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[PRP] All Slayers Created Equal? (Maktaba x Yoruhane)

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Neon Fly

Tipsy Hellraiser

PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2012 12:58 pm
Weaving his way between the huts and various trading stations and merchants stalls a shadowy frame, streaked with ominous lines that shimmered in the sunlight and glowed under the cover of darkness, many in Uliacha knew as "the Grim" was on the hunt. Here in Mkoani amongst throngs of natural pelts in shades of tawny, buff, rust and oak the Slayer doubted anyone remembered him. It had been a while since he'd traveled through these fairways and even longer since he'd lived in the province with his late father, Safi'umbele. Preferring not to go any further than Lochlann unless the need was dire, it was always the areas where Druids thrived--if one could really call it such--where a Slayer's services was typically needed anyway.

A rumor spreading through the Tokakinji had drawn Yoruhane out of comfortable territory. A new Slayer. A trainer of Slayers as he heard it which left the young lion with a number of unanswered questions. Given the vigilante status of the peace keeping group the idea that their seemed to be some manner of official passage into the ranks caused Yoru to wonder if they hadn't been given some manner of approval from the council or the royals themselves.

Whatever the case, Grim wanted to see this stranger for himself.
PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:49 am
Maktaba felt like he had stumbled into the perfect life. With his mate by his side, their love new and whole and profoundly surprising, he was the happiest lion ever to cross the savannah and find these pridal lands. The happiest lion ever, anywhere, in fact.

He had come from no where and learned about these fighters for good. They were exactly what he and his mate had been doing all their lives, except they were localized, fighting the good fight within a pride that needed the help.

It was his duty to train those that wished to make a difference, those that felt themselves chosen to protect and serve. He had no status and no right to becoming a knight, so this was the next best thing. The marking on his hip was strange and some wondered if it was magical, or Druid-ish. He felt he had cause to favor both sides, or neither, and it allowed him a level field to view them both from.

It didn't matter who he was fighting, in the end. If there was danger within the pride, he would stop it. That was how he felt, at least, though in application he had yet to see how it would go.


Snuggly Knight

Neon Fly

Tipsy Hellraiser

PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2012 5:00 pm
Though not necessarily lost, Yoruhane only had vague descriptions with which to locate the new Slayer trainer. Amongst dozens of faces that didn't strike him as any more familiar than the typical sort that could be found in a province like Mkoani the basis he had to go on was hardly all that helpful. Not being the detective sort the unofficial peace-keeper wandered aimlessly for a while. Listening in on clips of conversations between the locals as he passed them in hopes of locating some information that might be useful.

Where did the new Slayer spend his time? Even a name to call the other by would have been a convenience at the moment, but stars above forbid that the strong-headed lion dare ask for help. Instead the shadow slipped around a corner when a sandy, dune and bark colored figure caused green eyes to flick and follow. Actually, it was the serpentine marking on the stranger's hip that drew his attention, similar to the one described in the rumors of this new trainer. Twisting around in a hurry to trail behind the striped tail.
PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:14 am
Maktaba felt someone following him before he turned to see the lion approaching. He tilted his head, looking the other over curiously and not getting an immediate sense of danger there. If the lion was aiming to attack him, he likely would have been more quiet about the approach.

"Good evening," he said pleasantly, smiling in a genial way.

He was a friendly lion, with an easy demeanor and an even easier smile. He was older, that much was clear, his fur a bit grayed by time but still soft and full. His eyes were soft and green, holding a natural warmth. All of this was his natural state, and wholly deceptive. When he had to be, he was strong and calculating, quick and efficient. He knew when to let his emotions guide him, and when to cut them off completely.

It just wasn't a part of himself that he wanted to live in constantly. Only when necessary, that was mostly his motto.

"Can I help you with something?" Though he did not feel the other was hunting him or looking to cause him harm, he did get the idea that the lion was following him for a purpose. What that was, though, was not within his ability to guess.

So he might as well ask.


