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[PRP] Presumptions (Zizima and Sarangerel)

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Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2012 12:12 pm
Sarangerel lay in the streaks of shade cast from the thorny undergrowth that seemed to have run rampant across the parched lands; her head settled in her paws but her eyes up to the sky. In a tree, perhaps ten paces away, there was a dark mass that indicated a nest. She had been watching it for the past hour or so, mulling over her dark thoughts as she watched the grey raven flying back and forth to feed her young.

Her eyes darkened.

Was everyone producing offspring except for her? Did she even want cubs? Or, more accurately, did she want Muunokhoi's cubs? Especially when she was harbouring the suspicion that Mchawi might already be carrying his children. They were often in one another's company and that Kaar Oma could not be trusted. How she had gained her position so quickly, she'd never know. Well, actually, she did know. It was because she was a god-slayer. And that was the only reason. Kill a god and be worshipped as one...hmpf...maybe she should find herself a god to kill. Then she would be Sarangerel God-Slayer and they'd revere her as she ought to have been. That would show them. They wouldn't be able to keep her out of the battles then.

The raven - Mchawi's damned raven - returned to the nest for the hundredth time that day, leaning over the edge to feed the screaming youngster there. Apparently the raven only had one hatchling to feed. One hungry mouth to silence. Which was probably a good thing, considering she didn't seem to have a partner. She was probably better off alone, in any case. Less trouble. Less complications.
PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2012 2:32 am
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Zizima had been making more of an effort lately to fit in with the Nergui. He now had a slightly better grasp of their strange language, and he had even started to appreciate it whenever one of them praised him, or asked him for tips or advice. It almost felt nice to be needed once more, although that could sometimes be a burden. The last time someone had relied on him, he had let her down. He wasn't there when she really needed him. Now that he was with the Nergui, he vowed never to make that same mistake again.

Although he hadn't been looking for anyone in particular, he eventually spotted the pale form of the first Nergui lioness he had met, Sarangerel. It was a painfully hot day, and she had wisely chosen to lie in the shade. Zizima moved to join her, but stopped just outside of the shaded area. "Mind ek I iuem you?" He spoke slowly, sounding out the words that weren't familiar to him. He thought it best to ask her if she minded him joining her, as she seemed quite deep in thought.



Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:54 am
So lost in thought she didn't even realise he was there until he spoke, startling her onto her paws and lifting the fur along her neck. Her head whipped around, a snarl on her face--which was immediately snuffed out when she saw who it was. Not Muunokhoi. But Zizima. She relaxed immediately, her eyes brightening as he addressed her in the local tongue. He was learning fast. But of course he would. He was made for the Nergui and she, Sarangerel, had found and recruited him.

She seemed to have forgotten that Ovu had been there, too.

Stepping back to make room, she settled down in the shade again and gestured with a paw for him to join her. "Praoka do." And, after a moment - commenting on the heat - she spoke again of his ability to adapt and learn. "You ora learning koks, Zizima. I orraodae hear sra whispers uk your sorams amongst kae people." And indeed, she had. Talent was not a thing to be hidden away in the Nergui. If it was spotted - particularly in a male - it was spoken about and Zizima had clearly made an impression on the pride. "Wru knows. You kesrs even apior Muunokhoi em a kav months." She hoped it was not obvious that she was hoping for Muunokhoi to be shown up by a newcomer. He was supposed to be her husband, after all. She should have been on his side. Not that of a newly converted rogue. But could she really be blamed? Muunokhoi was an unfeeling brute. Zizima was not.

"You kaak happier. Mura comfortable?" She hoped he was. Sarangerel didn't like to think that he was unhappy with them. With her.
PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:08 pm
Zizima was a little shocked by her sudden fierceness, not meant for him apparently, as she soon softened when she realised who it was that was greeting her. "Is kae accent sros bad?" He said rather jokingly, although he could only manage a small smile to go with it.

Once she had given him permission, he moved to join her in the shade, resting his large frame next to hers, mindful not to invade her personal space despite the small amount of shade that they shared. A small sigh escaped his throat as the coolness of the shade immediately brought relief to his scarred back.

When Sarangerel spoke of what she had heard about him from the other Nergui, he allowed himself a small chuckle. "I sremd some uk the aeuimsar ones roqa started kodems stuff iv." Zizima was not the type to reveal much about his past, not wishing to glamorise the very dark and vile reality of fighting, and so some of the younger Nergui had started making up stories about him simply based on his scars and other rumors, which were also made up in most cases. "Apparently I took duvm a vrura Pride umca." That was his favorite story, because it was the most unrealistic. The idea that a single lion could defeat an entire Pride was laughable. Still, the young ones believed it. It was quite sweet in a way.

