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Ashi Lux

PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 6:22 am
User ImageDaenerys sighed. For the first time in her life the lioness was completely on her own. She had the freedom to do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it. She smiled to herself, stretching as she lay under the shade of a tree.

Her kill was lying a few feet away, under a bush, half eaten. Hunting, for one thing, was much harder on her own. And without Viserys, she couldn't take down as big prey as both of them did together. However, she did have the whole animal to herself, so she supposed it was a fair trade.

Living on her own she'd also become more jumpy, as she had no one to protect her. There wasn't much to be said about her fighting skills - she'd never had much cause to use them. She hoped that would remain true in the future as well.

She was happier, but she was also lonely. All she'd ever had was her brother. She did miss him a little, but not enough to try and find him. Now she wished she'd made a little more effort to befriend other rogues they'd come across. They were always interesting characters and probably had many stories to tell. "If I had, I could go find them now, travel with them. But here I am, all by myself."
PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 3:11 pm
User Image
Mani was trotting along, at her usual speed. Her feet had taken to wandering again, and while this wasn't too bothersome, sometimes the cheetah wished she could control her own feet. The thought sounded ridiculous, bu staying in one place shouldn't be so hard. While traveling was interesting and meeting new people and seeing new places was nice, but traveling by oneself was lonesome. And othertimes, it would be just nice to have a break and stay in one place. The wandering cheetah hadn't seen her children in a long time, she was sure they were fully grown by now. In that same thought, Mani hadn't seen Safi in a while and wondered how he was doing. Speaking of Leopons.. she wondered how Mezlijin would take her disappearance from the plagued lands of the Kitwana. Hopefully her feet would take her by there again, so she could see how he was doing. Having all of these thoughts in her head wasn't the norm for Mani, and kept her distracted from where her feet were going.

Ashi Lux


Dapper Shapeshifter

Ashi Lux

PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2012 5:43 am
Daenerys' ears perked up as she picked up the sound of someone approaching and her first instinct was to hide. She didn't move from her lying position, but flattened herself against the ground, so her body would be hidden by the long grass. She placed her head between her front paws, ears turned in the direction of the sound and eyes sharp.

She hoped it wouldn't be some strange big male (or female on second thought; some females were pretty darn big), that would cause trouble. She wouldn't know what to do. As the cheetah came into view she gave a sigh of relief. Well,at least it wasn't bigger than her. The other cat didn't seem to notice her at all. Dany's relief slowly vanished and she thought of how lonely she was. In the end she decided to risk showing herself. The cheetah certainly didn't look mean, at the very least. She had almost passed her by when Dany sat up and spoke: "Greetings, stranger."

PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 2:49 pm
Mani jumped slightly, as the sound of someone behind her. It was silly, considering it was only someone greeting her. However, it wasn't something that she was expecting. The dainty female cheetah hadn't known that anyone was around, nor had she sniffed around for anyone. Her mind was on other things. Mani turned around, and looked at the lioness sitting in the tall grass. She was certainly larger but, then again, all lion were bigger than cheetahs. It didn't seem as though the other wanted to hurt he, so.. that was good. The lioness' body language didn't same anything threatening. " I'm sorry for the jump, I didn't know you were there. How are you today? "

Ashi Lux


Dapper Shapeshifter

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