User ImageRikku
Birthday: March 2003
Observed Birthday: March 15th
Died: March 12, 2016

Name: She was named after the character Rikku from Final Fantasy X and X-2. Although this was not her original name, she didn't respond at all to the name she had when I adopted her thus I concluded that she didn't like it. Since I didn't like her original name either, I renamed her.

Description: Rikku is a black and white tuxedo print cat with white markings on all of her feet, stomach, chest and half of her chin. Her body type could be best described as semi-cobby due to being short and stocky, but her head is triangular with ear tuffs.

She was known to have separation anxiety when I adopted her, which has required her to be medicated on and off over the years. She is knocked-kneed on her hind legs in that the knees will touch each other, which has resulted in her becoming arthritic. Between the two, the winter months tend to be somewhat bad for my cat in that she'll spend most of her time sleeping on the living room sofa under the heater vent and only leave it to either eat food or use the litterbox.

She does far better in the spring and by late April, Rikku spends much of the day time being fully alert and interested in what is going on around her. Although she has little interest in running around and playing, she continues to enjoy hunting the occasional bug that has the misfortune of finding its way into the house. [On a side note, the scuff mark on her nose is from a spider bite, and the fur never fully grew back.]

Rikku is a very affectionate and kissy cat. She will cuddle a little bit if carried but is not a lap sitter unless you're not feeling well.

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