At the mention of Muunokhoi, a deep frown touched his face. "That 'kuur' needs su learn kuka manners." Although Zizima was sure that he had yet to meet every single Nergui, of all the ones he had met, Muunokhoi was the only one that had not been welcoming. Also, his treatment of Sarangerel had really bothered him. He wondered if it would be worth asking Mchawi about the protocols that would need to be followed in order for him to fight Muunokhoi and 'win' Sarangerel from him. Not to have her as his own, but simply to free her from that brute. That was something to consider in the future. For now, he would enjoy the chance to rest and spend a bit of time with the female in question.

When the pale female asked how he was fairing within the Nergui, he remained silent. Although Zizima did feel quite comfortable within the Nergui at this point, there were certain aspects of it that concerned him. The main one, apart from Muunokhoi's ownership of Sarangerel, was the presence of slaves. Slaves had been a big part of the Firekin ways of old, and it didn't sit well with him that he was once again amongst those who would capture the weak and use them for their own gain. With a somewhat more thoughtful expression now on his face, he hoped that the Nergui female wouldn't be offended by his next question. "Sarangerel, why du the Nergui daav slaves?"



Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 12:24 pm
Sarangerel was not used to joking and her head tilted curiously at his tone, noting the smallest of smiles there on his face. He seemed to have been in good spirits then, even if she had mistaken him for someone else. She shook her head and looked away, feeling almost embarrassed.

"I kruird not roqa let kae mind vomdar." She replied, cursing herself for letting her mind get away from her. What if he had been an enemy and her head had been up in the clouds? She would be shamed in a moment; ruined in the eyes of her kin for being weak and foolish. In any case, his response to his new status brought a small laughter from her mouth. The youngsters making things up about him? To think it! She turned to look at him, her eyes unusually bright.

"Traae say es because sraae believe es could ba true." She replied. "Eqam if es is mus." After all, the young ones would not make up those stories for any old rogue in their midst. They were impressed by Zizima and had now crafted impressive stories to match. She had to admit, she was curious, too. She wanted to see him fight, to see what he could do in battle. He would be a force to be reckoned with, she was sure, what with his size and his trophy-scars.

His question, however, took her aback. No one had ever asked that before, not to her, anyway. Why did they keep slaves? She had grown up in the Nergui and the slaves were just part of her everyday life. To imagine life without them would be strange. So how best to answer his question and answer it as fully as she could?

She was silent for a moment, and then she began to speak.*

"The Nergui did not always keep slaves, not when we were first founded; when our numbers were few. But, as time passed and we began to expand our territory we encountered lions from other prides who were not happy at our being there. It is said that Graos Oma declared that we take these lions under our wing - so to speak - and show them the true path to power and glory, but we met resistance. Most of the early slaves were members of prides who would not convert. Lions who refused to join us. We tried to get them to see but many of them broke and became useless. Useless as warriors, in any case. Those that lived on in that state stayed with us to carry out a slave's work and allow true Nergui to focus on building their strength."

She looked up at him. "If they had not been worthy they would have been killed by our warriors. They were chosen because they had potential and became slaves because they wasted it. Their slavery is of their own doing."

For the most part, anyway. There were always exceptions to the rules.

Across the way the raven came back to land by the nest, the single hatchling screaming out at the offering of food. The new mother obliged, dipping briefly to attend to her young one before turning to look curiously down at the pair of lions.

It wasn't often that she saw Sarangerel without a scowl on her face. Oh, look, and there was the large grey male from the rogue lands. He appeared to be settling in well.

*The last part I typed up in common but you can just assume she is speaking Nergui. Just wanted to save time and make it easier for the big walls of text.
PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:11 am
Sarangerel seemed quite embarassed at having been approached off guard whilst she was apparently deep in thought. Zizima didn't pursue it though, as he was sure that she would think badly of herself even if he told her not to worry about it.

It was nice to hear her laugh at least, and reassuring to know that she still could laugh, despite what she had been through. "They kvaod only uk the srurae of bossra, and mus of sra great voem and kikkarems that uksam goes vesr it. Huvakirrae they verr never raorm of kicr things kerks hand." Although the young ones spoke of battle, they were lucky enough not to know just how horrible it really was just yet, and he hoped they never would. He was there to fight, so that others didn't have to. He wasn't sure when the Nergui had been attacked and almost destroyed, but it seemed as though they were all making great progress at this point.

