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Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 1:33 pm
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Mchawi had had a vision. Or that was what she had said that morning when she sought out the star-studded Nergui member; Kreia.

"I saw them as clear as day. Two of them together. Side by side. Bound by blood. Bound by a sibling's love. They hunger for purpose and that purpose lies with us. Of that I am certain. Go to them, Kreia, and tell them that their skills are needed. The dark female is a worthy warrior: strong and fierce. And the brother...he has a great power. A power such as his could aid in Graos Oma's cause. I think you know these two. I believe they are your siblings. It seems that your family were born to aid the Nergui. You have important parts to play."

And so it was that Kreia's siblings moved unknowingly towards Nergui territory, the dark female a good twenty paces ahead of her trailing brother. Mawasii paused to throw back her head and wait for him to join her, gesturing upwards with her muzzle. "The sky bleeds."

"Night is falling." He replied when he was close enough, his breath wheezing. He was a large lion, thickset with a heavy mane that framed his broad face. Travelling was hard on him and he often found himself being left behind as his fleet-footed sister scouted ahead to look for herds or danger or some place to bed down for the night. "We should find shelter before the shadows deepen. I don't like this place. It's too quiet."

"Hm." Mawasii turned her ears and puckered her whiskers to scent the air. "It is quiet but it seems safe enough. I've never been this far north."

He shook his head as he drew up alongside her, sitting to catch his breath. "Nor I." A pointless detail as the pair had not separated since becoming rogues. "But my visions are of this land, I'm sure. A land with a sky full of ravens and rock as black as night. We did see the ravens earlier."

"Kafele, there are ravens everywhere we look."

"No." He insisted. "This is right."

She smacked her tail against his shoulder and smiled at him. "I do not doubt it." Her brother was so rarely confident that this change in him had instilled a stronger confidence in herself. Kafele would not blunder towards a land if he did not believe it to be right. They had been seeking a purpose for so long now and finally it seemed as if they need look no further. Somewhere out here their new lives would begin. "You have grown stronger."

"We both have." He continued. "In different ways."

"You have never been a fighter." Mawasii agreed. "But you've become a guide. Mother would be proud to see how you use your gift now."

Kafele wasn't sure he would call his seer powers a gift, but his sister was right. They were remarkably easy to control now-a-days and the clarity of them could be so startling that he'd sometimes get muddled with what was real and what was vision.
PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:05 pm
Kreia's heart was still fluttering in her chest. Although it was the Nergui's strength of vision that had brought her into the horde, she had never garnered much attention from the kaars before. Which wasn't to say she was a nobody- Kreia liked to think she had made herself more than useful. More useful than say, Tengri. But it was still highly uncommon for her to be selected for any task of importance.

And she had been in a vision! It hadn't even really occurred to her that the vision had been more about her siblings than her. It didn't matter. Mchawai Oma knew who she was, and that was very close to have Godlum Oma know who she was! Close enough at least.

"Do you scent anything?" she said impatiently, looking down the rocky crevasse to where one of the nohoi was hunting. The fact that she was on a mission deemed important enough to get the pride's hounds to assist her was all the more thrilling.

The beast was at work, and took a moment to respond to her. His nose was down to the earth, scenting in whatever scraps of debris he could find. The northlands were frequently traveled; not just by nergui, but all sorts of rogues. It wasn't exactly going to be easy finding two in the middle of the endless plain. Even with Kaar Mchawai's vision to go off of. "Nothing of note," he finally reported.

Kreia sighed. "It is too bad the vision was not more clear..."

Darj lifted his head. The hyena's grey coat had been painted into intricate designs with mud. "It is a vision. It needs no location, for it will come to pass."

Kreia wished she could be so confident. It was not that she doubted the power of the kaars; she didn't want to screw this up. An order had been decreed, and she intended to carry it through. It was the first step into gaining more attention in the horde.

"Two coming up from the south. Perhaps it is the ones you are seeking?" the hyena reported. The words broke her train of thought, and she immediately scrambled down to where he was.

"They are still pretty far... but it has to be!" Kreia proclaimed.



Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:37 pm
"Come on, Kafele. If we don't get moving the night will be upon us before we've even made a start to seek shelter. The sun won't wait for you to catch your breath." Mawasii gave him another shove and took a few steps to encourage him. "You have to the count of three before I start off without you---"

"Okay, okay." He grumbled, pushing himself back to his weary paws. "Don't threaten me. It's mean. I'd say we still have a few hours left yet."

"It could take us that long to find a decent place to sleep." She reminded him, rolling her eyes. "This place looks barren and I don't fancy sleeping out here. It feels too exposed and we don't know the terrain as well as others might."

He gave a nod and lifted his head to glance out across the landscape. For a moment he saw nothing but rocks and dust and red sky. It held a strange, wild sort of beauty. A dangerous beauty that needed to be treated with great care. And then, without warning, there was movement. Someone was coming towards them. Two someones, in face. His heart lurched and the widening of his eyes alerted Mawasii who had been looking across at him. The black female swung around to see what had caught her brother's attention. "What is it, 'Fele?"

"Rogues." He answered in a breath, moving back alongside her. Kafele was a hopeless, clumsy fighter but his size was usually enough to put a testy rogue off of a scrap. Pretending to be tough had gotten them out of a few scrapes in the past.

Meanwhile, Mawasii was working her nostrils, reaching for the scents of these strangers. A moment later and a trace of them came to her, floating across the wind. A scent of canine came first and then, in its wake, something more familiar. Very familiar, in fact. Her heart skipped a beat and for a moment she fell very still, not daring to believe her own senses. "Kafele, that scent. Is it--?"

"Kreia?" He completed her unfinished question and the pair of them shared a look before moving onwards - fatigue momentarily forgotten. "Maybe this is what my vision was trying to tell me."

"To lead us towards Kreia? Perhaps..." Family was important, after all. That had been instilled in them since they had been young. "Well, since we're in the area, let's stop and say hello."

It took them a good few minutes to close that gap and, eventually, after a hastened pace, the siblings could make out the white spots emblazoned there on their sister's dark pelt; markings inherited from a father they would never have the chance to meet. "It is you, Kreia!" Mawasii called when they were within hearing distance. "What are you doing way out here? This far north, we didn't expect to see any rogues, let alone ones we knew."

And beside her, more shy, Kafele offered a small smile. "It's good to see you safe." Though his eyes flicked warily to the hyena.
PostPosted: Sat Aug 11, 2012 6:38 am
It was them after all! It was hard to hide her delight. Even if it was more slanted towards the fulfillment of a vision than it was seeing her siblings again. Still, they looked good. Mchawai Oma would be very pleased. "Mawasii! Kafele," she called out in greeting. "I could say the same for you! Not too many travelers go up this way."

For obvious reasons.

Beside her, Darj began to pace, keeping his eyes on the two newcomers. The nohoi were notoriously protective of their kin. Mission or not, these two were outsiders. When the shy one continued to shoot him wary glances, Darj made sure to slyly show off his fangs behind Kreia's back. Hopefully that would keep them in place.

"To be honest though, we were looking for you," Kreia continued. "I..."

How was she supposed to convince them to join them? She hadn't seen her siblings in many months. But it had been seen. She exhaled a bit and started again: "A seer in my pride saw you. She had a vision. She thinks that you are meant to be here."



Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 6:02 am
"We stopped by to see some old friends and just kept walking." And so they had, at first, until Kafele's visions confirmed that they were on some important path. The visions were what had kept them going even when the landscape had begun to grow bleaker and company had become more and more sparse. Someone had once said that there were no coincidences. Mawasii had scoffed at them back then but now she wasn't so sure. Perhaps there was something to this 'fate' lark after all. "And here we are."

Mawasii had not yet seemed to notice the hyena pacing, her eyes all for her sister. Kafele, on the other hand, did not seem able to look away. He visibly flinched when the hyena laid bare his teeth and shuffled back. He had little experience with canines and they made him nervous, particularly ones who stalked as confidently as that one. Thankfully, Kreia began to speak on things that interested him more than the hyena and he was momentarily distracted by talk of seers and visions. That was something, at least, which he had some experience with. "Visions?"

