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this is a guild which is like a roleplaying family where people take care of each other and don't have any drama to deal with. 

Tags: family, gaia, join, roleplay, romance 

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Vice Captain
PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:47 pm
Yuri Ideas
_______ and _____ are sister who live together in a small apartment building by themselves since their mother and father died in a car accident a couple weeks before their 16th birthday. The eldest girl named ______ has a crush on this boy from her old school where she is going to stay at before her 17th birthday. One night the younger sister comes home with bruises and scars on her face, arms and neck and the older sister wondering what happened to her. The little sister explains that the people at school beat her up because of her having a crush on her older sister. What will happen to the sister will the eldest go with her true love or will she fall in love with her sister.

_____ is the leader of the cheerleading squad and the president of the whole school, you would think her life is perfect but it isn’t. This girl has been getting beaten and raped by her boyfriend and a couple of his friends. One night the girl decides to end her life by jumping off one of the tallest building in the school until she is saved by the new girl named ________ who tells her not to end her life. What will happen to these two will they fall in love or leave each other alone

___________ is a vampire who has just awoken from her 7 year sleep thanks to a small human girl named ______ who wanted to find someone who could protect her and love her just like her younger sister who passed away from a terrible sickness. The vampire decides to take care of the little girl and soon become lovers and the human even allows her to drink from her. But what happens when the human girl is found almost dead on the side of the road will the vampire save her or will she leave her to die.

________ has been chosen to go to a new school in London for music and writing but his girlfriend of 5 months doesn’t want to leave her all alone like the last time when he left for a summer trip and came back badly injured from a gunshot wound to the chest. The boy explained that he would be back sooner then the girl can except but a few days before the trip the girl finds out she’s pregnant. Will the boy stay with his girlfriend or will he go on his trip anyway

Every person dreams of meeting a famous singer or actor. But not everyone is lucky enough to meet a celebrity in person. But _____ is one of the lucky ones. He and his friend go to an award ceremony and _____ meets one of the most famous singer/actress in the world and she has her eyes for ____.But this celebrity has a dark secret, She is a vampire. What will happen when _____ finds out? Only one way to find out.
_____ is the member of a large group known as the companions a group of people who protect royals and other important members in a large city. _________ has been assigned to protect the princess of a clan who has lost many if its members thanks to numerous assassins attacking the tribe. The princess and the soldier meet and they just start talking to each other almost making it seem like they are falling in love. But their is one secret a companion must never tell anyone or it might cost them their life. What happens when the girl sees her lover is a werewolf will she be scared or will something else happen

_____ has to transfer to a new school because of her behavior. When she arrives at the new school she meets a boy who always seem to be having problems with his parents and even some of the teachers. The girl wonders why this keeps happening to him, Will the girl be able to help her new friend out?

____ has had a lot of problems with her ex boyfriend who has been harassing her since the eighth grade. So one night the girl decides to leave and when she arrives in a small town she meets a boy named _______ and they start talking to each other and soon the girl starts to forget about her ex but when the girl finds out she's pregnant she sort of wonders when her ex will come back

_____ is a young witch who has been casting spells for about 12 years until an accident on her 17 birthday the spell causes her to turn her into a vampire almost every might.During one of her late night hunting trips she meets a boy who has been killed by his stepmother and the girl automatically saves him. But will the boy hate the girl or will he just leave and forget about his savior

____ is agirl who has been sexuaully and mentally abused by her step father and her step father's friend. One night she decides to kill herself and end all the pain she has been feeling for the past 10 years but as always her brother comes and stops her and he admits that he has stronger feeling then the the normal brother and sister relationship. What will happen to them

_____ loves the change from human to wolf almost every night untill he meets an abandoned angel who has been cast out of her clan by falling in love with a human. What will happen to these to will they fall in love or will they hate each other

When love and drugs run high tensions grow and sometimes love will blossom. _____ loves doing drugs and going to wild parties but one night he meets a new student who doesn't want anything to do with him. What will happen to them will they fall in love or will they still hate each other?