When Sarangerel went on to talk about the slaves, Zizima listened carefully. The Firekin took slaves because they could, for petty and cruel reasons. Those of inferior strength and colour, and those that were just too nice for their own good. For the Nergui, it was quite different, but it was still somewhat unsettling. Perhaps having known weakness themselves, they felt the need to always have a reminder of what that could lead to?

It was all quite confusing, and Zizima wasn't even sure if he wanted to get into it. He didn't agree with the keeping of slaves, but he was here now, and he wasn't going to abandon the Nergui because of it. "I kaa." He replied. It was clear from the look on his face that he wasn't happy about what Sarangerel had said, but for now, he would just keep his opinions to himself.

Spotting movement up in the tree above them, Zizima looked up and spotted the dark form of the raven that had been with Sarangerel and Ovu when he had first met them. Only when he looked up did his ears actually register the sound of chirping. Apparently the raven had had a baby. "Moma, isn't it?" He chose to speak in the common tongue, as the raven seemed to have a good grasp of it as he recalled. "Congratulations." He offered the bird a small but genuine smile.



Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 2:22 pm
Yes. Good progress indeed. Their numbers were steadily growing and soon there would be more cubs on the way - even if they were the cubs of that manipulative God-Blood. Things were certainly looking up for the Nergui and, at the moment, they seemed to have succeeded in keeping one step ahead of their enemies. She smiled at his words, the expression light. Soon, she thought, he would come to understand that all were expected to fight. Young and old. There was glory to be found in battle and great honour to die by the tooth and claw. That was why she craved it so and that was why she hated being kept from the front lines when all she desired was a chance to prove herself.

His response to her view on slaves was short and she struggled to read his expression, wondering if he was bothered by it and why. The slaves had had their chance at glory and they had squandered it. They could be put to use for the rest of their short miserable lives and know that they had served Graos Oma just a little.

The raven gave a pleased croak at Zizima's offer of congratulations, bobbing happily on her branch. "Thank you, Grey Warrior. Her name is Joka." She replied, pleased and surprised at his consideration of using the common tongue. He seemed to be learning the Nergui's garbled language quickly enough. "You seem to be settling in amongst these brutes. My bonded, the Kaar Oma, believes that you will do well here. Very well indeed. She does not speak to me much about such things but I fancy she has had a vision or two foreseeing your successes."

Sarangerel gave a low growl at the mention of the title.

"Considering how quickly you are picking up their language, Grey Warrior, you would think by now that she would atleast learned some words of courtesy."

Sarangerel added lowly: "I dum's think aeui can sriks what kra says. Sra is Kaar Oma'k." A warning to Zizima not to trust the word of the raven. She belonged to Mchawi after all and Sarangerel trusted her less than anyone.
PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 2:54 am
"Joka." He repeated, although he was quite sure that the chick was too young to acknowledge her name just yet. Zizima continued to look up as the raven continued to talk. She refered to him as Grey Warrior, just as she had done when they had first met. A low chuckle rumbled in his throat when Moma refered to the other Nergui as brutes. "I've only met one brute so far, so yes, I suppose I'm settling in quite well." He was of course refering to Muunokhoi.

At the mention of the Kaar Oma, a thoughtful expression touched his face. That was Mchawi, the one who had intervened when things between him and Sarangerel's mate began to escalate. He didn't really put much stock in Seers, but the Nergui seemed to have a great belief in such things. Zizima lowered his head as the sound of the pale brown female's growling touched his ears. He raised a brow, curious as to what was suddenly bothering her. Then it hit him.

Moma was up in that tree looking after her offspring. Sarangerel had lost hers in the most vile of circumstances. It must be hard to see another mother looking after her young, when hers were sadly gone. Without thinking, he moved his paw to gently rest it on hers, a concerned look now gracing his face. "Are aeui alright?" It was a stupid question really, but he didn't know what else to say. All he knew was that he would never let such a thing happen again, and Sarangerel needed to know that as well. "As rums as I'k here, I verr never ras anything bod happen su you aqar again."



Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:07 am
The Nergui certainly put much belief in seers. Too much, if the truth was to be said, but they found much strength in visions and they hadn't done too badly so far. The hordes had grown and the word of Graos Oma was certainly leading them towards a path of glory and unity. The raven puffed herself up with pride, turning her head back to gaze at the hatchling, still covered with grey down. "One brute? Then count yourself lucky. Very few receive such a welcome so soon after joining."

Sarangerel's eyes dropped momentarily to look at Zizima's paw covering hers, snapping them up to look at his face a few seconds later. For a moment she was silent, blinking as if in a daze. And then, she shifted awkwardly and looked away.

"I ok fine." She replied quietly. "Parrovk you ora too mubra a reum for sra Nergui reka." Or, in the common tongue: perhaps you are too noble a lion for the Nergui life.

"You should be careful." The raven warned, secretly startled by Zizima's show of concern. It seemed a long time since she had seen such a thing; her heart eaten up by bitterness and thoughts of revenge. "If the Warlord catches you here he might not take kindly to it. The Nergui can be possessive like that. Mchawi would not like to see harm come to you."
PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2012 2:44 am
Noble? That wasn't a word that Zizima would ever use to describe himself. He just did what he thought was right, and there was nothing noble about that. Although he didn't agree with all of their ways and customs, he had promised to help the Nergui with their plans, and so that was what he would do.

He continued to look at Sarangerel, even though she had turned away from him, until the raven spoke up once more. Zizima peered up into the tree and raised a brow. "Heh, I can handle Muunokhou." A low growl radiated in his throat. "He needs to learn himself some manners. Or else someone needs to teach him a lesson." Of course, he was refering to himself. Then, an idea struck him.

"Sarangerel, if I challenged Muunokhou omd defeated rek, would sros release aeui from rek ownership?" If beating that brute in a fight would indeed allow Sarangerel to leave him, it would certainly be something worth doing. That was, of course, if the pale brown female wished it.



Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 5:57 am
The raven looked unhappy at his words, perhaps because she believed that he might be going to his death. It would be a waste of a good lion if that happened. The Nergui needed more like him, not less. Of course, if he succeeded then that would be quite a boon. But with the chance of victory came always the chance for failure.

She fluffed up her feathers and turned away, hopping back to her nest to watch over her little one. Whatever the Grey Warrior decided was no real concern of hers, though she couldn't help but feel unsettled at it. These lions scared her more than she would ever care to admit but she hold her nerve. She had to trust that all would be well. Even still, knowing what these lions were like, perhaps she had been foolish in bringing a child into this country. What if harm came to Joka?

She bit back that thought instantly and settled into the nest, tucking the child under her wing.

Sarangerel, meanwhile, was looking at Zizima in shock, her head shaking very slowly. "Mus as aeui are." Her voice was sad. "Muunokhoi is o Warlord. Tu challenge rek you verr need su gain apior rank."

Only a Warlord could challenge a Warlord.

"Varrovk if aeui proved aeuirkark in bossra you cuird win kicr a sesra."

If he proved himself in battle, perhaps he could someday earn that title. He could do it, she had no doubt, but how long it would take, she did not know.
PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 1:45 am
For him to free her, he would have to become a Warlord. It wasn't exactly an idea he relished, to hold such a title. He didn't even want to think about what he would have to do in order to get it. When he had first met Ovu, Sarangerel and Moma, his heart had turned to ice. He was in such a dark place, feeling useless and without purpose. He had joined the Nergui not only to help them, but to help himself. As time had passed, his heart had started to melt once more, and combined with his mind, doubts had begun to set in.

Despite all this, there was one thing that Zizima was still sure of. One thing that he wished to focus on in the hope of making up for the past. Sarangerel. Whatever happened, he had to help her. He had to be there for her, at all costs. He had failed his mate in this way, having not been there when she needed him most, and now she was gone. Whilst Zizima did not love Sarangerel, he had grown to care for her, simply through knowing of her plight and witnessing the treatment that she recieved. He had to help her.

"So ba it. I will reka to sra rank uk Warlord omd I verr win aeuir freedom." He would become a Warlord, for her, and he would put an end to Muunokhoi's tyranny. He knew it wouldn't be a quick process, and that there would be much work involved, so he may as well get started. The large grey male got to his feet. He offered Sarangerel a small smile, although it looked somewhat forced. "I roqa some sroemems to du." He then looked back up into the tree. Moma had a baby now, making that nest somewhat more vulnerable. "If any predators give you any trouble, just come and get me." With that, Zizima turned and started walking away.

(( Finished! ))  


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