Name: Johnny Blaze
Aliases: JB
Alignment: Good
Identity Status: Secret
Age: 36
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Strawberry blonde
Powers & Abilities:
World-class cyclist
Excellent shot with pistols and shotguns
Knowledge of the occult
Limited sorcery
Weapons: Mystic Artifacts
Base of Operations: Mobile
Occupation: Stunt rider, demon hunter
Education: High School
Group Affiliation: None
History: For as long as he has been in power, the Hell-Lord Mephisto has sought an ancient mystical artifact known simply as the Medallion of Power. Crafted by a group of supernatural protectors known as The Blood, it housed not only the original Spirits of Vengeance but also their foe, the demon Zarathos. Fearing that this kind of power was too great for one being to wield and to prevent it from falling into the hands of one who would use it to evil ends, the Medallion was shattered into three pieces and its power granted to three mortal families, passed down to the firstborn of every generation. For two of the families this power remained dormant, and this ancient pact in time was forgotten, but for the Kale clan it was seen as a curse. Though the demon Zarathos was indeed bound to the medallion, its power was too great to fully restrain. Only a part of the demon was trapped, while another was later summoned to Earth, during which time it was tricked and enslaved by Mephisto. This control over part of Zarathos granted Mephisto a degree of control over the other half of the demon's soul, and thus the power of the host.

Johnny Blaze was born the son of Barton Blaze and Naomi Kale, spending the early part of his youth with his parents in the Quentin Carnival where they starred in a stunt show alongside Craig "Crash" Simpson. Fearing Johnny would suffer the curse just as she did, Naomi first left both Johnny and Barton and placed their two younger children, Barbara and Daniel, in the care of a woman named Francis Ketch. Then, using her knowledge of the occult, she summoned Mephisto and traded him her soul in return for insuring that Johnny would not become the Ghost Rider. In her final moments Mephisto revealed to her his betrayal. Though Johnny would not become the Ghost Rider, he would still be made to collect souls for Mephisto.

The pain of losing his mother caused Johnny to repress memories of both her and his two siblings. When his father died in a stunt very shortly after, Johnny was adopted by Crash and Mona Simpson, who became just like parents to Johnny. Unaware of the curse still upon him, Johnny followed the Simpsons on their own travelling stunt show, learning from Crash how to ride and harboring one link to the mother he could no longer remember - an interest in the occult.

When Johnny was eighteen, Crash was diagnosed with terminal cancer. With the prospects for treatment being grim, Johnny became distraught and desperate to save the life of the man who had become his father. He turned to occult books which had belonged to his mother. Using the same spell his mother had used years before, Johnny summoned Mephisto. In return for Johnny's promise of servitude, Mephisto promised that Crash would not die of cancer. Ever true to his word, Mephisto arranged that a final world record stunt go wrong, resulting in Crash's death.

Johnny's stint as a Ghost Rider was very short. Mephisto quickly found that though Johnny was in service to him, he was impossible to control. Riders in his line before him were easily swayed, easily corrupted by promises of wealth and women, but Johnny was pure and incorruptible. Unable to use Johnny as he wished, Mephisto bound the man's soul in his realm, where it has burned since then.