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PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 6:30 pm
I'm dreaming of phonies~ * u *

Moon River
High priority GOT HER!!!!!~<3

Mucha pony!
Punk Rocker!!
Brush n Grow!
Peachy Keen
Bubble Suds
PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:52 pm

Moon River has a new look!!
User Image

Name: Moon River
Gender: Female
Type: Pegasus
Body Slim, a body that looks graceful. Maybe slim legs and a slightly curvy body? A light blue.
Eyes: Her eyes are alluring and adorned with long eyelashes. For the color of her eyes I'm not too sure. I'm thinking a blue aqua? Twinkle eyes too! Feel free to play around with blue-ish shades! Maybe even a silver like the moon? Or a blue moon? xD Whatever you think!
Hair: Curly and cropped. It's longer and curls around the chin area, growing shorter and layering as it moves to the back. She has curly bangs that sweep across the face. The color is a light blonde.
Accessories: Moon River wears a fancy black lace ruffle around her neck. The ends of her necklace are tied in a bow and held in place by a jewel. The jewel color you decide! Maybe even a little moon hairpin?
Cutie Mark 8D: Oh man! Something perhaps with music notes and birds? Or something to do with a moon and a river? Old time mic? Different combos? Whatever you can think up! Haha! I love being surprised. 8D
Brief Character Description: Moon River is a singer. Through lots of practice and determination she's trained her voice to sing in both alto and soprano ranges. This little lady holds a wealth of knowledge in music, voice, and several songs. She's always looking for the chance to impress a fellow phony with her musical ability. Moon River is a songbird whose voice can deliver a low jazzy tune to a high-energy musical number.

The pegasus has yet to hear a voice that could rival her own and thus believes she is one of the best singers out of all the phonies. From this statement it is easy to guess that she has grown quite an ego. What Moon River needs to realize is that there is more to being a wonderful singer. She's put her heart and soul into music but hasn't expanded her interests. She rarely plays outside, she's never baked treats, or tried to grow a plant (that lasts more than a week), or anything else along those lines. Although she's a lovely songstress one of these days she'll need to set time aside to live outside music, meet other phonies, and learn from them.

Even with her ego Moon River is a kind lass...to those whose interests match hers. She's eager to sing for others and to teach anyone who is interested in learning how to sing. She knows a few ways to cure a sore throat, how to bring back a lost voice, and exercises to clear the chest. All of this she learned from experience after she pushed her voice too far.

What would Moon River like now? Fans and places to perform.

Hopefully the more she gets out to experience a well-rounded life the weaker her ego will become.

+ Ref pics where possible: A collection of doodles of her! Moon River
Hair style references!
Lady 1 Lady 2 Lady 3
Lady 4

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Fireflight: Fireflight: The current design is approved conditionally, which is to say only for special customs [auction/RLC or where stated], due to her necklace accessory (which will be simplified, but it's ok!).
Also, just a warning that we've had a long-time planned shop Phony that might look a bit similar to her, haha!





PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 11:10 am
Mucha pony goes here!!! Art coming~!  
PostPosted: Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:29 pm
++Overall with this character just have fun with his design! I'm up for the colors changing or fiddling with the hair! 8D What I put down are just some ideas.

Name: Punk Rocker
Gender: Male
Type: Unicorn
Body Trim? He's more on the slim side but still looks pretty sturdy. On the color list attached his body is the gray color.
Eyes: The kind that sparkle when he knows the perfect way to push your buttons. On the color list his eyes are golden.
Hair: Punk! I'd love to have a fluffy mohawk (so not spikey but mor whispy like a cloud I suppose?) Where it's shaved at the side he has lightning bolts, stripes, etc. His hair is the turquoise colors! Maybe the darker is the longer hair while the lighter is where it's shaved? He could have a light blue streak too! Definitely play around and goof with his hair! Just have it fun with it!
Cutie Mark 8D: Something to do with a rocking chair. The twist will be punking/rocking the chair out. Whether with zebra stripes, leopard prints, or stars bursting from it. Just something that makes you say 'awesome'. Soooo it's up for interpretation.
Brief Character Description: Punk Rocker sees himself as a fun guy. He's the one who will take you out on the town when you're bummed and help you drink away your sorrows or dance until you can't feel your legs. He's known for his quick wit, smarts, and snarky personality. Some folks love it and others just can't stand him. Although he looks like someone you'd see at a crazy concert or a fabulous fashion show, Punk Rocker's destiny is not among the shining stars. Instead he is taking care of those in their twilight years. Yes, Punk Rocker, the most rocking phony around is a caretaker at the elderly home.

At this cute little establishment, where community gardens thrive and the surroundings are decorated with lovely creams and pinks, Punk Rocker goes about his day. Many phonies are surprised by this news when they realize. After all, Punk Rocker seems 'too cool' to hang with the old folks. But he really loves helping and bringing joy to their lives. Of course this flirtatious phony knows when to deliver snark or share the latest giggle-inducing dirty joke. He's working with the elderly, not children. This is a place where his sweet side burns bright.
+ Ref pics where possible:
Check out this hair~! Maybe like these? I definitely like what the artist has done with their hair! Perhaps even a combo between them? Like not as long hair that has more bounce to it? or shorter hair that is wavy? Play around! I can always find more refs too to show~
Another from this awesome artist. Definitely check out their other work!





PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:35 pm
Name: Peachy Keen
Sex: Female
Type: Unicorn
Build: Slim, tall, and with lanky legs and big ears like a donkey
Body: Pink with light pink markings: diamond on forehead, "leg warmers", petals dappled over body, gold color hooves and horn
Eyes: Pink, long lashes, maybe some eye liner?
Hair: Pink shade with a dark pink gradient, long hair ending in loose curls, wears a crown in her hair with flowers and leaves
Cutie Mark 8D: A red lipped grin with a crown over it and green laurels on sandwiching it on the side
Brief Character Description:Peachy Keen has prided herself on her looks and ability to schmooze with the very best. With her sparkling personality it’s easy to make friends and with a mind for business she’s been very successful in her chosen career. If you look through party photos of the rich and famous there she will be vying to be front and center. Any worries you got, she knows. Any secrets you have, she will expose. If you’re looking for the best teller of socialite gossip you gotta check out Peachy Keen’s blog. As a grade A royal she has the best tea and will happily spill it to her fans. She knows the best party spots, the yummiest foodie locations, and how to live your #bestlife. Just don’t believe the lies her competitors are spreading about her not being a real royal. They’re just jealous.
+ Ref pics where possible:User Image  
PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:59 pm
Name: Bubble Suds
Sex: Male
Type: Unicorn
Build: A broad guy with some pudge, he has purple fetlocked hooves!!
Body: Light sky blue
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Dark gray purple with light blue and purple streaks
Cutie Mark 8D: A claw-foot bathtub with colorful bubbles overflowing
Brief Character Description: Bubble Suds is a chill dude. He believes we should just like, hang out and enjoy this party called life. That’s why you’ll find him swimming in fountains, jamming in a pop-up band consisting mostly of puppets, and attempting to make a baked Alaska(so far he’s only succeeded in soup Alaska). If you’re looking for the ultimate way to spend your day then Bubble Suds will certainly provide. You’ll find him at the farmer’s market selling his most prized wares: bath bombs. Just sit back and drift away in water that smells like rose and jasmine. Any type you dream up he can make cause law enforcement has yet to catch him when he’s out harvesting. So don’t fear the phony trundling through your garden late at night! Appreciate the bath bomb that you can only get from a yogi called Bubble Suds.
+ Ref pics where possible:User Image  



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