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[ORP] The Shrine of Wenivae Faern

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:36 am
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You wander slowly through the forest completely lost but entirely calm. No one has told you the way, can tell you the way but you feel in your heart that you must be close by. A brightly coloured butterfly flitters past your head, you follow it for a while, enchanted until suddenly you catch sight of a pure white stump standing alone in a small clearing. Petrified and stone-like what remains of it's upper branches wrap around a small multicoloured crystal window. Although the canopy is dense, light streams down from above and filters through the window, small gems hang on strings from the stump and surrounding trees, casting small rainbows throughout the clearing. You have found the shrine of Wenivae Faern, reverently you creep forward to kneal before the stump and bathe in the light of the window. At the base of the stump you place a small offering and ask for the goddess to hear your prayer ...

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:37 am
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Assignment of magical element (Ista):
Although born with a natural affinity with nature and the 4 elements no unicorn can fully manipulate them without a blessing from the goddess of magic. As teenagers all young Ista journey deep into their forest to visit the shrine of Wenivae Faern and ask to be assigned their magical element.

If they feel they already have an affinity for a particular element (or elements) they must prove it with a small display before the goddess, evidence in a past rp will increase your chances (remembering that at this stage their magical abilities are only rudimentary)

70% chance of receiving desired element with display
90% if a prior example is provided

If they do not feel a particular affinity for any element they must entrust in the goddess to assign them one

a 4 sided die will be rolled;
1 = earth
2 = water
3 = wind
4 = fire

10% chance of being assigned multiple elements

Increase in magical skill (Ista)
Ista serious about excelling at magic will make regular pilgrimages to the shrine of Wenivae to further their magical abilities.

a 20 sided die will be rolled
1-2 = no points
3-10 = +1 magic skill point
11-18 = + 2 magic skill points
19-20 = + 3 magic skill points
* prayer can only be made once every 6 months

Increase in artistic skill (all Meara)
Although the forests of the Ista are dark and mysterious many Meara serious about becoming artisans will venture into their depths to ask the goddess to bless them with artistic skill.

a 10 sided die will be rolled
1 = no points
2-6 = +1 artisan skill point
7-9 = + 2 artisan skill points
10 = + 3 artisan skill points
* prayer can only be made once every 4 months

Success in a creative endeavour:
**to be added**

Please begin all prayers with the following code

[color=indigo][i]Dearest goddess of magic and arts, please hear my heartfelt prayer ...[/i][/color]

* regular prayer in general rp will cause the goddess to take a shine to your Meara and may result in surprise skill increase
* if you are successfully assigned an element(s) a small gem will be added to your cert identifying your meara's element

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:11 am

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 10:26 am
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Caruso had been feeling a burning in his soul for a while now. Nothing he tried would douse that burning. As he matured, his skin began to darken, and look as though it were on fire. Many of those in the village whispered about his unknown parents, and what his destiny might be. Finally he could take it no longer and he did what any Ista would do in his situation....He had been traveling through the woods for two days now, in search of her shrine. As he went deeper, the trees got thicker, and the lighting grew dimmer. He was beginning to think he would never find the shrine, and was seriously considering turning back at next light if he didn't find it by sunset this day.

A few hours later, when he knew by instinct that the sun was beginning to set, he noticed in the distance, a strange sort of light. He knew the sun had already set below the treeline, so there should be no light like this so close to the forest floor. He hastened his steps, anxious to see where this light was emanating from, or what its origin might be. As he drew closer, it became apparent that the light was coming from a tree stump. Not any ordinary tree stump either, for this stump was bleached as white as snow, and in its upper branches, there sat a multi-faceted, multi-colored window of glass. He knew instantly that he had arrived at her shrine. The light he had seen was somehow shining out through the glass, but there was no evidence of a fire on the other side of it.

He approached slowly and reverently, kneeling down at the base of the stump. He reached into the bag on his hip and brought out the gift he would leave as an offering. Placing the small, wooden sculpture on the ground by the stump, he said.....


Dearest goddess of magic and arts, please hear my heartfelt prayer ... for I am at a loss. For years now I have had this burning in my heart, and in my whole body, and I cannot quell the flames. If I but knew what it meant, or for what purpose I was to use it, I believe I could live with it the rest of my life. But there is no one who can tell me. I was orphaned at a young age, and raised by strangers. There is no knowledge of who my parents were, or if this burning in my heart was inherited from them. Please goddess, I ask you for direction in my life.

He remained kneeling for the remainder of the night, not wanting to leave the sacred place. Hoping the goddess would give him an answer before he left.

[just so you know Blue, I won him in DK's event, and I had to give him an element. That element was fire.]  

Shanra the Dragon Bard

Devout Worshipper

Blue-Bell05 rolled 1 10-sided dice: 2 Total: 2 (1-10)


PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 5:39 am
Shanra the Dragon Bard

The goddess watched the firey red Meara kneel before her shrine. He had wandered all day to reach it and remained before it all through the night, this impressed her. Such dedication and determination was a trait she felt was vital to all Ista. He spoke of a burning fire within him, she could feel it now, bright and bold like the sun! She sympathised with his pain with a need for direction for what was an Ista without magic. As dawn broke she smiled down on him...  
PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 5:43 am
the goddess has heard your prayer and has granted you the element of FIRE

*Bell will re-cert your boy asap and give him a shiny new gem to advertise his new element!  


Shanra the Dragon Bard

Devout Worshipper

PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 6:45 am
Caruso felt a presence during the night, and when he awoke the next morning, he knew the Goddess had answered his prayer. He could feel the magic dwelling inside of him. Fire! That was what it had been all these years. He had been harboring the element, but didn't know it. He thanked the Goddess, rose from his place of rest, and left her shrine, secure in his new knowledge.  

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