agreeability, using Oxotl to greet the newly indoctrinated was a common occurrence.

Oxotl passed out of the compound reserved for housing the slaves. A few new recruits waited for her there, including one whose face looked entirely constructed of bone. This off-shoot of the full Nergui horde was in good success. They had recruited many, strong, healthy members who were dedicated to the cause.

"You have newly taken your vows?" she asked them. Many times, the recruits were taken in a group and shown things all at once.
PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 6:52 pm
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When the emkurkar arrived, Malaku'l-Maut drew herself up to full height and stood calm and ready, not fussing or fidgeting. There was one idle flick of her tail, but that was all. She refused to give in to the quiet urge to check or straighten the tattered fabric she'd wrapped herself in long enough ago that she couldn't recall exactly when it had been. It was ragged, dirty, and had not a little blood on it; these things happened, when you wore something and never deigned to take it off. Making it look 'better' was impossible, and, if anything, contrary to the point. Suffice to say it had never been a goal of hers to look appealing, unless by 'appealing' one meant 'terrifying.' The former had never really been possible, given the gruesome pelt she'd been born with, so she'd long since opted for the latter.

"I have," was her answer, short and to the point, spoken in a voice that was always just short of a snarl...except when it was one.


Vice Captain


Liberal Streaker

PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:03 am

Oxotl's eyes fell onto that fabric, its tattered ends and dirt-stained edges. While the taking of items had never appealed to the lioness, she found a fascination with their appearance on other lions. More interesting, perhaps, were the bones that ordained the face of the newly indoctrinated. They shimmered pale in the sunlight, and Oxotl could only imagine the spookiness of running into such a hideous face in the darkness of moonshadow.

From a Nergui standard, Maut was downright handsome. If she kept her head down at first, Oxotl was certain that looks alone would allow the lioness to rise swiftly in rank. If she possessed fighting prowess, she might convince the males to land her somewhere important--then again, if someone took a fancy to her, she might end up someone's possession, fought over.

Either way, Oxotl would be keeping an eye on her.

"Have you been assigned to a division?" The emkurcar proceeded to ask. The question, it would seem, would have to be answered while they walked, for Oxotl had already turned and begun to make her way further over the sandy, basaltic covered landscape.

A few slaves guarded by several other emkurcar watched them as they passed. Many dropped their heads and eyes when they were looked towards. One thing was certain: No slave in the Nergui was spoiled.
[IC] Nergui Lands [IC]

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