Name: Veronica Lucida St.John (formerly McMasters)
Aliases: Damsel,Victoria Blake,Natalia Putin, and Jennifer Pembrook
Alignment: Neutral
Identity Status: Secret-ish
Age: 114
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 110
Eye Color: green/hazel
Hair Color: dark brown
Powers & Abilities: immortality✧invulnerability to gunshots, lacerations, and most forms of blunt force trauma✧extensive training with firearms and weaponry
Weapons:Tommy gun✧Switchblade
Base of Operations: Currently; her Firm in Chicago Illinois
Occupation: Runs a successful enterprise that dabbles in ventures with fashion, acting, and modeling business', called Emery enterprises.
Education: officially: High School, Unofficially: Doctorate Level
Group Affiliation:SHIELD
History: Veronica reached adulthood just at the edge of the roaring 20s, marrying a childhood friend and scientist, Emery McMasters in 1918 when she turned 20 years old. Emery was considered an innovator ahead of his time in the pharmaceutical arts, and wound up in his naivete joining on a shady operation in Illinois to supplement his income by creating drugs for them. In his private research Emery found a compound that he believed would keep him and Veronica alive and safe for as long as could be comprehended. He injected it into Veronica as a precaution before going to work one day in March of 1920, that would be the last time he saw his wife. Veronica received a frightened phone call from Emery telling her about the compound and his research, and begging her to destroy it. In a fit of panic she did just that, totally destroying her husbands private documents and notes and any chemical compounds she found in his basement lab. The next morning she received a phone call from the Illinois police department, Emery was dead. Veronica was stricken for days with grief and fear, and in her attempts to take her own life found that she couldn't realizing that one of Emery's last gifts to her kept her from him in the here-after. In the weeks following she began to take up the flapper life style, going from dens and speak-eases during her days as a cover to track down the operation that she knew took her husbands life. Eventually she found them and slipped into their society with the ease of a master actress, by that time it was 1923. Over the next year she worked her way up forming loyalties with men within the gang until she reached the top, before ripping them apart from the inside out in a ruthless slaughter. It garnered her a reputation in the criminal underground, and lead her to taking over operations run other gangs until she had her own monopoly on the criminal circuit. Before the stock market crash of 1929, Veronica decided to take her money and travel overseas like her and Emery had planned to, leaving her top lieutenant in charge and her personal money away from the investments of the organization. She took her money and consolidated it into gold and jewels before her trip, thinking it a much better idea than dealing with currency exchange rates, once 1929 hit she was glad she had. It put her in a position to be able to go anywhere and that she did, spending time in Egypt, Africa, France, the Baltic countries, most of Scandinavia ,and finally England. The 4 year tour ended there, in London where she took up a modest residence taking up her time with studies in every language possible. When WWII hit, she was fluent in the languages for the most critical players, but had moved back to the United States in order to be closer to her estranged family in Indiana, claiming to be her own daughter. She had yet realized that she had caught the eye of the US special operation while in England, until they approached her with a job translating foreign intelligence. She took it, with the promise that she could eventually be considered as a candidate recon work. The promise was fulfilled within a years time, and she was put into special training that included basic hand to hand combat and selective weapons training. She spent the next two years as a mole in Berlin, before having to cut ties and go off the radar, fleeing to the Alps and living in seclusion until the had ended. She came back, much to the surprise of her family and even more surprise to the government, unchanged. She was black bagged one day after coming home, and found herself confronted with a military operation looking into people of unusual backgrounds or abilities (later known as SHIELD), they questioned her and ran tests before asking her what she intended to do with her life. She simply said she wanted to live it, and do what she could to protect her family be it legal or not. She became one of the first operatives to join the ranks of the young organization, immediately placed into the Soviet union as a recon officer after given even more advanced training than she previously acquired. There she played the right cards and shook the right hands, working right into the USSRs own intelligence network where she became a top agent for the expanse of the cold war up until the 60s. Then she faked her own death before returning back to the US, taking up desk work to help care for her aging brother who had suffered a painful wound during the Korean war on his last tour as a radio repairman for the army. She stayed in a low level position within shield until the early 80s when she left them to care for her brother full time. He passed away in the late 80s, and she went underground for a stent before coming back to the world as Victoria Blake (a successful fashion model) for the duration of the 90s, before coming back again under her legal name in 2006. She has been running a successful corporation that dabbles in ventures with fashion, acting, and modeling business' while under SHIELD's scrutiny.