When love is something that only happens at parties what does a person do. ___ is a guy who met the girl of his dreams at a party welcoming new students to the school but even though she is popular she acts different. The guy follows her around and finds out she is a werewolf who was cast out of her pack by her father and wonders if she can find love. The boy wonders if he can admit his feeling but can he?

_____ has always been having troubles in her life since her older brother passed away during a military mission somewhere in northern Iraq so she has had a lot of time to start dating and settling down since she has been so traumatized by his death. Her best friend named _____ has been trying to get her to go on a date with him ever since they met each other in the 7th grade but he has been too shy to ask. So one night when he is walking her home from school he asks her and she says yes. But what will happen to the young couple and will the girl ever leave her brother’s memories behind

_______ And ________ are twin sisters and have been doing everything together since they were little. But the younger sister ______ has a huge crush on her older sister and always trying to tease and have fun with her most of time. One night the older sister comes home crying from a humiliating break up with her boyfriend of only two weeks and the little sister wonders if this is her chance to tell her feeling or not. Will the little sister share her feeling and well the older sister accepts it?

When things go to bad to worse it can cause many romantic things to happen, _______ is the most popular student in her class and is always running around teasing boys and stealing boyfriends from other girls until she meets the new rebel student who has just been kicked out of his old school for almost trying to kill one of the teachers. The girl immediately wants to make her one of her lovers and hopes he will accept her but when she asks him if he wants to go out with her he says no and the girls shocked. So the girl has change her past and figure out how she can get this new boy before its too late

_____ is the daughter of the school principal and hasn't been able to make any friends because of her father being all high and might of who's she friends with and sometimes she wishes she could meet someone to change her dad's mind. _____ is a rebel who always seems to be getting into trouble and most girls seem to be flirting with him since he had just broken up with last girlfriend. What will happen when the two of them meet

____ is a vampire princess who was abandoned by her clan for almost falling in love with a angel prince who soon was taken back to his kingdom. A few nights later when she is found half starving and almost out of blood on the street her prince comes and takes her home allowing her to drink his blood in for a price. She must stay with him and soon bare his child but will she refuses

when love is something that only happens at parties what does a person do. ___ is a guy who met the girl of his dreams at party welcoming new students to the school but even though she is popular she acts different. The guy follows her around and finds out she is a werewolf who was cast out of her pack by her father and wonders if she can find love. The boy wonders if he can admit his feeling but can he?

