Name: Sachie Whitby
Full Name: Sacheverell Raleigh Michael Whitby
Any Other Names:

Age: 23 apparent; ~350 actual
Sex: Male
Species: European Vampire [previously human]

Powers/Special Abilities:
- Vampire-Specific Powers - Sachie can see in complete darkness out to a range of sixty feet, and a light source will not prevent him from being able to see into dark areas beyond it. Colors within the same spectrum range cannot be discerned from each other while in the dark. [For example, pink and maroon both look equally red to him without the presence of light.]

His sense of smell is attuned towards locating potential prey. He can pick up the smell of fresh blood in the air if there is a sufficient concentration and he is either in close proximity or downwind (leeward) from the source. While all humans smell exactly the same, dietary preferences do cause him to claim that attractive women smell delicious and all men smell like yuck. His ability to smell less important things has been greatly diminished and only gets worse with each passing year.

His body heals at an extraordinarily fast rate to the extent that a full recovery of all minor to moderate injuries will occur within minutes provided he is not continuing to incur further damage. A severed limb can be reattached and will just heal itself back into the correct place. If it has been separated from him for too long, his body will automatically begin to grow a replacement. [A severed limb automatically reduce to ash if not reattached in time thus it is not possible to use it to grow a duplicate of him.] Trace amounts of his blood can be used as an improvised healing potion if drunk by someone else.

He is immortal in the sense that he will never grow old and wither away but can be killed. In the event that he is severely injured but not outright killed, he can attempt to revert to an entirely gaseous state then retreat to location where he can safely regenerate his damaged body.

He can go in and out of a gaseous state at will. While this is normally an entirely voluntary action, he will sometimes do so as a reflex if he feels threatened [or is just having a bad enough nightmare.] As it was the first voluntarily power he learned and something he uses quite often, it is far more developed than any of his other powers.

He can detached his shadow from himself to use as a supernatural sentry that watches a specific location. If the location should be disturbed for any reason, the shadow will automatically return to him. It otherwise has no ability to interact with anyone and is not of a sufficient intelligence to distinguish between a burglar, a vampire hunter, and a mouse when it comes to disturbances. [It should be noted that Sachie almost never casts a shadow, having left it to guard his house.]

He can send his reflection away to deliver short messages to other vampires that he is closely related to. Likewise the reflections of other vampires will sometimes appear in the mirror with him, which can be seen and heard by anyone who is supernatural themselves or has some innate magic.

- Vampire-Specific Weaknesses - Sachie is nocturnal in that he has a higher activity level during the evening. He can be awake and move about freely during the daylight hours, but direct contact with sunlight is always very uncomfortable to the extent that his exposed skin really does feel like his body is going to burst into flames. He will rapidly develop a sunburn with blisters in only a few seconds of exposure. As he lacks the ability to regulate his body temperature, even shaded areas can be uncomfortable to him during hot weather. Cold weather its does not pose any problems, but the brightness of snow does intensify the effects of sunlight. A wooden stake that pieces his heart is potentially fatal if not removed quickly and not followed up with an emergency blood donation. Although he can theoretically drown, a vampire's need for air is mostly for verbal communication thus he could technically hold his breath for hours. Fire can kill him if it reduces him completely to ashes, while both decapitation and nuclear blasts will kill him outright. Anything other than human blood cannot be digested and will cause him to involuntarily regurgitate everything in his stomach.

- Vampire Mythology [i.e. Stuff that doesn't apply] - Sachie does not sparkle in sunlight and will only give you blank looks if asked. Sunlight does not make him catch on fire or explode. It just hurts a lot. He has no difficulties with touching silver, garlic, and running water. He does not require an invitation to go into homes and can set foot on any sanctified ground. He has never suffered from arithmamania. He is not affected by blessed objects regardless of the faith. Flight in gaseous form is limited such that if he wants to go north and the wind is blowing hard towards the south-east, he's going south-east. He cannot shape-shift to a wolf or a bat. He does not possess mind powers of any sort, such as being able to mind control, influences or wipe memories of people who make eye contact with him. He is not fertile nor is he possess by a demon. He cannot turn someone into a vampire with just one bite or even three as his kind would outnumber everyone else if that was true. You will not turn into a vampire just for consuming trace amounts of his blood [less that amount contained in a vampire potion] nor will you experience sexual dreams involving him for doing so.

