Name: Serrure (French for Lock) Reincarnation of Loki
Aliases: God of lies, Loki, Loki Laufey
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Identity Status: Public
Age: current reincarnation is 13.
Height: 4'1"
Weight: 87 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Powers & Abilities: Shape shifting, enhanced strength; stamina (his Frost Giant metabolism grants him superhuman levels of physical stamina in practically all activities); durability enough to harmlessly withstand high-caliber bullets; and immunity to all known diseases and toxins, as well as some resistance to magic, Illusion casting, Manipulation of magical forces, amunity to some magic, Astroprojection, Emotinal influence and manipulation of those around him.

Base of Operations: Traveling. No real base of operation
Occupation: pickpocketing and tricks
Education: Genious level intelligence, Extensive trainning in magic including the dark arts.
Group Affiliation: none at the moment
History: The adopted Son of Odin and brother of Thor, Loki had spent his life trying to dethrown his adopted father and destroy his brother. He is the son of Odin's fallen enemy the Frost Giant king Laufey. Due to Loki's small stature Laufey had kept his child hiden from the other Frost Giants.
Loki was raised along side Thor but always felt he lived in Thor's shadow. In Asgard they favor strengh and heros of battle and bravery over all. Due to Loki's small stature and physical weaknesses he was always teh less favored. Loki hoever makes up for his lack of physical strengh with his intelligence and magic. His tricks have earned him the titke of God Of Lies and tricks.
Over the years Loki has been exiled from asgard due to his attempts in overthrowing his father and brother.
Over time it is revealed that the sorceror who cursed the father of Odin and made him into snow, setting forth the events that lead to Odin adopting Loki, was actually Loki himself. Loki had seen to it that he was taken in by the asgardian king thus setting his fate in stone.
Loki's name had been removed from the book of Hel so any time his physical body is destroyed or he dies, he is in fact reincarnated. He is unable to truley die.

His current reincarnation is a young boy. He has recently regained most of his memories and still posses a selfish drive to better himself and make others submit to his will. He able to shapeshift into his former form for a given time, thus useing his past image to strike fear in others and get his point accross. Otherwise if he appeares to others as Serrure, he presents himself as a messanger of Loki's. Another trick.