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Full Name: Vital Analysis Logistics
Aliases: V.A.L.
Alignment: Evil
Age: NA
Height: NA
Weight: NA
Eyes: NA
Hair: NA
Weapons: NA
Group Affiliation: DoomCorp
Base of Operations:DoomCorp, Latveria
Identity status: NA
Occupation: Vital organ regulator and managing AI for DoomCorp
Education: None; has an internal processor capable of retrieving vast amount of information at a moment's notice.
Powers and Abilities:
Though VAL is a mechanical creation, the mysticism used by Doom has had minor side effects on how it functions. According to its monthly logs, the AI's coding has began to alter unexpectedly, creating a obscure and unreadable data file that continues to grow. It has never caused an issue at DoomCorp nor a change in productivity, however, it seems as the file grows VAL gains the ability to create its own ideas, emotions, and reactions as well as formulating its own personality. Though it's a minimal threat, Doom has added several protocols to make sure he gets a final say in radical ideas from the AI but does allow it to keep whatever individuality seems to be manifesting for both scientific purposes and personal intrigue.
The Vital Analysis Logistics, or VAL, is an AI created by Victor von Doom after his near brush with death trying to revive Valeria, his eternal love. A fusion of both mechanical ingenuity and mysticism, its main purpose was to monitor and aid in stabilizing his internal organs and vitals after the accident. However, as time progressed, Doom saw the benefits and efficiency of an AI, and soon VAL became the central AI for DoomCorp, orchestrating everything from robotics manufacturing to energy output to better Latveria and its people.