Name: Super Nova
Gender: Male, Feathered.
Type: Pegasus
Body Nova's body is black.
Eyes: His eyes are a golden/green hue, and he wears a determined looking expression.
Hair: His hair is a deep blue/gray color and messy looking. His mane is medium length, and his tail just touches the ground.
Cutie Mark 8D: His cutie mark is a light blue supernova explosion, like his name. ^^
Brief Character Description: Super Nova, or Nova as he prefers to be called is much like any other Phony. He believes in the values of friendship, loyalty, respect, and selflessness. Like many pegasus Phonies he is very adept at flying and loves to rest among the clouds, though he especially loves to be out at night. The stars are his hobby, and he loves to observe them from the best vantage points. The only thing that makes him unusual is that he does not smile. It isn't as though he is in a bad mood, or unhappy just that he doesn't really know how or why to smile. (WIP)
+ Ref pics where possible:
Cutie Mark
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General Zoi's

Fireflight: A normative eye colour is just one colour since the gradient itself is part of the art style. If you want to specify the two gradient colours, it'll make it non-normative. Could you please clarify? Is his hair blue-grey, or is it blue with streaks of grey? FYI his cutie mark will be simplified.