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Name: Alyison Renae Richards
Aliases: (Greek Goddess) Athena, Night Spade, Aurelia Florous Cassianus
Alignment: Good
Identity Status: Secret
Age: 26 (Though she was the goddess Athena and is far older then that)
Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 135lbs
Eye Color: Aqua Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Powers & Abilities: Particle Manipulation
Weapons: Anything she can get her hands on but usually has a blade hidden somewhere
Base of Operations: Home just outside New York City
Occupation: Alyison has acquired quite a bit of wealth in her time of traveling but now works as an Antiquities Dealer. Giving her the inns to some of the most inaccessible places in the world.
Education: PhD in Archaeology from Boston University
Group Affiliation: N/A
History: Alyison was born in the time of the Greek Gods as a Mutant. The Greek God Zeus courted her and after she refused him because she was in love with a man from her fathers military unit he swore he would have her. On her wedding night Zeus came to her and offered the chance to join him once more, she refused him a second time and he killed her husband. After taking her to his home against her will, Zeus decided to make her a Goddess due to her vast creation capabilities available to her because of her gift. She later attempted to kill herself after Zeus had taken her to Olympus and as punishment he cursed her with “immortality” Using another mutants gift he permanently froze some of her cells not allowing her to age or die from any illnesses or injuries. She was forced to watch all that she loved die; after the Greek Gods’ fell from humanities favor some separated while others stayed with Zeus. Alyison took this time to flee and has not been heard from since. Zeus looks to it as her being disobedient to his rule.

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