The dark sibling gave a small shrug. "Kafele's own power seems to be strengthening. I wouldn't have put much faith in visions a few months ago but now...now I'm not too sure. Tell her, 'Fele. Tell her what you saw."

"Black rock." Kafele replied obediently. "Black rocks jutting from the earth like lion's teeth. A sky full of ravens. They were screaming. Flying. Rising up into the sky to blot out the sun. Something is coming. A great change, perhaps. Some history about to be made." He shook his head, clearly unsure. As ominous as the vision sounded it hadn't made him afraid. Not truly. If it had he would certainly have turned tail and run the other way.

"We've been wandering the unclaimed lands for a while now, Kreia." Mawasii continued. "I won't say it's been a waste." They had, after all, seen Nissa and her cubs safely into a pride after that messy business with that male stealing her sons. They'd also aided the Pridelands with some trouble. But now...now the rogue lands seemed to have no purpose for them. "We've been seeking without knowing what it is we're looking for. Perhaps this pride you are a part of might be just what we're looking for."

"Do they...do they like seers?" Kafele asked nervously. He'd never liked advertising his power to others in case it brought hatred and scorn.
PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2012 12:36 pm
His powers were strengthening? She remembered her brother had a touch of the gift. But if they were improving, then perhaps... perhaps that was what Mchawai was able to sense! It was impressive enough that she didn't even feel the usual jealousy. After all, if she couldn't be a seer it might help to have a highly influential brother...

"Yes! More than any other. Seers give us the power to fight against all those who weaken Tra Ord Omak." Kreia said. "In our pride they are revered. Even our enemy's seers are important. It was one of our own that sent me."

She paused for a moment, trying to think. There was so much depth to her new home... but also savagery and mysticism. It would be hard to simply explain without seeming mad. "It is a bit more complicated than I can probably explain. But the Nergui, they will change the world. Graos Oma is a powerful leader, with many in his horde."

"I think your vision might be of our home," she continued. "We travel, but currently one of our camps is in the blackrock region. And many ravens follow us. I could show you, if you are curious."

She just hoped if they followed, they wouldn't change their mind. The Nergui were not likely to let them leave so easily.



Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:25 pm
It was a big decision. Or it should have felt like it. But strangely enough only Mawasii hesitated.

Big, ungainly Kafele who'd been cursed with a frame so large that hiding was impossible looked only relieved and excited. He wasn't at all sure that he wanted to be revered but it was better than being hated or mocked. He was tired of worrying about what others might think of him. Tired of hiding that part of himself away through fear of the reaction. If Kreia spoke truly - and he did not doubt her for a moment - then this place would be full of others who would be supportive and welcoming. He took a small step forward - momentarily fogetting the hyena - and gave Kreia a smile. "I would love to see."

Mawasii, who looked momentarily concerned, allowed the expression to ease off of her face. "They seem to be treating you well enough, sister." It seemed like Kreia had found purpose and perhaps happiness, too? If these Nergui could give their star-studded sister a reason to live then perhaps they could do the same for her siblings.

"To be part of a travelling group would be a boon. It would be awfully boring to be stuck in one place for the rest of one's life. But from the sounds of it, they have a different way to living than what we are used to. Do you think we'll adapt to it okay?" She didn't want Kafele getting his hopes up about some perfect place only to have them shattered. "And who is this...Tray Ordmak fellow? Kafele is not much of a fighter..."

That seemed to put a wrench in Kafele's enthusiasm. His smile faltered and his eyes, unwittingly, settled upon the hyena again. "Y-yes and...and who is your...friend? Is he part of this horde, too?"
PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:39 am
"It is...different from the groups we grew up knowing about," she admitted. "To some they may seem savage. But to those who understand, it is about much more than savagery. We are doing something important for the world, whether or not it knows it."

