Name: Daken Akihiro
Aliases: Daken
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Identity Status: Open
Age: 66
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Black
Powers & Abilities: Regenerative healing factor
Retractable claws. Hyper senses
Superhuman physical ability
Pheromone manipulation that suppresses his scent and alters emotions and sensory perception of others, withstand telepathy and control those who try to enter his mind,
Excellent martial artist
Weapons: Claws, also skilled with knives and most other weapons
Base of Operations: Mobile
Occupation: Assasin
Education: Highly skilled in hand to hand combat, stealth, bomb making
Group Affiliation: None
Daken is the son of Logan and his then Japanese wife Itsu. In Jasmine falls Japan, 1946 Itsu was killed when Romulus sent the Winter Solder to kill her while she was pregnate. While she lay dieing a mysterious man cuts Daken from her and leaves her to die. He is then later placed with an adoptive family.
He is named Akihiro by his adopted father yet others rename him Daken, meaning b*****d dog or mongrel, a jab at his mixed heritage.
He is teased by many of the other children and it causes him to be cold and distant. One day his adopted mother confesses that she doesn't love Akihiro and also that she is pregnate.
After the birth of the baby Daken confronts his mother by telling her he has killed her son. A fight ensues and when an attempt is made to kill Daken it triggers his claws and he accidently kills his adopted mother. His father, unable to kill him committs suicide.

Daken has infiltrated S.H.E.I.L.D and other such organizations. He has a great dislike for his father due to the influence on Romulus, who twisted it so Daken would belive that Logan was responcable for his true mother's death.
Now Daken is tracking down the whereabouts of his father Wolverine in his quest for revenge. He also has no issues in getting to his father through his father's friends and aquaintences.