Name: May Parker (No relation to Peter or any other Parker)

Aliases: Spider-Woman

Alignment: Good

Identity Status: Secret (but is known by Mr and Mrs Parker as well as Ben Ulrich)

Age: 17

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 104

Eye Colour: Ice Blue

Hair Colour: Dark Red

Powers & Abilities: Regeneration, heightened dexterity, spinnerets in wrists that shoot webbing, heightened strength, ability to sense danger beforehand (ESP), ability to adhere to any surface, shadow transport, shadow cloak, heightened equilibrium,

Weapons: Her mind and body

Base of Operations: Ireland, England, New York New York

Occupation: None – Living on the streets

Education: Spotty – Possibly High School, but not known for sure unless tested

Group Affiliation: None, at the moment

History: May Parker has no memory of anything before her eighth year, when she was found wandering a pasture outside a small hamlet just north of London in the year 1727. Taken in by the farmer and his wife, who figured she must have been a survivor of some raid that had destroyed wherever she hailed from, they gave her the name May, after the father’s wife great-aunt, and Parker, which was the farmer’s last name, when it was eventually learned that she couldn’t remember who she was (or anything from before the day she was found).

Raised to be a farmer’s daughter, May Parker would have been content with her life, had not fate intervened. At the age of thirteen her spider powers began to manifest, which she kept hidden from her adoptive parents who would have surely seen her mutant abilities as the work of the devil. Finding herself unable to keep all of her powers hidden, as well as her demonic powers, which had began to manifest nearly ten months after her spider abilities, she fled to London.

There, May found herself living on the streets, taking the occasional job as a lady of the evening when she was desperate enough for money. This, again, would have been her fate, except for the intervention of a woman calling herself Madam Webb.

Taking May Parker two hundred and seventy seven years, roughly, into the future, Madam Webb explained that her powers were needed, though for what she never said what.

After a bit of training from Madam Webb, May found herself in London of the twenty first century and at first she was overwhelmed, but soon began to adjust. Making her way toward Ireland, learning about the world around her and what had changed over time, she eventually switched course some time after arriving in Ireland and snuck aboard a freighter bound for America.

Now, in New York City, May Parker finds herself in a foreign land and time, struggling to learn and fit in, something especially difficult, as it is obvious to her that she doesn’t exist. And as she does so, she begins to come close to eventually discovering who she is and one day donning the identity of Spider-Woman.

Definitions and further information on powers: Shadow transport – able to use shadows to transport to another location, but is limited in distance until the power grows

Shadow cloak – able to withdraw light from the surrounding area, cloaking everything in darkness (whereupon only May can “see” because of her Spider-Sense [the only way anyone else could see is if they had some mystic ability to override the shadow cloak])

Addendum: Am thinking that when she acquires her costume it will look like this:
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