"Tra Ord Omak isn't a person...or a god really. The Nergui believe that he is the earth, the strength and power of natural order. There are those that corrupt the Tra Ord Omak by calling themselves gods, or the followers of the gods. They steal the power, and weaken all who are of the natural order. As lions, we cannot be anything else but followers of Tra Ord Omak. Anything else is...twisted," she proclaimed, following the similar mantra that she had heard upon her joining. "Like pretending. The Nergui do not wish to see the masquerade continue. By using the powers of the seers, we are able to see far ahead. We steal back the powers of the gods."

But it wasn't just about the march either. "But it is...more complicated than just that. Kafele would not need to fight. His gift alone would make him very important...and one of our most powerful Kaars already has foreseen him coming. Surely that speaks of something more than just happenstance!"

As to the other question, Kreia turned towards her friend. "He is Nohoi, they are apart of our horde. They assist the Kaars on various tasks. I am honored to have my mission deemed important enough to require the assistance of one."


Motoujamii Lands

PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:30 pm
A whole pride with a purpose? Driven towards a single goal? It sounded almost too good to be true. But perhaps this is where they had been going wrong all this time. Two lions couldn't make much of an impact on the world - not really. To make any sort of change, to do something truly worthwhile, numbers could make all the difference. But so many prides they had passed through now were content to settle in their homes, wandering only as far as their herds and trundling back. That life had never settled well with Mawasii and her brother - who might have liked it more - had been too worried about being excluded for what he was.

Neither Mawasii or Kafele had come across this strange belief of the Nergui's though. And yet it seemed to make more sense than others they had come across. A strength that lay in the earth - where bodies were returned and from which life burst forth.

"So, these gods sap the life's blood of..." She glanced to the ground. "Of the earth." For a moment she fell silent, meeting with her brother's gaze.

They had been led here by Kafele's visions. To a strange land. To a pride with strange beliefs with people who wanted to do something with their lives instead of sitting around idle. Not only had they found a place that might be accepting of Kafele's talents. They'd also found a place where they could do something worthwhile. And their own sister was here - drawn out across the lands because they had been seen in a vision. Mawasii could have laughed at how perfectly everything seemed to be slotting into place.

"It seems a strange land you have found yourself in, Kreia." Mawasii returned, glancing briefly at said 'Nohoi'. "But it sounds too good to turn aside. We would be fools to turn away the offer of something greater to spend more years of our lives wandering the rogue lands." She turned to her brother. "Kafele?"

The brown lion gave a deep nod. "If the Nergui will have us, sister, I'd be glad to join. I am weary of searching without knowing what I look for. If this is not what we sought, then I don't know what is."

"That's decided then." Mawasii replied enthusiastically. "We'll come back with you, Kreia. You and your Nohoi."

And as they prepared to leave, Kafele sheepishly asked: "Is it very far?"
PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:26 am

Kreia nodded. "There are many stories as to why it happened. That the gods turned away from Tra Ord Omak. Or that perhaps mortals found a way to steal his power. But whatever they are, they weaken all of us by living. They trick other prides into worshipping them, turning away from the earth that truly raised us. That we return to, no matter how much devotion you show to other gods."

To this, her voice held conviction. She was a newblood in the Nergui, but she was not just a convert of connivence or fear. All her life she sought answers... and this, this seemed to click. "Seers, our Kaars, are well respected because their dreams mean they have godblood in them. That their parents or some ancestor, tricked a god into sharing their power with them. When a seer dies that power returns to Tra Ord Omak. But until then, it grants them power to fight against the gods."

After that introduction, she seemed rather pleased with herself. Beyond dragging them, she didn't think she could have made a more compelling case. Her head turned to Darj, hoping to see his reaction. Instead, the Nohoi was monitoring the horizon. Vigilant, working, and unconcerned. She supposed she shouldn't feel disheartened. His job wasn't recruiting her siblings.

"You will-!" She gaped. Not out of surprise, but sheer victory. "I am very glad! And please, our Kaars can explain things better than I could ever! It is...not far, but I can't say if camp has been moved around a bit. We do travel. But the Nohoi are more than capable of finding home, no matter where it moves."

Darj didn't seem to notice the compliment, but shifted his ear to indicate he'd heard.

Pleased enough not to notice, Kreia took a few steps backwards. "You will not regret it, I am sure. I am sure this is fate itself at work."


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