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[Open Class] First Aid 101 [Mei-Xiu] PASS

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LividPeas rolled 1 20-sided dice: 13 Total: 13 (1-20)


Tiny Bunny

PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 6:23 pm
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NAME OF CLASS: First Aid 101
PROFESSOR NAME: Professor Cricket

General information: A general overview on basic illnesses a student might run into, as well as symptoms and quick fixes to things like breaks and deep cuts while on the go!

Each student is given a dummy to work on, though they may choose to partner up in fixing it.

Roll 1 20-sided dice, what you roll is what your student gets to work with...

Dice Rolls and What they Mean!
1-4 - Broken Bone
4-8 - Fever
9-12 - Heat Stroke
13-16 - Hypothermia
17-20 - Lack of Bodily Function (such as breathing, pulse, etc) - this is unnaturally so.

After this, please roll 4, 4-sided Dice. Take into account their total and any repeating numbers

Total Results and their Meaning

1-6 - You do a rather poor job patching up your dummy, you might not want to try and heal anybody anytime soon!
7-12 - You do an average job, nothing extraordinary, but passable!
12-16 - Extra good work! Your student can now heal surface wounds!, but not repair HP! This means things like cuts and bleeding that might hinder another character can be patched up!

What Repeating Numbers Mean

No Repeating Numbers - You used just the right amount of supplies, good for you! Not wasteful at all.
Repeating 1s or 2s - You didn't use enough supplies, that's rather lazy and Cricket obviously disapproves of it.
Repeating 3s or 4s - You used too many supplies and that's wasteful! Naughty! Cricket might make you earn your supply rights back in a future class!

If you work as a group, split up the dice between yourselves as evenly as possible. So if you're paired up, each person rolls a 10 sided dice and you add up the results to get your dummy!

Then you split up your 4 sided dice to work on fixing it up!

Bonus Mechanics:
For every 3 times you attempt this course, your student may add +1 to their 4d4 dice roll's total to improve how well they patched up the dummy.


- You are finished rolling both sets of dice and rping out the results. That means you have to make ANOTHER rp to try again!
LividPeas rolled 4 4-sided dice: 2, 4, 4, 4 Total: 14 (4-16)
PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 6:27 pm

Returning again, Mei looked over the dummy in front of her. With the amount of time she spent with this damn thing, she should at least give him a name someday. For now, she was more focused on figuring out what the hell was wrong with it. Hypothermia..

Well s**t. This was something she was not familiar with at all. Still, she would try her best to give the dummy good enough care to be tormented with the next day with some other illness.

She finished, but she had used far more supplies than she had intended. But what could she do? This was something she was completely new to. At least maybe next time, if she had to deal with hypothermia again, she may have a better chance at it. For now, she would take the pass.

Status: Passed ( Score 2/3 towards learned ability )


Tiny Bunny

{ Classrooms } ---------------- Classes/ Open Classes/ EXAMS ARE HERE

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