Name: William Neil James
Aliases: Fortify
Alignment: Good
Identity Status: Publicly known.
Age: 18 years
Height: 7ft9
Weight: 400 lbs.
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: silver
Powers & Abilities: His mutant power allows him to graft objects into or onto his body, and while an object is grafted to him, he has total and complete control over it, all its parts, and everything firmly attached to it. Which allows him to in turn reshape the objects into armor or weapons. In addition he has the ability to pull objects through the air to him by grafting it without actually touching it, and then when it touches him the usual results follow: rearranging of parts and prioritization of materials into either armor or weaponry for a certain amount of time followed by a breakdown in which the weapon or armor simply falls apart into all of its individual pieces as the graft ends. How this works is that the object William is grafting will fly, tumble, roll, or otherwise move toward his hand(s) as if pulled by an unknown force toward him. Upon touching him it will finish the grafting process and follow the natural course to become what he needs. The limitation on this is not the size of the object but rather range. It can be no further than 100 feet from him in order for the graft to reach it, and William must be able to see it with no obstructions. If he can’t actually see it, or if it is outside his range, He simply cannot graft it. Also, Once he pulls something to him, he cannot repel it; meaning he cannot use air grafted objects as projectiles. He cannot throw objects using this part of his power.
Weapons: Anything he can get his hands on.
Base of Operations: Xavier Institute for Higher Learning
Occupation: High school Student at Xavier Institute for Higher Learning
Education: Has a high school level education. Has yet to start college level courses.
Group Affiliation: None yet
History: William was born in a Military hospital. He was raised By a rather rich couple. Father was a military general. Mother was the head of a big drug producing corporation. He loved his family, But to them he was not their son. He was property. His conniving mother believed that her son was nothing more than a product of her company, and therefore replaceable. His calculating and overly logical father believed he was nothing more than a piece of military hardware, and therefore expendable. For the first 12 years of his Life, William failed to notice his parents flaws and their beliefs pertaining to him. That is until His power activated for the very first time. He was at home, waiting for his parents to come home to celebrate his birthday, and they were in the driveway, but then it happened. William tried to get up from where he sat, But found he couldn’t, and felt as if his was a hundred times larger than he was, he watched as the walls and parts of appliances began to move toward him and attach to him; and the house started to come apart and reshape into something else. But then before the transformation could complete, William’s power hit the 30 second mark, which at the time, was his maximum time limit. He screamed as the house came crashing down around him. Then there was darkness, followed by shouting. He opened his eyes to see his parents speaking to the police. Then pointing at him. At first he thought the cops were checking to see if everyone was ok, but when two officers grabbed him and forced him into hand cuffs, he finally realized what was really going on. His parents had called the cops to arrest him. Later…at the station, he found out that his parents had said they’d never met him, that they had seen him around recently, and that he had attempted to murder them by making their house explode. When He heard that he used his power out of anger, grafted the cuffs to his arms, and then opened them without a key. His power deactivated, and the cuffs fell to floor, open. The officer that had been behind him saw what was happening, and though he was ordered to put the kid back in handcuffs, he did not. He Opted to pay Williams’ bail. He then talked to William and got the whole and true story. He offered to help William. He hired a lawyer, and took William’s Parents to court. Though they had some of the best Lawyers in the world to aid them, they lost the case and were found guilt of their crimes. The court hearing ended up bringing other past crimes they had kept secret to light. As a result, William’s Father was put to death by firing squad, and his mother put in prison on a life sentence. The officer that Had helped William then adopted him, and when William was fourteen, Sent him to a special school. A school for mutants. In Williams junior year of high school, William managed to extend his time limit from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. It’s been a year since that great day, William is happy, he is developing his power further, and he is getting ready for his college level courses, which are three months away. He is currently back home with his adoptive father; honing his power and having fun with it. The lawsuit against his real parents had resulted in a grand wealth. Which now helped him afford the collection of vehicles he had.