Name: Scott Summers

Aliases: Prelate Phoenix Ivanoff, Slym Dayspring

Alignment: Neutral

Identity Status: Non-existent

Age: 18

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 187

Eye Colour: Red

Hair Colour: Brown

Physical Description:
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Powers & Abilities: Optic blasts, spatial awareness, energy resistance, martial arts,

Weapons: His fists, his optic beams and his mind

Base of Operations: None

Occupation: Drifter

Education: High school graduate

Group Affiliation: None

History: Born in the frozen tundra of Anchorage, Alaska, Scott had only his mother to raise him as his father, Christopher Summers, split some time after he was born. But even this wasn’t enough for him as he hardly saw her, mostly at mealtimes, due to her being away at work, as it left him with a void that he was would be unable to fill. Shortly after he turned five his mother hired a man named Joseph Ivanoff as his tutor.

Until the age of fifteen, Scott was taught all that a person would normally learn in primary and secondary schools, as well as extra lessons not normally taught such as how to live off the land, the ability to fight with not only his hands and feet, but also with his mind and mouth, as well as leadership and independence skills.

At the age of twelve his powers came in being and for a while, he was unable to even open his eyes (living with bindings over his closed eyes, being taught how to survive and fight without eyesight). Roughly a year and half later, Joseph gave a pair of ruby-red quartz sunglasses. Finding himself to once again able to use his eyes, Scott discovered that there was a cost. Everything he saw was now presented in shades of red and should he ever take off the glasses, the optic beams that first appeared when he hit puberty would lay waste to anything within his path.

When he was fifteen, shortly after receiving his diploma of school completion, Scott decided that he wanted to see the world. Before leaving, he received a parting gift from Joseph, a pair of contact lenses that would block Scott’s optic beams and, along with the guarantee that if Scott ever needed another pair of the glasses or contact lenses, all he had to do was write home, the parting words of “There is always strength in Brotherhood.”

For two years he wandered Alaska and into Canada, taking odd jobs, never staying long because most people were put off either by his red eyes, the fact he rarely took off his sunglasses, was brusque and without tact, came off as manipulative or what most saw as acting like a total jerk (all traits picked up growing up as he had nobody else to interact with except his mother and tutor).

Stopping at a bank somewhere in Canada, Scott convinced the teller to allow him to open a savings account under the name Prelate Phoenix Ivanoff, even though Scott had no form of identification (birth certificate, social security, photo identification, driver’s license, ecetera).

When he finally travelled down into the main United States, specifically the state of Maine, Scott once continued his pattern of taking odd jobs and never staying in one place to long. When the opportunity to open a second savings account presented itself, he took the option, this time opening it under the name of Slym Dayspring.

Having money in two banks, which he could easily access from anywhere in the world, Scott finally wandered to New York, where he is currently living in one of many homeless communities.

Possible latent secondary powers: Phoenix force powers (Author's note: If these come into play at a later time, there will be consequences for Scott using them. When he does learn to use them, he will become an NPC [or at least until they are bound]).

Author's second note: At this point he does not have the visor, like pictured.