- Other - Sachie is an accomplished violinist with exceptionally high amounts of motor coordination and manual dexterity. He does not require a metronome or some other device to ensure that he plays at the correct tempo. Although he has some ability to play other stringed instruments with varying degrees of proficiency, he is physically unable to play any music instrument that must be blown into as his own lack of a need for air [other than for vocal communication] completely impedes his ability to produce a decent sound. He has had some experience with firearms and explosives, which also includes warfare situations. Most of these skills were enhanced by having centuries develop and perfect them but are otherwise completely mundane in nature.

Height: 5'10" [177.8cm]
Weight: unknown
Physique: Thin and Wiry
Complexion: Undead; Pale form Sunlight Avoidance
Hair: Black
Eye Color: Gray; Cat-like Pupils
Any Other Notable Physical Attributes: He has what looks like a smudge on the left-side of his neck and calluses on the finger tips of his left hand, which were all from years of playing the violin that started during his childhood. He otherwise has the hands of someone that never worked a day of his human life and probably wouldn't know how to hold a job even now. His upper canine teeth have been replaced with exceptionally sharp fangs. His body temperature feels perfectly normal to himself and other vampires, but other non-undead beings will notice that he feels cold and dead unless he's recently fed directly from a living person, which is the only time he feels warm to the touch.

Intelligence Level: He is very knowledgeable when it comes to classical music, with a noticeable bias towards violin concertos. He has a high degree of what could be called book smarts, which he has little applicable use for as the bulk of his reading came from the fiction section. He finds all scientific technology a little scary as he's inept when using it but is young enough that he is still quick to learn new things.
Mental Condition: He can be naive at times, especially in regards to things that he just knows cannot kill him because no vampire has ever been killed by it. He is perfectly sane.
Style of Speech: His speaking accent sounds like its been over the place, but nowhere from Gaia.
Religion: Like the majority of vampires from his homeland, he believes very strongly in God as their savior and that the Messiah [who he never mentions by name] was resurrected by God's will as the first vampire, with all vampires after being descendent from him. There is a lot of vampire superiority within the faith, which is something that Sachie buys into without feeling the need to save every lesser being that crosses his path.
Occupation: None (officially speaking)
Socioeconomic Status: Upper Class. Sachie's family never had financial difficulties due to being able to use their unique talents to acquire money.
Social Status: Low. Vampires in Gaia are often linked with criminals, dark elves and other groups of poor standing with no regard to their actual affiliation. Society people seem to fear them as if they will be eaten then impersonated as a means of stealing wealth. His social status is much higher in his homeland, primarily due to a vampire sitting on the country's throne and his own family's extreme loyalty to her.

Likes: blood, drinking blood, vampires, cats, umbrellas/parasols, music, violins, reading books, nice clothing, watches, rings, flowers, expensive furniture, cold weather
Dislikes: vampire hunters, sunlight, dragons, plague zombies, fake vampires, sparkles
- General Personality: Sachie tries to be friendly with mortals as they are pathetically short-lived things, which often scares them into thinking that he's just after their blood. He is very complacent with his hunting methods as he knows that he'll have far less people trying to kill him if the food just offers her neck to him. He can be slow about adapting his attitudes towards current trends and is easily confounded with something conflicts with the values he grew up with. Although he finds the rampant promiscuity of Gaia to be delightfully shocking, he doesn't know if he should be embarrassed for the person skipping about half naked or if that really is normal to the extent that more should be doing it.
- Fashion Sense: He has a tendency to be archaic as he really does think that things like spats, cravats, bow ties and other really impractically fancy clothing are all still in fashion. He loves ridiculous hats and will actually wear them.
- Adherance towards Vampire Laws: He follows these very strictly as breaking one will mean loosing his head: do not kill other vampires; do not ally with non-vampires against vampires; do not feed from another vampire's herd without permission; do not covet, steal or kill from another vampire's herd; do not steal the possessions of other vampires; honor your creator who turned you as he is your father; give due respect to the elder vampires of your lineage as they are your ancestors; protect your own herd from things that might harm or kill them; always honor your agreements with wizards and other allied species. Vampire laws apply entirely to vampires from Sachie's homeland and not to the ones native to Gaia.
- Blood Preference: Attractive human females, preferably blondes and gingers, that he will say looks delicious or yummy.
Ambitions: His primary ambition is to not get himself killed.
Habits: He thinks about blood all the time and is a bit of an opportunist in that he will just help himself if around someone unconscious and bleeding. He has the habit of looking at humans the same exact way that a hungry lion would look at a zebra, which can lead to some unfortunate misunderstandings.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Marital/relationship status: None
Noteworthy Family/Friends:
- The Whitbys - Sachie's vampire "family," which recruited all if its members by adopting young human children that were raised specifically to turn them into vampires once they reached human adulthood and were deemed ready. This has resulted in a growing group of vampires that remain exceptionally loyal towards each other. He is otherwise unable to sustain permanent scar or injury as his body will just keep healing itself back to how it was at the exact moment he was turned.
- The Queen - Although she is neither a friend nor an ally, she is noteworthy due to Sachie's unwavering loyalty towards her.