Snuggly Knight

Neon Fly

Tipsy Hellraiser

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 7:56 pm
Caught off guard by the smile that greeted him--and honestly, given the way things were within the pride, could he be blamed?--Yoruhane paused in his progress. He was far more accustomed to receiving a less than welcoming reception when another lion realized they were being followed by the Slayer. A blatantly stupefied expression temporarily paralyzing Yoru. For one thing, the stranger certainly wasn't turning out to fit the image that had been building in his head all this time.

Uhh.. yea. Evening. After a few seconds, when he could no longer afford to gape like an idiot the Grim forced himself to utter some semblance of a greeting. Ungainly though it was. This lion was too polite! Too... amiable to be the new trainer, right? Not too young though, he thought while acknowledging the distinguished silvering at the edges of his fur. The scholar's son wasn't so green to assume that age equated to feebleness, there were plenty of older lions in the King's guard still as sturdy as rhinos.

Shaking the drifting train of thought aside, light strides carried Yoruhane closer until he was nearly beside the lion he assumed to be Toka by his natural coloring. Maybe, I'm looking for the new Slayer trainer... do you know him?
PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:58 am
Maktaba watched him with all the patience in the world. He was older, and was not exactly in a rush for anything these days. Save for the future he was building with his mate, and the new experiences of being in love. They were very distracting, and perhaps they made him softer, but it was not something he would cite as a fault.

It was a turn in the road, a shift in his personality, but it was natural and welcomed. Anyway, he had always been kind. Well, he had been so for some time, at least.

He let the lion approach, never too quick to go on the defensive, though under his fur and calm demeanor his muscles coiled. He could be relaxed outwardly, but he was still exactly the lion he was rumored to be. A trainer, with skill enough to warrant his title and his ability to pass his knowledge on to others. He watched Yoru and smiled.

"I am a Slayer," he said with a nod of his head, "and I train those that need it. I suppose that makes me the one you are looking for, as I believe I am also the newest Slayer to the pride. My mate and I both, I should say. My name is Maktaba." He bowed his head in greeting.


Snuggly Knight

Neon Fly

Tipsy Hellraiser

PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2012 7:33 pm
There were a lot of mannerisms about this new Tokakinji fella that confused Yoruhane it seemed. Having never been bowed at before he didn't entirely know what to make of the head-gesture and instead of acknowledging and responding to it chose to stiffly--and somewhat awkwardly--ignore it. Apparently, beyond the duties that accompanied his title, the young Slayer was growing more ungainly when it came to socializing. Yoru had never been particularly good at it to begin with, but at least his father had kept him from hermit-like tendencies when he was alive.

Ahhh, right. I mean. What the hell did he mean? He was glad to have finally found the Slayer Trainer, but there were so many questions flooding his mind the peculiar lion wasn't sure where to start. So does this mean that the King and Governors acknowledge us now?

Apparently diving right in was better than tactfully planning his words. Youth could make a lion impatient it seemed. It was my understanding that we have always worked as an underground movement. Nobody has really made an effort to cull our numbers, but we haven't been acknowledged as an official entity the way the Knights have. Don't think I know of any trainers to our ranks either, least not any official ones..

Pausing for a moment the Slayer's dark head canted, causing his bangs to fall across eyes hazy with uncertainty. It wasn't that he felt threatened by Maktaba, Yoru simply felt out of the loop. Had their entire existence changed? And if so, why hadn't anyone bothered to inform him? Finally forcing the most plaguing of his thoughts to surface. Are we expected to follow you now?

It came out with more resistance than he meant, but it was difficult not to convey a sense of frustration. Unlike the soldiers, Slayers didn't exactly work as a unit. Sure there were probably small teams amidst them, but for the most part Yoruhane worked on his own. Pushing his nose into the business of other citizens only when necessary. To have someone suddenly thrust into a position of power over him after having gone this long without one... didn't exactly sit well with the Uliacha resident.
PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:49 am
Neon Fly

"Ah... n-no, I wouldn't say that they acknowledge us, no. We must do what we must to protect the pride, regardless of what the political standings are for us, or others. I'm afraid we may never be viewed as an official source of good, but at the moment, we are at least not being hunted or driven out, and we can do our duties without fear of being punished for the effort."