_____ is a girl who has been waiting for about 21/2 months for her boyfriend who had got caught in a car accident during summer break. As always she been doing odd jobs around the hospital until one night she gets the news that he had woken up but the problem is the guy doesn’t remember her and he seems to be getting a bit more depressed then he usually was. Can the girl try to help her long lost boyfriend find his memories or will he let her go
PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2012 8:16 pm
Cody and ______ have been the best of friends since they had been 3 years old. They did everything together, growing up, but the main thing that Cody remembers is when they were 6, they made a pinky promise that they would never stop being friends, no matter what. They never did stop being friends either... their friendship even grew stronger. They went to elementary, middle and high school together. And when he was 17 and her turning 18, he convinced her to buy her first lottery ticket, it was a thing that he heard about how it was major good luck. When she was convinced by him, on her 18th birthday, she went and just bought a quick ticket, the lottery at a record 490 million. The next day, he joined her as they watched the drawing and shockingly, she ended up winning the lottery and having the only ticket. She would have taxes removed but after that, ended up collecting about 430 million dollars. It took at the most a month for her and her family to collect the money but it wasn't long after that where her parents got about 200 million but that left 230 million to their daughter as her parents retired to Hawaii (Or some coastal place). Over the next 2 years, she ended up finding that she was living the good life, moving out of her old small house into a mansion and even after a year, she never actually put a dent in her money, since she wasn't a reckless spender. She had soon bought all the things that she wanted in her life but during those two years, she ended up losing what she had best of all. Cody wasn't as lucky as her, about 5 months after she won the lottery, both of Cody's parents became severally ill, and due to their sicknesses, they had trouble paying full with their hospital bills and couldn't get the right treatment and even if they did, it didn't last. The weather was just getting colder, winter approaching fast as it had already began to start snowing. Cody was having trouble just trying to survive but one day, near Cody's birthday, ______ starts to feel like something is missing. She can't seem to remember but as she was walking from the shops to her limo through the beautiful snowy street, she ends up tripping on a man's leg who had tried covering up with a worn blanket but he was shivering. She looked into his eyes, seeing the dirty, cold and worn guy, not seeing that the hungry, cold and ill guy was Cody, her old friend. She seems to think that she remembers him from somewhere but couldn't ring a bell even though he remembers her. She goes to her limo as Cody got up and tries to find a warmer place to sleep, hoping for some shelter to be available. As she gets back to her mansion, she notices a long old and dusty picture in her closet when she was putting her clothes away. She looks at it and sees that it was a picture of her and Cody when they were 6, it was when they were playing in his backyard and they had their pinkies intertwined. Thats when she realizes that the guy she tripped on was her long lost friend. She quickly realizes that he was homeless and fighting for his life, and as it was getting worse with the weather and getting dark out, she quickly gets to her driver to take her out in her 4X4 car for such weather but as they go searching, it seemed like hours as it got darker. She was starting to lose hope in finding her lost friend, her heart had grown cold from her greedy behavior that as she started to warm it, her chest stung as she feared for Cody being hurt. Her driver soon stopped, in a alley, laying in the center was Cody, laying on his stomach and a thin layer of snow on his back. He had grown too week to continue walking and due to it haven been so late, no one had been able to help him. He was pale and almost blue, his breathing and heartbeat weak as he was now on the edge of death, his fever tearing apart his body as the cold ate at it. She and her driver get him into the car, and trying to help him get warm, she has her driver call up the hospital to have a nurse or doctor sent to her home. As she gets him home, he is treated by the doctor, only she goes and tries to learn about his fate. Doing searches on his computer, he learns about his fate, where he had lost his parents, alone at their funeral, and had lost basically everything after that... what will happen when he awakens... can they still be friends or will their paths have changed for the worse?

Cody is a normal everyday guy, he has been alone though for a while. He lost his family when he was young, he was 13 when his parents died in a car wreck. He spent a lot of time with his best friend who he has known since they were both 5 years old. She helped him by letting her parents be his legal guardians until he was 17. They both had a crush on each other since they were both 14, and since they have been together, the one holiday of the year that they have never missed together was christmas. The last christmas that they had together, the year before, she asked what he wanted more than anything, and Cody told her he kind of wished to have a family but not being married or having a girlfriend technically, he didn't know what to do. ________ wanted to be with Cody more then anything and soon began to hatch an idea. In about March and April, she took him to bars for a couple of nights and had drinks with him till he was drunk (they are both 21). The next morning, he found that she was in his home, laying on his couch in her underwear. He guessed that she got drunk as well but he didn't know that she had 'slept in bed' with him. For the next 2 months, ______ had started to act strange, she seemed sick more and tired. Then by the 3rd month after the bar, she wore looser clothes before soon she stopped being around Cody. He was confused, they kept in contact but whenever he asked to hang out, she had an excuse and it made them both feel bad. Months passed by before soon Christmas came by. Cody had missed _____ so much but as Christmas day came, he heard a knock at the door. He walked down and opened it, looking out in the raining snow to see _______, hugely pregnant and smiling to him. She was wearing a Santa's outfit, her belly, when exposed was painted like a present and she smiled to him, saying 'Merry Christmas Daddy'. What will happen between them? Will Cody truly love _______ surprise of a gift of wanting to be a mother of his child and to give him a family that he wanted.

_______ has been changed into a wolf thanks to a curse buy one of his rivals who has hated him since
they were little kids. his girlfriend has been deviasted since he was announced missing when the girl
meets a half starved and badly injured wolf she decides to take him home and treat his injuries because
she sort of knows it is him and is suprised when the wolf tells her she is right. The boy really wants to become
a full fledged human again but the only way is to tell his friend that he loves her but he is too shy to
tell to her. Will the break his curse and what about his rival  



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