- Human Lifetime - 28 May 1661 to 2 Nonmember 1684
Sachie was born in London, the capital city of Britannia. His homeland was a country where everything functioned due to the existence of magic, and science was nothing more than an idea that couldn't be proven to actually exist. The most ordinary of humans were fully aware of the existence of seelie, werebeings, wizards, and the undead. Dragons rampaged through the countryside where they would steal sheep, and equally dangerous monsters lurked in any body of water of a large enough size.

His father was a merchant who imported teas from the colonies, lacquered boxes from the Eastern countries, fine silks, rare furs, intricately carved statues, and other luxury goods. It was a very profitable trade that meant the family was able to live comfortably despite their own inability to use magic.

Unfortunately a great plague came from the East during Sachie's very early childhood. It did not simply kill its victims as the bodies of anyone who perished from it would rise up as mindless hopping zombies that threatened to infect anyone they came into contact with. As corpses were piled up to be burned in the streets on a daily basis, people became increasingly afraid to leave their homes. His father's business failed, resulting in debts that increased faster than they could be paid off. Knowing that they were going to be sent off to debtor's prison, his parents asked an old associate to look after Sachie. It was due to these series of events that he was raised by vampires and was adopted into their family, which meant growing up knowing that he would be turned into one of them at some point.

The remainder of his short human life was completely uneventful, falling into a routine of adults who corrected him for even the most trivial mistake, where it be using bad posture or holding a quill with bad form. The vampires in Britannia were highly ritualistic, formal and very easily offended such that failing to address someone correctly was often offense serious enough to demand the offender's head.

His efforts to court a young lady caused Sachie to ride his horse home in the rain one evening thus he caught the sickness. Healers tried to rebalance his humors, but the slow recovery caused his vampire parent to decide that it was time to have him turned. Although he retains whatever memories he still had from when he was human, he is no longer capable of understanding them from a human perspective.

- Vampire Lifetime - 2 November 1684 to Present
Sachie awoke for the first time as a vampire to the shock of finding himself inside a coffin and buried. It was an entirely ritualistic practice that forced him to figure out for himself very quickly how to turn into a gaseous state in order to escape from his own grave. He was kept sheltered for most of the next two centuries while his more innate powers were still developing, never permitted to stray far from one of the older members of his family when leaving home. Young vampires were not protected by laws yet thus had a tendency to fall prey to hunters seeking to drain them of their blood to sell or just to acquire fangs as trophies.

His leisurely existence came to an abrupt end when the great plague returned and far more virulent than before. When even a dragon began to show signs that it was going to succumb to the plague, Sachie was among the many individuals that were drafted for the sole purpose of taking the creature down to minimize the spread of infection. The experience left him with a lasting dislike for dragons, and he retired from military duty after the six years it took to drive the plague out of Britannia, feeling content to return to life as he had previously known it.

The steadily decline in humans over the following decades brought about numerous advances, among them being a magical gateway that allowed for travel between dimensions. After several unsuccessful attempts that only revealed inhospitable worlds or empty space, the doorway finally opened onto to a land that was known as Gaia by its native population. When reports from the initial scouting party returned with news that the land's vampire king was nothing more than a pathetic shop boy who worked for a human, the Queen became outraged and wanted his head delivered to her while also demanding that anyone loyal to him be killed.

Once again Sachie found his pleasant life disrupted, this time by his country's security services were recruiting him to participate in the very delicate matter that would eventually lead to the assassination the Gaian vampire king without revealing anything that would expose Britannia's existence to the natives. However for the time being, the only orders that he has been given have been to integrate himself into Gaian society while posing as an idiot with no job and a trust fund to leach off of [which isn't hard for Sachie to do] while he waits on standby for further instructions.

Anything else: Although his native country [and therefore Sachie also] actively plots against Gaia's native vampire population, the only agenda concerning the rest of Gaia is to establish peaceful relations and the trading of goods.