He could not say how long that would last, as the King could be fickle, sometimes, with his praise and what he did and did not allow. The Slayers walked that very thin line between Toka and Druid, and since they did not align themselves to either, they could easily be turned on by both.

"Er, no, no one has to follow me. I'm not a leader, but a helper. I'm here to share my knowledge and my skills, and help others fulfill their duties as they would like to. I want to make this pride safer, and to help the Slayers as much as I can. That's all. I'm not looking for any sort of official standing."

He shook his head and smiled, relaxed and having no reason to hide or lie about his intentions. Especially not to another Slayer, who seemed to care a lot about what he was doing.


Snuggly Knight

Neon Fly

Tipsy Hellraiser

PostPosted: Fri Dec 05, 2014 10:33 pm
Squaring his shoulders resolutely, the young warrior nodded his stoic agreement. Whether or not the Slayers as a group were acknowledged as official enforcers by all those who governed the pride had little effect on their existence. At least for the moment. There was something to be said for being beneath the notice of those who ruled, in their current state as shadows within the Tokakinji there was no concern about being disbanded or worse yet, rounded up and thrown into the ravine for treason.

While still alert in his stance, the tension that the dark male carried seemed to ease, his once still tail now took on an occasional twitch. Knowing that he wouldn't be restrained by Maktaba was a huge relief and Yoruhane visibly shifted in his manner after realizing that the new Slayer Trainer was not someone to feel chafed by. A sudden, jagged grin forming on his features as he met the other like an equal. In that case, you've got your work cut out for you. Not all the Slayers are as naturally gifted as me. I'm sure they'd accept all the help they can get.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:12 pm
Neon Fly
BET YOU THOUGHT I FORGOT AGAIN. I TOTALLY DIDN'T. Except for MAYBE a little tiny while. Look. Don't judge me.

"Not naturally gifted as you, hmm?" He laughed jovially and nodded his head. "It's good to be confident, my friend, but be careful out there. I fear things are shifting, and the dangers are only just started. Do not let your confidence lead you into it blindly, hm?"

He smiled and shook his head, relaxing and looking around. It was getting later than he thought, and he imagined he needed to get going if he was going to get anything else done.

He had faith in this Slayer, despite his brash attitude and his quick wit. Maybe both of those things would serve him well in the future, but he could only hope that he remained focused on what they were truly there to do, and not get too distracted by titles and pomp. Peace was all Maktaba really wanted, after all.

"Well, good luck to you. And if you ever do find you need some help, or just want to talk, I don't live too far from here, and you'll be able to find me pretty easily. I'm always available to answer questions." He smiled and nodded his head, bowing slightly in a polite effort to excuse himself.


Snuggly Knight

Neon Fly

Tipsy Hellraiser

PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 7:26 pm
The smile on Yoru's face faded, his nose lifting to the breeze as if the changes Maktaba spoke of could be smelled there. Revolt is in the air.

It was a sober comment, thought not particularly clairvoyant. Anyone with eyes who wasn't blinded by their determination not to see the signs could tell that things in the pride were becoming more turbulent by the day. It was all bound to lead to something terrible. No need to worry about me, my father didn't raise a fool. Though.. The slayer paused long enough for the wry grin to return to his face, I'm sure it was a close call.

In return to Maktaba's polite bow, a gesture he still wasn't entirely certain how to handle, the dark lion simply nodded. There were things he needed to be doing too and already they had both wasted enough time for chaos to likely unfurl somewhere within the province. And you.. I'll see you around, I'm sure.

Allowing the trainer to dismiss himself, Yoruhane also took his leave, weaving along a path cut by the dozens of paws who had waked on it before him.

[ FIN ]

I THOUGHT NO SUCH THING! I knew you had this the whole time. LIKE A BOSS.
[IC] Tokakinji Lands [IC]

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